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An analysis of all the food and drink in WoW

Not long ago, a friend of mine from college asked me to resurrect his WoW account so he could get back into the game before Cataclysm comes out. The first week that he was back, he messaged me quite frequently with various questions about trends in raiding and PvP at level 80. I answered his questions without much thought until one afternoon, he sent me a different type of message.

"Did you notice there is nothing but meat in WoW?"

My thoughts stumbled over the question for a moment before he continued. "There is meat, fish and fruit, but no vegetables." (My friend became vegan since the last time he played WoW -- thus his sudden epiphany.) He then proceeded to tell me about a quest in Teldrassil where you gather spider meat for a kabob recipe. He said something along the lines of, "They're on a big freakin' tree, full of plants and they're eating spiders! Spiders!"

I'll admit, he had a good point. Curious, I decided to start looking over the types of food in WoW to see just exactly what Azerothians eat.

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Patch 3.2: More profession changes

We've picked up some more details about professions in Patch 3.2. Some of the changes were covered a few days ago by Eliah. The notes made today elaborate more on engineering, alchemy, fishing and cooking changes.


  • Stackable potions now stack to 20.
  • Five new epic gem transmute recipes are available from the Northrend trainer. The recipe for transmuting a Cardinal Ruby can be learned from a quest, given by Linzy Blackbolt in Dalaran.
  • Rage potions can now be used by druids.

I have an entire guild bank tab filled with nothing but Mana Injectors. I was both saddened and delighted when I heard that potions now stack to 20. Big plus to Potion of Speed and Potion of Wild Magic since those will be stackable now. But are they going to be completely useless? Nope! Wait until you see the Engineering changes. It means I don't have to make any more injectors! New epic gem transmutes are on the way too!

More profession changes after the jump.

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Well Fed Buff: Runn Tum Tuber Surprise

Well Fed Buff serves up tasty dishes to boost your HP, stats and appetite – with that special WoW twist, of course.

The calendar says that spring has spring, which means we should be out Bar B Queuing, but the Earth Mother seems to disagree. It has been unseasonably cold and windy in many areas, which gives us plenty of opportunities for hot chili, soup, and stew. This week we indulge in Runn Tum Tuber Surprise.

In game the recipe calls for Runn Tum Tubers and Soothing Spices. The tubers are found in Warpwood Pods in Dire Maul or drop from Pusillin, who also drops this recipe. This dish can be consumed by characters 45 and higher. It restores 1933 health over 27 seconds and increases your Intellect by ten for ten minutes. The real life version is relatively simple to make, and requires considerably less talent than the 275 Cooking skill required for the virtual version.

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Well Fed Buff: Savory Deviate Delight

Every Thursday, Well Fed Buff will be serving up the tastiest dishes to boost your HP and stats, just in time for your weekend gaming.

Hands down, the best recipe in all of World of Warcraft is Savory Deviate Delight. I will hear no arguments or opinions on this. I decided to try making it for dinner. I don't know what happened. All of a sudden there was a loud "Yaaarrr!" And my friend turned into a pirate in a puff of smoke. It was absolutely incredible. Your results may vary.

Savory Deviate Delight is always in demand. It can turn players into a Human pirate or a ninja for an hour. It doesn't really benefit the player in anyway, but who wouldn't want to be a pirate or a ninja. The Savory Deviate Delight Recipe randomly drops in the Barrens. The materials for the in-game version are Deviate Fish which can be caught in pools in the Barrens Oases and Mild Spices which can be purchased from cooking and trade vendors. Wowhead lists auction house buyout prices of 36 gold for the recipe and 63 silver for the individual consumables.

The real-life version is somewhat more complicated than the in-game rendition. Read on for my Savory Deviate Delight recipe. Get it while it's hot!

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World of WarCrafts: Buzzard Bite Wraps

burritoEvery Wednesday Thursday Maureen Carter brings you World of WarCrafts, which features a recipe or craft that teaches you how to make your own real life version of in-game recipes and items.

Hi again sorry I'm a day late on this, I promise not to make it a habit. For today's recipe I am using a bit of creativity and taking the in game recipe a little farther. I am making Buzzard Bite Wraps. For starters lets make the Buzzard Bites and then make them into the wrap.

The in game recipe simply calls for Buzzard Meat. To me that didn't seem quite interesting enough. As you know I am more than willing to jazz up a recipe before I present it to you, so let's begin.

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World of WarCrafts: IRL Dirge's Kickin' Chimaerok Chops

pork chopsEvery Wednesday World of WarCrafts features a recipe or craft that teaches you how to make own real life version of in-game recipes and items.

This week I thought I would tackle the only (as far as I know) Epic cooking recipe that WoW has to offer, Dirge's Kickin' Chimaerok Chops. This recipe is only available upon completion of a quest and has a panda on the front. What could be better than that? Nothing is better than a recipe with a panda on the front except maybe being able to make it IRL.

This recipe is a bit more involved than my past recipes have been but I figured I could get away with it since this is an Epic recipe to begin with.

