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What to do when you run into technical problems in WoW

Most of the time the World of Warcraft game client runs just fine. We like it that way, because it means all we have to do is click the game icon to dive into Azeroth where we can go about questing, raiding, crafting, PvPing, or whatever else we'd like to do. However, sometimes things just aren't working right -- maybe you can't connect or the game is too laggy for you to do anything. In situations like this, it's usually nothing but frustration until you manage to sort things out and the game starts working right again.

Fortunately for our sanity, Blizzard has a great customer support team to help when you're having trouble. Whatever your game problem, they can definitely help you solve it. And if you're just not sure where to start, we'll point you in the direction of the right resources to find the answers you need.

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How to get back into WoW after a long break

If you've taken a break from World of Warcraft, coming back can be tough. Even if you've only been gone a few months and missed a patch or two, gameplay changes and new content could catch you by surprise -- and if you've been gone for an entire expansion or more, the game changes could make World of Warcraft seem like a brand new game that you need to learn from scratch.

But if you're interested in returning to WoW, don't despair. No matter when you left, you can get back in and enjoy new content and challenges, though relearning the game may take a little longer than you might like. We'll walk you the steps to get you back in the game as quickly as possible -- but be prepared to be patient as you hobble around like a newbie all over again.

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