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Forum post of the day: Table plz

In my humble opinion the refreshment table is pretty neat idea. A Mage spend two Arcane Powders and starts casting the ritual, then two others join in. Viola! A buffet of yummy, health-and-mana-regenerating, Manna Biscuit goodness appears before your raid. The table sticks around for five minutes or however long it takes to deplete its fifty stacks of food. This is probably one of Blizzard's best additions.

In it's own way, the Ritual of Refreshment is also kind of a curse for Mages. True- the reagents cost a total seventeen silver at the vendor, that's not hard to swallow. Keylogger of Stormscale is annoyed by requests for tables. She pointed out that anyone with a friendly level of reputation with the Shattered Sun Offensive can purchase Naaru Rations, no badgering required. Other posters agreed that it's not the process of casting that's at issue, but the sense of entitlement from other folks about a table.

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Blizzard's holiday desserts contest winners

During the winter holiday season, Blizzard challenges us to get our bake on. While thousands hop into the kitchen and design elaborate WoW-themed sweets, only a handful or two will rise above the rest for recognition and lootz.

This year definitely did not disappoint. Blizzard chose the top fifteen designs, and is now displaying the winning submissions, many of which are not only creative, but display baffling skill. I wonder if they were all edible.

It was definitely difficult to pick out a personal favorite, but I think I'm going to have to choose Leyine's refreshment table. Although it likely was not the most complicated design, it struck me as the most fun.

Which dessert would be your pick? What criteria did you use when deciding; creativity, difficulty, overall appearance, or some other?

Make real life dishes and crafts based on in-game items with the help of our World of WarCrafts column. Or whip up a tasty snack to keep you going during your gaming sessions with Well Fed Buff.

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