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Warrior glyph changes in patch 5.0.4

Warrior glyph changes in patch 504
When the new 5.0 patch flips over on Aug. 28, will you be ready with glyphs? Blizzard is recycling old glyphs instead of making new spell IDs and charring old ones. Some glyphs are staying the same, some are new, but some share IDs with old Cataclysm glyphs.

Below is our list of new or changing glyphs for warriors. This is not a list of changing tooltips, just which glyphs you ought to have if you want to automatically have the new glyphs when the patch flips over.

Warriors have a few brand new minor glyphs:
Glyphs that are changing into new majors:
Glyphs that are changing into new minors:

It's open warfare between Alliance and Horde in Mists of Pandaria, World of Warcraft's next expansion. Jump into five new levels with new talents and class mechanics, try the new monk class, and create a pandaren character to ally with either Horde or Alliance. Look for expansion basics in our Mists FAQ, or dig into our spring press event coverage for more details!

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Blood Pact: Meet the minions, part 3 - the succubus and crowd control, page 1

Blood Pact is your weekly warlock digest brought to you by Dominic Hobbs. "A succubus is a devourer of souls, destroyer of hearts, tempter of men. A creature of profound evil and of singular mind. It cannot be brought into our world without a stimulus." ~ Gan'rul Bloodeye

Previously in 'Meet the minions' we have looked at the imp and the voidwalker as well as how to manage your minions and your threat. In this installment our demon of choice is the succubus and the game mechanic is crowd control; fear, seduce, howl, banish and a svelte demon with wings. But before I delve in I need to clarify something to Blood Pact readers.

For a while now I've had a demon trying to whisper words of doubt into my ear. He's been telling me that Blood Pact readers want PvP info in the column, that they cry out for it, they yearn for it, they need it; and that I can't deliver any. It's true that my knowledge and experience of PvP pretty much extends as far as being able to smell it early enough to avoid it. Don't get me wrong, I love researching for Blood Pact but in this case I'm not going to try, and for two reasons. First, nobody who cares about warlock PvP wants to have me school them on it, and second we have some first rate PvP experts at who can do it better.

So I've sent the demon packing (literally; don't be surprised if you find more than the normal number of broken biscuits in future packets) and have started a campaign to convince our arena and battleground columnists to get with some lock love. So enough with the preamble, lets get on with the show.

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Warriors will be cooling down faster in Northrend

Which, I suppose, makes sense. It's cold up there.

If you've been playing a warrior for a long time, you've probably gotten used to the way your three big class abilities work. Presently, Shield Wall, Retaliation and Recklessness are linked abilities with a shared 30 minute cooldown. This means if you use one of them you can't use any of the other two in addition to the one you used for half an hour. Not only has this restriction kept warriors from using any of their big cooldowns in Arenas, it also serves as an inhibitor in raiding and soloing and questing. You don't pop Shield Wall unless you're absolutely sure you're going to die, because then you won't have it for possibly two or three boss attempts.

This will no longer be the case in Wrath. In a move that simultaneously nerfs and buffs these long-standing warrior abilities, the base effect of each has been reduced but their cooldown shortened to 5 minutes. The tooltips of each ability spell it out now. The duration of each has dropped to about 12 seconds (not a huge deal), Recklessness has lost its fear breaking ability, Shield Wall only reduces incoming damage by 50%, and Retaliation only hits 20 attacks now. Yes, these are all nerfs. But the upside of a 5 minute duration makes them far more friendly for use. You can pop shield wall on trash if needed and still have it for a boss. A fury warrior can use reck secure in the knowledge that he'll most likely have it back up by the time the boss hits execute range. And retaliation might even be viable for multi-mob tanking now! A little stance dancing and you don't have to fret that shield wall is gone for half an hour.

To me, this is an awesome change. It makes those abilities less restricted and thus, makes me more willing to use them.

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