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Five World of Warcraft machinimas you need to know about

varian's hammer
It's true that nearly every day we feature a machinima on WoW Moviewatch, but we here at WoW Insider occasionally feel compelled to pick favorites, or at least memorable ones. Today, I want to focus on some older gems that haven't had any time in the spotlight for a while and deserve some love. If you're new to the game these videos might provide you a glimpse into an inaccessible time now gone, and if you're new to machinima it might spark a desire to seek out more. Regardless, I've chosen a variety of films that hopefully showcase the enormous potential in using WoW's game engine to produce cinematic content, as well as the boundless creativity and talent within the WoW community. Read and watch on below the cut.

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Breakfast Topic: There goes the neighborhood

Whenever I see free character transfers, I always check to see if my realm is on the list. It never is, probably because it's medium population (though apparently it also has to do with queue times). I don't think I would seriously consider transferring, even for free.

At one point I tried rolling on a low population server. I had a good group of friends to play with, but it was hard to PuG anything. I wound up transferring two characters from that server to my main realm. Several friends did the same. Unless it's an entirely new type of server, I think I'll stay where I am.

Some realms like Ghostlands have really taken off, others remain on the recommended and low population lists indefinitely. Hats off to those willing to colonize new and underpopulated realms, I have no idea how you do it.

What would make you change servers?

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Should you create on a recommended realm?

When given the option to create a new character, Blizzard offers you a list of realms which are marked with their population -- but a handful of them, instead of showing population, are simply marked as "Recommended." However, these are marked recommended for a reason -- because they're small realms in need of new players. In fact some players on the official forums say that the recommended realms are simply ghost towns: places you can never find a group to do quests or instances, where end-game raids are non-existent, and where the auction house is empty of interesting goods (after all, there's no one to put them there!). But on the other hand, the recommended realms aren't going to have queues or lag issues -- and should hopefully be growing as new and rerolling players pick the clearly marked "recommended" realms.

But what do you think? If you rerolled today, would a recommended realm catch your interest? Or would you pick a higher population realm that had plenty of players and an active economy?

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