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Patch 3.2 upcoming Engineering changes

Zarhym has just released some major Engineering changes for the upcoming Patch 3.2. These changes are a long time coming for those of the Engineering profession, and many folks will be quite pleased by them. There are 19 total changes that Zarhym announced – that's quite a lot for any patch.

Some of the ones that stand out include:
  • Mind Amplification Dish – Head enchant, allows engineers to control other humans. Does not work in Arenas, sometimes reverses targets.
  • Portable Wormhole Generator for Northrend – Allows the engineer to travel about Northrend Deep Space 9 style.
  • Repair Bot Jeeves – A repair bot for the entire raid, who also allows bank access for 350+ engineers. Jeeves is not destroyed on use, and can be summoned once per hour. Schematic is apparently randomly hidden within another summonable bot.
  • A Steam-Powered Auctioneer has been added to the Dalaran Like Clockwork engineering shop, allowing access to one's faction Auction House. The Steam-Powered Auctioneer was programmed with a superiority chip, and will only interact with Grand Master engineers.
Take a look after the break for the complete list.

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