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Outland reputation set- Shaman (Resto): Seer's Ringmail Battlegear

This is the PvP set for Resto Shaman. The Battlegear sets are of a superior quality and are equal to the Level 70 High Warlord gear that can be purchased with honor points. The pieces can be purchased by becoming honored with Cenarion Expedition, Honor Hold/Thrallmar, Keepers of Time, Lower City, and the Sha'tar. Complete sets require honored with all five factions as listed below:

Seer's Ringmail Battlegear



Seer's Ringmail Gloves Hands Lower City
Seer's Ringmail Headpiece Head Thrallmar/Honor Hold
Seer's Ringmail Leggings Legs Keepers of Time
Seer's Ringmail Chestguard Chest The Sha'tar
Seer's Ringmail Shoulderpads Shoulders Cenarion Expedition

Seer's Ringmail Battlegear




Spell Crit


Seer's Ringmail Gloves 407 28 18 14 13
Seer's Ringmail Headpiece 530 22 21 16 16
Seer's Ringmail Leggings 570 36 25 22 22
Seer's Ringmail Chestguard 652 34 24 22 18
Seer's Ringmail Shoulderpads 489 28 18 12


2648 159 103 82 81

Seer's Ringmail Battlegear






Seer's Ringmail Gloves 40 46 16
Seer's Ringmail Headpiece 70 44 15 M, R
Seer's Ringmail Leggings 90 4 62 21
Seer's Ringmail Chestguard 120 5 31 11 R, Y, Y
Seer's Ringmail Shoulderpads 70 4 29 10 R, Y


390 13 212 73
Set Bonus 2: 35 Resilience
Set Bonus 4: Reduces the cooldown of your Nature's Swiftness ability by 24 seconds.

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Forum Post of the Day: Rogue killed by an AFK Warlock

Hotlunch of Thunderlord has a bit of a problem - It seems she was out on the prowl recently, and found herself an AFK Warlock. However, despite the fact that she jumped out of hiding and wailed away at the poor Warlock, the Warlock's faithful Felguard came to his aid and killed her first.

To Hotlunch's credit, she didn't immediately chalk up the blame to overpowered Warlocks but, probably rightly, to her gear. It's pretty true that poorly geared Rogues aren't much trouble to your well geared Warlock. As long as you have the hp and armor to last through their barrage of stuns to get off a fear and trinket out of Crippling Poison, then kite them around while they burn through Cloak of Shadows and Cheat Death, they're pretty easy. It's when you get the well geared rogues with tons of armor penetration and resilience that you start feeling the sting of those blades.

Of course, some people in the thread rightfully pointed out that she should start looking at Opportunist's Battlegear for a quick leg up on PvP gear - it seems like her situation is exactly what it was implemented to help out with, and might have helped out a bit with the Felguard. Good luck to Hotlunch on getting geared up. With a little more preparation, I'm sure the next AFK Warlock won't be so lucky.

But thinking about the situation, I think it's also a good counter to those people who get caught in complaining about "welfare epics" and all that.

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