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Reader WoWspace of the Week: Sheepsu

This week we have a short and sweet WoWspace description from Sheepsu, L70 Alliance Human Mage from the guild <Cats Game> on Gorefiend. While we don't have a long description of his WoWspace, he more than makes up for that with tons of pictures.
For those curious about this week's Reader WoWspace, be sure to join me after the jump for the description and even more WoWspace eye-candy.

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Reader WoWspace of the Week: Facecake

This week's Reader WoWspace of the Week comes to us courtesy of Facecake, a level 70 Night Elf Hunter with the guild <Repentance> on Kul'Tiras, EU. Much like last week's Reader WoWspace, Facecake is also sporting a great big TV in his WoWspace. Unlike Taeo, however, Facecake appears to be actually using it as a TV with two monitors below it instead of as his primary monitor for gaming. For those curious about the setup in this week's Reader WoWspace, then check out the details and more pictures (with a bit less glare) after the jump!

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Reader WoWspace: the "Trog room"

[This is quite possibly the wildest WoWspace I've seen to date!]
This week on Reader WoWspace, we've got a really wild and interesting setup for you! This one comes to us courtesy of J. who has actually demolished and semi-rebuilt the room that his and his wife's WoWspace is in, just to fit in with what he calls the "troglodyte mode" style. Whatever you'd call this particular bunker, I know that this is one of the most absolutely unique WoWspaces I've seen to date! If you're curious to learn more about J. and his wife R.'s setup, check out all the details of this week's Reader WoWspace after the jump!

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Reader WoWspace of the week: Crumbs

This week's Reader WoWspace was sent in by Crumbs, who has managed to fit twice the geeky goodness and a whole lot of desk space into one nifty corner of his office. As Crumbs told us here at WoW Insider, he had been playing a Hunter "forever" but when Burning Crusade came out, he decided to make the jump to a new character. He has since switched to a L70 Draenei Priest named Chilee of the guild <Epitome> on the Thrall server that he's been enjoying raiding with.

For more cool pictures and details of Crumbs' WoWspace, check out the information after the jump!

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Reader WoWspace: Wulf Knight

This edition of WoWspace comes with actual photos of an actual person!! This is a first for us, as the rest of you have been showing off your rigs, but not your mugs (the non-coffee kind). This is a really great setup, which I'd love to mimic myself, but I'm pretty sure I'd get complaints taking my TV out of the living room and putting it into the office.

My name is Wulf Knight, I'm 31 and living in Madison WI.

My main is Felixia, a level 70 main-tanking furball in the progressive raiding guild of Persistence on Uldum (of which I am also a founder and occifer).

I suppose one of the more unique features of my WoW environment is that fact that what you see is it's natural state... I can't stand clutter.

As you can see, my computer is my entire entertainment centre... We have the Logitech Z-5500s to which the XBOX 360, PS2, primary monitor and PC are running through, all via optical (Impact Acoustics A/V Selector FTW!).

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Reader WoWspace: Skyghene

Maybe it's just me, but I read Skyghene as rhyming with Hygene, and so I get a little extra chuckle when checking out this week's Reader WoWspace. I mean, it's totally cool and all to take some snapshots of your space as it exists in its regular state, unlike the cleaned and polished spaces we sometimes see here, and I'm so digging the microwave, but.. well.. maybe it's the paper towel roll that just sends me over the top and makes me laugh. I love it, and now I really want a mini fridge and a microwave in my home office.

Hi, my name is Skyghene im a 65 undead rogue on Magtheridon and this is my WoWspace:

- Desk
- Custom built computer
- Fridge under the desk for those endurance sessions
- Microwave beside computer for really intense endurance sessions
- brown sugar cinnamon poptarts to keep me going
- Logitech g15 keyboard
- My desk as it slowly bends downward from all the weight on it
- Razer copperhead mouse
- alot of empty cups
- old plates
- my cell phone
- an old video camera
- old packs of guitar strings
- some old usb cables

Short and sweet from Skyghene, but the photos really make up for the lack of long monologue, don't they? What's the coolest non-computer item in your WoWspace? Do you have something better than a microwave or a bar fridge? Let us know here, and send in YOUR space, including photos, a list of elements, and what about it makes it special to you, and we'll feature it here in the upcoming weeks. Submit yours to "readerwowspace at gmail dot com" today!