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Phat Loot Phriday: Delicious Chocolate Cake

Seeing as food has been on our minds this week at WoW Insider (with both the new Well Fed Buff column and Maureen's World of WarCrafts), I figured we'd give the foodies in the audience something to pine for this week. Expect more big pointy sharp things only available from late game raids next week.

Name: Delicious Chocolate Cake
Type: Food
Damage/Speed: N/A
  • "If you spend at least 5 seconds eating, you will become Very Happy for 1 hour." What does Very Happy mean? Nothing, except that you get a buff that lasts for one hour.
  • Does the buff do anything? Nope, nothing percievable. Does it at least kick off a negative debuff? Nope. Does it replace one of your current buffs? Nope. Is there any reason to eat this cake at all, besides that it gives you a useless Happy buff? Of course! It's cake!
  • If you are the kind of person who leaves comments on a Phat Loot post complaining that a useless piece of food is not Phat Loot, go eat some of this cake. Hopefully it will make you Very Happy, and then we'll all be that way.
How to Get It: This recipe is actually new in 2.3-- it's a reward hidden in the food given to you by the cooking daily quests in Shattrath. When you finish the daily quest, you get Crates of Meat and Barrels of Fish, and this recipe, which is BoP, will be randomly hidden in one of those from time to time.

And despite coming from a high level daily quest, the cake is actually only level 1, so it's pretty easy to make: you need your Simple Flour (8), 4 Ice Cold Milk, some Mild Spices (4), 8 Small Eggs, a whole Flask of Port (yowza! you can get those from most of the bartenders in the major cities), and 3 Mageroyal. Which means that there is apparently no chocolate in this cake at all, and that means that, even though I shudder to say it (as much as I like Portal, I think the meme died about a week ago), the cake is indeed a lie.

But it is tasty. And who doesn't want a Very Happy buff?

Getting Rid of It: A vendor will give you 1s 25c for it, but a better option would be to just go around passing them out, or give them away to guildies as birthday presents for the next year. I've heard rumors that people don't know what they are, and that they've been selling on the AH for hundreds of gold, but if you were unlucky enough to sell out for one of these, just remember that there's no sense crying over every mistake. You just keep on trying 'till you run out of cake.

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Are you a recipe completist?

Earlier today I was perusing the official WoW forums, looking for any new info about our favorite game, when I noticed a particular post. Warla, the player in question, was announcing that they had collected all of the cooking recipes in the game. At first glance, this might not seem like much of an accomplishment, but there are a lot of recipes that are more readily available to one faction or the other, such as Dig Rat Stew. Taking into consideration that Warla is on a PvP server and can't easily do a trade through the neutral auction house, this is actually quite a feat.

I'm not really a perfectionist when it comes to my professions (and I'm definitely not the type who would announce such accomplishments in a public forum), but I have known other people that were. One guy I know is a blacksmith and spent hours researching and tracking down every last pattern that was available to him. The same guy was making a point to complete every single available quest in the game too, so his blacksmithing goal wasn't really his loftiest.

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World of WarCrafts: Murloc Fin Soup

Every Wednesday World of WarCrafts features a recipe that shows you how to make own real life version of in-game recipes and items.

There are many "tasty" sounding things to eat in the wonderful world of WoW. I have often wondered what some of these things would taste like, others give me the willies just thinking about eating them but whatever. As a result of my wonderings I came up with this IRL version of Murloc Fin Soup. The only thing I had to work with was the in game recipe that called for Murloc Fins and Hot Spices, not even any Refreshing Spring Water! How could that be soup? Not exactly sure, but I figured that the recipe, or lack there of, gave me a bit of creative license. I hope you enjoy my IRL Murloc Fin Soup. You will find a translation key following to help you find the ingredients from your General Goods Vendor.

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Winter Veil mysteries

The Feast of Winter Veil will be upon us in less than a week and we already know that there will be new elements added to WoW's biggest holiday. Item database and news sites have been publishing information about this year's festivities for quite awhile now, but nonetheless there are still two mysteries that are pestering me.

First of all, as you are probably aware, there is a Winter Veil quest to kill the Abominable Greench and retrieve the stolen Smokywood Pastures' treats in the Alterac Mountains. Upon completion of the quest, you're rewarded with a box that can contain a special profession recipe. Alchemy, Engineering, Enchanting, Leatherworking, Blacksmithing and Tailoring have all been represented in the possible rewards. This brings us down to my burning question: Will jewelcrafters have a new design added to the gift box this year? If so, what could it possibly be?

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New cooking recipes in 2.4

In the current state of the Cooking profession, it is necessary to take up Fishing in order to progress one's skill to the maximum level. For some unknown reason, Cooking recipes between 275 and 285 skill have been changed in the recent patches. As community MVP Highlander points out, all but one of the recipes that grant skill-ups in this range require materials that can only be gained through fishing (which, I suppose, can also be purchased off of the auction house). The only recipe that doesn't require fishing is only attained through running Dire Maul, which seems to be an unrealistic requirement.

While not offering any explanation as to why these recipes were ever changed in the first place, Blizzard poster Salthem gives hope of a solution. New recipes are set to be added in patch 2.4 which should hopefully fix this problem. While not providing a lot of details, he does mention that the recipes will definitely bridge this gap.

