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New EU Realms Open!

Four new European realms have been opened at a new hosting site, where players can hopefully see improved performance.  The press release suggests that eight servers are scheduled to open today, but it looks like only four have actually gone live.  Check out Boulderfist (PvP), Eonar (PvE), Ravenholdt (RP PvP), and Vek'nilash (PvP) for a fresh start in Azeroth!

New EU Servers This Week!

CM Thundgot brings news that we should expect seven new EU servers some time this week, though not before maintenance on Wednesday.  These will all be open character creation (no transfers), so start planning your new guild now!

Update:  The servers below are expected to open on Wednesday, April the 5th in the afternoon or evening.

Eonar (PvE)
Vek'nilash (PvP)
Ravenholdt (RP PvP)

Arathi (PvP)

Die Nachtwache (RP)
Vek'lor (PvP)
Der abyssische Rat (RP PvP)

Around Azeroth

Around Azeroth

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