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Warlords of Draenor: Random mount button?

In a series of new gameplay videos released from an overseas demo of Warlords of Draenor, an interesting button appears on the upper right side of the mount window: "Summon Random Favorite Mount." The help text for the button says "Summons and dismisses a favorite mount. The mount will be chosen randomly from the favorites usable in the current area."

There's no confirmation from Blizzard that this is, or is not, legitimate, however it has been a long requested feature of the game, and seems to my eyes to be real. There are numerous addons that already do this, and Blizzard has been known to scoop up the best addon ideas out there an integrate them into the game. So this new button? Not all that surprising, but definitely appreciated.

Thanks to Chris for the tip!

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Addon Spotlight: GoGoMount

For this week's addon, I thought I would share one that is built around a macro that we've hinted at over at Macro Anatomy. This addon has been abandoned by the author, but there is a patch available that will update it to work with 2.4. (Although I am using the "unpatched" version just fine.)

GoGoMount will pick the most appropriate mount for you based on given conditions. If you can use a flying mount, it will summon your flyer, otherwise it will randomly select from your ground mounts. (This includes summoned mounts for Paladins and Warlocks.) If you have multiple flying mounts, it will randomly select one of these as well.

It supports Druid travel forms and Ghost Wolf for Shamans as well. So, in less words; this addon is your one-stop mounting shop.

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Macro Anatomy: /castrandom

Of all the macro questions I get asked, how to randomly choose a mount ranks near the top. Many of you new to macros have probably asked this one, wondering how to randomly cast a spell or use an item. Today's Macro Anatomy will address this random request.

So let us imagine that you've got a collection of mounts that you have the hardest trouble choosing from. Members of your party silently suffer while you pick through your list of options. The World of Warcraft client has a built-in function known as /castrandom that can turn your mounting troubles into one-button joy.

Pretend you're an awesome Draenei Shaman and have these mounts: Amani War Bear, Black Ram, Cobalt War Talbuk and the Great Blue Elekk. Now, you want one button which will randomly choose one of your great means of conveyance, here it is:

/castrandom Amani War Bear, Black Ram, Reins of the Cobalt War Talbuk, Great Blue Elekk

Place this on your action bar and there you have it. Wait, you are wondering about a flying mount? Well, keep reading to find out how you can put both riding and flying mounts in the same random mount-selecting macro!

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