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World of Wardrobe: More plate look-alikes for death knights

Heading back to pick up some awesome armor sets from vanilla WoW or that dazzling weapon that'll have your enemies cowering in fear? Transmogrification makes it possible -- and World of Wardrobe shows you how.

The Burning Crusade was the first expansion for World of Warcraft, featuring a wholly foreign landscape to traverse and all-new armor to pick up and proudly wear. Well ... sort of. Though the zones, dungeons and quests were incredibly detailed and entertaining, the gear itself was a little lacking in variety. Green gear drops were simply recolored versions of existing models, and nothing really went together -- which led to the infamous Burning Crusade "clown suit" effect that most people experienced while leveling through the expansion.

That didn't mean there was a complete lack of matching gear, however. Burning Crusade dungeons contained plenty of recolored tier sets from classic World of Warcraft, to the delight of many players who simply didn't raid in vanilla and therefore didn't have access to that tier. The other nice part about the tier recolors was that they weren't class-restricted, so any class could pick up the look of another class with relatively little difficulty.

This turned out to be very good news for death knights, who didn't appear on the scene until Wrath of the Lich King. Though a class call was added to Nefarian over in Blackwing Lair for our death knight friends, tier sets were not. Last week, we covered a few of the recolored plate offerings that death knights can pick up -- but don't worry, death knights. Last week's offering of plate tier goodies was only part 1! There are a few more plate tier look-alikes to be had out there in The Burning Crusade.

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World of Wardrobe: Plate tier look-alikes for death knights

Heading back to pick up some awesome armor sets from vanilla WoW or that dazzling weapon that'll have your enemies cowering in fear? Transmogrification makes it possible -- and World of Wardrobe shows you how.

I feel kind of bad for the death knight class. While every other class in the game has had tier sets galore, death knights got a late start. So all those lovely tier sets from vanilla through The Burning Crusade are specifically for all the other classes, while death knights are left in the lurch with nothing to call their own. But that's not really the case, actually -- scattered throughout The Burning Crusade are recolored versions of most of the old sets.

For death knights, these sets have to be plate, but other than that, they don't really have a requirement. Death knights can look like whichever class they prefer, paladin or warrior ... only dead. Since all prior World of Wardrobe columns have been focused on every other class, we're going to give the death knights out there a little love -- and a little advice on where to go if you want some cool old-school gear. Paladins and warriors, if you'd like a little plate variety, this one is for you, too!

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Arena Season 4: Brutal Gladiator

Bits and pieces of Arena Season 4 have popped up on the PTR, and as previously speculated on MMO Champion, it looks like the gear will be named Brutal Gladiator. As expected, the armor pieces are recolored versions of the gear that drops in Sunwell Plateau. As the armor pieces are not class specific, what will happen is that for the first time in World of Warcraft Arena history, classes will have similar-looking armor. Warriors will share the same models are Paladins, Shamans can masquerade as Hunters, Rogues will look like Druids, and all clothies will look like they all went to the same tailors or yard sale.

This creates wonderful opportunities in PvP, particularly, hearkening back to the days when Night Elf rogues looked almost exactly like Night Elf druids. Even more confusion ensues when you consider that both Alliance and Horde now share the same armor models as opposed to unique faction models under the old Honor system. The good news is that the new armor sets -- or rather, non-sets -- look pretty sweet. The bad news is that more characters will walk around looking more alike than ever. On the other hand, a lot of PvP gear is coming out in Patch 2.4, such as reputation-based gear (ahem, recolors of the dungeon sets); Season 2 items going on sale Filene's Basement style; and PvE efforts rewarding PvP gear. There are a lot of choices as far as welfare epics are concerned, so fear of homogeneity can be kept in check.
Looking for more Season 4 info? We've rounded up everything you need to know know about Season 4 right here. And we've created a rating guide for EVERY new Season 4 armor set.

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