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Realms are up

The extended maintenance has ended, and it appears most (if not all) realms are up and available for use.

Today's extended maintenance was particularly painful for me. I had to do the following, in order:
  • Wake up and write The Queue
  • Work on a couple other things for WoW Insider
  • Clean the cat's box
  • Go out to Barns & Noble and buy season 3 of Weeds and a couple books
  • Pickup a Strawberry and Cream drink from the Starbucks at B&N
  • Come home and take a nap
  • Wake up from said nap with my cat stepping on my liver
  • Make this post
Phew! But now that the realms are up I can get back to the thing I really love... riding in circles around Dalaran on my mount for hours as I wait for groups to form.

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Some realms are up [Updated]

The wispy voice from the previous evening greets Osull as he begins to regain consciousness. "The realms... are up... the realms... are up..." it says over and over again.

The mantra becomes stuck in his head like a mind worm as he wipes the sleep from his eyes. He looks around in a daze and realize that he's back near his home in the neighborhood's bar, A Hero's Welcome, sitting at table being served a drink by Marcella.

"What time is it?" Osull ask the waitress. His voice is rough and it's evident he needs a drink to wash away the night's forced sleep.

"It just rang 11 not a short time ago, mighty Warrior," she replies. Placing a large flagon of mead in front of Osull, the smell of the hops fills his nose with a promise of further adventure tonight. But something doesn't feel right; it's almost as if the wizards of Dalaran have not released everyone from their sleeping spell.

"Marcella!" Osull yells franticly. "Where is everyone else?"

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Some realms coming back up early

It appears that hell has frozen over and the realms are coming back up early today. Now I have a wooden desk, so I'm just going to go ahead and knock on it very loudly.

/knock /knock /knock

Okay, now that that's out of the way and my cat ran into the other room scared...

There is a small patch you'll need to download. We're working on getting mirrors up for it right now. In addition, we're not really sure of everything that was patched. There were some brief comments by Ghostcrawler last night outlining a few things (Hunter aspects, Ritual of Summoning, and Howling Blast), but that's it.

Update: The cat has returned. All is well.

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