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New raid team development website needs users and feedback

If you're a raid leader looking for better ways to manage your team roster, Cosine (@mashiox) may have a solution for you: the new website Whozawhat. Whozawhat is a site that, once you have registered, allows you to create teams of raiders using a tool that pulls information from the World of Warcraft Armory database. It will then return information to you about your team in a straightforward, easy-to-read table format.

What's nice about it compared to the armory itself is that it allows all of your raid team members to be viewed in the same place at the same time, and will also instantly let you know if your raid members have full gems and enchants. If you want to analyze a team member in greater depth, you can click on their name and it will display that character in a manner similar to the armory, as well as letting you know if that character "passes" the gem, enchant, and talent audits.

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Gankbang: For those times you really need an ego boost

While not a new site, Gankbang has recieved a push on a few different realm forums recently and it seems few know about it. A shame!

Gankbang pulls character stats from the Armory and compiles them into a fun little searchable tool. It gives you the option of breaking down your search by class, talent spec and specific stats. You can also choose to search by specific realms, factions and battlegroup. You don't have to pick through those things if you don't want to, a WoW-wide search works as well.

The most obvious use of this tool is to stroke your ego when you come up in the top ten of a search. I'm pretty sure everyone who's been to Gankbang before has done that at least once. Another good use of the tool is to find the players of your particular class who either know what they're doing, or at least are doing really well in the end-game. As a shadow priest, it was fun to do a few searches(shadow damage, spell haste) to see who's on top, and use their Armory profile to see what's available to me. If you're on a friendly, homely server, those people on top might have some good advice for you too, if you're in need of it.

It has a few issues, though. Due to Gankbang's update frequency and that of the Armory, your stats may not always be current if you have multiple sets of gear. In addition, while Gankbang strips most buffs when grabbing character data, there are a few things that slip through. For example, a search for melee crit on warriors has the number one warrior listed with 116% crit.

Oh, by the way, if you're not showing up on a search? You can add yourself manually by using the link at the top of the Gankbang website.

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