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Reader WoWspace of the Week: Patrick and Kyle

This week, on a very special episode of Reader WoWspace... Two men, brought together by fate share a destiny they never thought was possible. This summer, from the producer of The Odd Couple, and the director of The Crying Game comes an experience you'll never forget - Patrick and Kyle's WoWspace!

Okay, maybe not earthshaking, but I do find it interesting that it's a shared space. Do any of you share your WoWspace with another? If so, send it in! Here are the details:

Patrick and Kyle's WowSpace from Southern Wisconsin.

Characters from Left to Right
Gorgas - Level 70 Warlock (Skywall PvE)
Rebourn - Level 14 Warlock (Arthas PvP)
Budenhagen - Level 70 Rogue (Arathor PvE)

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Reader WoWspace of the Week: March 29 - April 4

This week's entry is a doozy. It is big in all ways that a WoWspace can be big. Lots of write-up, giant images, and 2 screens that just look huge. I never thought my 2x 20" screens would look small. How wrong was I...

Hey, wowspaces moderation folk! Long time reader, first time submitter...although, i guess everyone is a first time submitter. anyways! Here is my wowspace, with a little description of it all.

Let's start out with the monitors first, my pride and joy :P those are 2 24" dell widescreens, each running at 1920x1280 resolution. the laptop is a 13" black macbook. All three of these screens are connected to the same keyboard and mouse, which navigates across all three screens through a virtual KVM program called Synergy. This is nice, since it lets me run processive intensive apps on the mac, while my desktop can be dedicated to running WoW.

So, what about the desktop specs you say?

Athlon 64 4200+ processor
2gb of DDR2 533mhz ram
geforce 6800 ultra card, 512mb video memory
7200RPM, 300GB hard drive.

The laptop is a 1.8ghz intel core duo macbook, 1gb of ram - it does the job when im out of the house :)

Both systems are connected to a Creative Gigaworks G500 sound system.

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Reader WoWspace of the Week: March 21 - 28

This week on Reader WoWspace, Thijz writes:

I took three pictures of my setup. I took them with my mobile phone (my mom stole the camera) so they're not very high quality.

On the first one you can see this:

Top shelf: (left to right)
- Some random books and CD's, as well as a Princess Mononoke DVD
- My printer (HP Deskjet D2360) nothing special
- Center speaker of my Logitech X530 5.1 speakerset
- A picture of my cat
- WoW and BC boxes, as some sort of tribute :P
- Behind those are some boxes from my motherboard, mouse etc, in which I keep driver-CD's and instruction books

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Reader WoWspace of the Week: March 7 - 20

This week, Ben sends in some interesting images, and writes:

I've been tempted to send in a shot of my workspace for a few weeks now after seeing the WoWSpaces of the week, and now I guess I've gotten around to it.

So here 'goes, from left-ish to right:

- my Logitech X-230 speakers
- a note from my mom congratulating me on the arrival of my new PC
- a newspaper clipping about DST changes
- under that, a greeting card and some weird round orange post-its
- my television remote
- cream soda x2 (awwww yeah)
- a J!NX bumper sticker (yep, it's stuck on right on there)
- a page from an old Nintendo Power magazine about Ken from Street Fighter II
- partially under that, my DS charger

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Reader WoWspace of the Week: February 7 - 13

Now here's a desk more of you may understand and appreciate.