Only time will tell exactly what recipes are being added, but perhaps they'll add a few more reliable ways to acquire skill points between 350 and 375 as well. What type of cooking recipes would you like to see in the patch?

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Design: Chaotic Skyfire Diamond

One of the most sought-after items in the latest patch is undoubtedly the design for the new meta gem, the Chaotic Skyfire Diamond. On my server, the Coilskar Sirens who drop the item in question have been camped incessantly since players were able to log into the game yesterday afternoon. This is understandable, since the gem is now the best of its type for most raiding DPS casters and is in high demand.

Unfortunately the recipe may be bugged. Most patterns that drop off of specific creatures are bind-on-pickup and can only be farmed by those characters that actually have the profession required to learn the recipe. For instance, the pattern for Ragesteel Shoulders can only be looted by blacksmiths. Recipes that can be looted by any character tend to be world drops and do not bind-on-pickup. The plans for the Eternium Runed Blade is an example of this type of item. On the other hand, the design for the Chaotic Skyfire Diamond lives up to its name and doesn't follow the trends already set in WoW. It is not bind-on-pickup, but it drops from specific creatures and only seems to be appearing for jewelcrafters, at least according to the data and comments on Wowhead.

What have your experiences with this pattern been like? I wasn't able to farm it up on any of my characters aside from my jewelcrafter, even after spending quite awhile killing Sirens. Did you experience something similar?

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The farming scoop on 2.3 recipes

Although patch 2.3 has not even been live for 24 hours yet, information about many of the new profession recipes is already leaking. Through independent investigation, Kaliope has already dug up the dirt on several of the most anticipated new goodies.

For all of you fishermen out there who have been dying to get the brand new fishing book, you'll be pleased to note that it only took Kaliope two pools of wreckage in Zangarmarsh, which gave her four curious crates, before she nabbed it. Unfortunately, due to competition, pool spawns were proving somewhat scarce. If you can't wait a few days for the shores to clear, you can try pool spawns in Azeroth. While they may be less of a commodity, it will also take you longer to fish up your book.

If you tried out the new daily cooking quest, then it is possible you found a new recipe in your fishy (or meaty) loot box. While Kaliope had no such luck, I managed to get myself a disappointing Broiled Bloodfin. My guildmate had slightly better luck, and came away with Spicy Hot Talbuk. Being a hunter, I was hoping for Kibler's Bits, but I would have settled for something with a buff other than the standard 20 stamina and spirit.

If you're a leatherworker, and have had your eye set on the new 24 slot leatherworking bag, then head up to the Barrier Hills above Shattrath and start killing some ogres. I was expecting an intense farming experience, but Kaliope notes she received it in two kills, her guildmate in eight, and a friend within ten minutes.

Unfortunately, not every recipe hunt I went on myself was as charmed as Kaliope's. While attempting to hunt Gan'arg Analyzers for the schematic for the new Field Repair Bot 110G, I noticed a severe lack of such mobs. Also, I ran into an abundance of what appeared to me to be kill-crazy gnomes swooping around in their flying machines. I gave up after about ten kills, because achieving even this took me easily ten minutes. Attempts to acquire the new meta-gem recipe for jewelcrafting reportedly were also met with hefty competition.

What have your experiences been so far with the new crafting recipes?

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Preparing for 2.3: Pre-patch farming, part 2

The other day I listed the items that will be used in new recipes after the patch. I did miss a few things, but with your helpful comments, I've updated the original article to be more complete. I'll mention again that it's difficult to make predictions on what will sell the best, but nonetheless I've decided to list some of my thoughts on the subject below.

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Real recipes inspired by WoW

Ever since Matthew tipped us off to the gem that is The Bronze Kettle, I've been reading everything in this husband-and-wife team blog, quite interested to see what they think and what they do. At first, when I read through their posts and saw some recipes, I thought to myself "Okay so... this is a WoW, and cooking blog? That's interesting..."

Now, maybe I'm oblivious, but it wasn't till today, when they published a Dragonbreath Chili recipe that I realized they were cooking up a storm based on the recipes we find in the game itself! So far they've got the Chili I used to have a lot of fun with when I was level 40 or so, as well as Soft Banana Bread, Mudder's Milk, and Blessed Sunfruit Juice! I can't help but wonder if they'll ever pull off some of the more... "original" WoW recipe ideas (such as Gooey Spider Cake -- yuck!).

Now, I can cook up my quick vegetarian meals, but when I see things like "Cook over medium heat for 1 hour" I get scared away, even though I rationally realize it shouldn't really be all that intimidating. That makes me all the more impressed when I see this couple finesse these recipes right out of the game and into real life! It fits right alongside cakes and dolls, as well as machinima and all other forms of WoW-inspired art!

Who among you has the skills to try out these recipes and tell us how they taste?

Update: Shelbi from the Bronze Kettle tells us that she was inspired by WoW Ladies making their very own Westfall Stew (which we've actually covered before)! I'm glad the Bronze Kettle is continuing such a neat idea.

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