Hermandous of Kel'thuzad writes:

Here's a break down of my desk... slightly more cluttered than yours. Good article – I like seeing where all the gaming happens! Hope it gets posted, somewheres ;)

So let's run down what we see in the image:

  • BioFreeze for Carpal Tunnel - this is new to me? Where do I get it?
  • Beer for Molten Core - as long as you're having a pantsless raid, may as well add beer!
  • Widescreen Gaming Screen - widescreen non-gaming screens not allowed
  • JoyStick with Force Feedback - I'd agree with the flying mounts comment if I had one *cry*
  • Dust Removal Clothes - I'm pretty sure this should be cloths, but maybe the room gets REALLY dusty
  • PSP for enduring login queues - YAY!! Another PSP-user for long flights and logins
  • Smell Reduction Stick - From the WoWspace to the dance club!
  • Thottbot/Work Screen - I like that Thottbot comes first
  • Elder Scrolls Oblivion - I never played it, but I heard it's like an MMORPG without the M, the M, or the O
  • Vent Headset and Mic - essential. Anyone else having a rough time finding the perfect headset?
  • BIG DESK - walk softly?
  • Scotch Glass for BWL - I like that MC needs beer, but BWL requires hard liquor
  • Chapstick and Halls - umm.. you get chapped lips and a sore throat from too much WoW?
  • A Nostromo *AND* a G15 - okay, I have these too, but didn't think to hook them BOTH up!
  • Logitech Mouse - nice weapon of choice, sir
  • Custom Rig: 2x for everything! That sucker must go! Does the dual video card make a difference?

So there you have it! Another awesome WoWspace, fully labeled for your appreciation. Tell us what you think, and remember to send in your WoWspaces to

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Reader WoWspace of the Week: January 31 - February 6

Reader Scott chimes in with a very interesting WoWspace this week:

He says:

:-) this is a nice idea, anyhow this was my wow space from aroudn March of last year, so I reckon it still counts. I played many an hour of Wow from this desk.
I worked for a protection company in Baghdad in the red zone, as their head of IT, so this was my personal space where I spelt and where I played when I could.

From Baghdad connecting to the EU servers wasn't really a problem, I often had better pings when there than when I accessed WoW in Germany.

My station was a Ferrari 3200 which wasn't that bad, and of course the web cam for skyping the wife each night. against the desk were the rifles we had to lug around with us, and the pistol as a personal side arm.

So keep sending in photos and words about your WoWspace. We'll post one a week in the order we get them, and remember to include plenty of description and let us know what you'd like to improve on. Send those in to "readerwowspace at gmail dot com" (replacing the at and dot, of course.)

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Reader WoWspace of the Week: January 23 - 30

Continuing the love from the last edition of Reader WoWspace of the Week, we've got another Mac in the mix. This week's WoWspace comes to us from Mark:

My WoW space:
17" MacBook Pro Core Duo (2GB RAM, ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 256MB)
30" Apple Cinema Display
Apple wireless keyboard and Might Mouse

What I like:
All of it, is perfect for my WoW gaming. Nothing like playing it on a 30" display.

What could be improved:
A Mac Pro to replace the MacBook. Going to be 2007's purchase hopefully.

There you go, short and sweet, and to the point. The desk looks immaculate, and I can only wonder what playing on a 30" screen is like!

Remember to send in your own WoWspace pics and descriptions to readerwowspace at gmail dot com!

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Reader WoWspace of the Week

Welcome to the first Reader WoWspace of the Week. What's a WoWspace, you ask? It's that area of your living space that you dedicate to the playing of World of Warcraft. For some of us it's an entire room, for others a small stack of milk crates with a laptop perched on top. We want to see your WoWspaces, and share them here with the world.

In the whole spirit of "I'll show you mine if you show me yours", we'll start with my own WoWspace, which is actually due for an upgrade in a couple of weeks. When sending yours in to readerwowspace at gmail dot com, just emulate the format I've got here - a rundown of the machine(s) you play on, why you have the chair/desk/lamp/other adornment that you do, what you like about your space, and what you'd improve.

The Fortress of Nerditude: 9 foot by 9 foot office, with a window and 2 closets for storing non-WoW junk in.

Desk: Currently a $99 glass-top desk I picked up at Office Depot a couple of years ago. Fantastic desk, but the rollers on the keyboard tray are flakey.

Chair: The most comfortable office chair ever. I picked it up at Costco for more than I should've spent on a chair, but it was worth it. It's the throne from which I own. (I can hear your boos and hisses, you know)

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