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WoW Moviewatch: Revenge (Act 2)

In Revenge (Act 2), we get a little more insight to why Nixxiom has launched his crusade against Arthas. We also get the hint that Nixxiom's pals might have somehow been involved in betrayal.

This video is technically a preview. But it clocks in at 10 minutes and has a more fully developed plot than many full machinimas I've seen. My hat's off to Nixxiom and Silverlined Productions for this.

Revenge (Act 2) is a very moody piece, featuring a lot of good old-fashioned brooding angst time. Considering the events in the main character's life, that's pretty justified. However, now that the story has been built up and framed, it should be exciting to see the action in the next release.

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Breakfast Topic: Revenge is a dish best served at the level cap

This Breakfast Topic has been brought to you by Seed, the Aol guest writer program that brings your words to WoW Insider's pages.

Back in vanilla, my then-leveling pally main loved and hated the time she spent questing in Duskwood. Loved because the mood of the zone was great, the quests interesting -- and which paladin doesn't love a place chock-full of undead? That is, except for Mor'ladim.

He was the reason she hated the place. From the first time she died a gruesome death in the clawed hands of the old pile of bones, to the last quests before moving on, she couldn't pass anywhere close to his path without being attacked. Mor'ladim seemed to sense when she was near and make a beeline straight to her. My guildmates at the time joked that he was in love; I said he had a strange way of expressing it. Whatever it was, I vowed to have my revenge.

Fast-forward a few levels and my pally, finally 60, returned for the payback. I killed Mor'ladim many, many times. I offered in general chat to kill him for whomever needed or wanted him. I camped him with gusto, remembering all those repair bills and corpse runs. After Cataclysm arrives, I will surely go back to look for my old enemy and kill him once again, if he's still there. You know, for old times' sake.

Whose pixelated behind did you or will you rush to kick once you gained the power to do it?

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Patch 3.3.3 PTR: Revenge of the Warrior, now Improved

In the most recent bout of data mining the PTR patch (specifically build 11623), the fine folks at MMO-Champion discovered more changes and clarifications to how warrior abilities will work. Keeping in mind again that this is the PTR and you never know how things are going to change, here are the specifics.

  • Revenge damage has been slightly lowered, it now deals [ 31% of AP + 1636 ] to [ 31% of AP + 1998 ] damage at max rank. Down from [ 31% of AP + 2181 ] to [ 31% of AP + 2665 ] damage.
  • Improved Revenge now Increases damage of your Revenge ability by 30/60% (up from 10/20%) and causes Revenge to strike an additional target for 50% damage.
  • Vitality now increases your total Strength by 2/4/6%, Stamina by 3/6/9% and your Expertise by 2/4/6.(On live, this is Strength and Stamina by 2/4/6% and Expertise by 2/4/6.)
  • Trauma now lasts 1 min, up from 15 sec.
The Trauma change is probably one for convenience, as it can be hard in a high mobility fight (like, say, running out of a Defile) to keep Trauma up and this way you'll have more leeway to keep those bleeds ticking at max efficiency while still getting out of bombs or fissures or what have you. Vitality is pretty much exactly as it was the last time we talked about it.

As for Revenge, the baseline ability is being adjusted slightly downward from our original exciting 3.3.3 revelation. But Improved Revenge is being hugely buffed. Hugely. When we first heard the news that Revenge would be getting some improvements, we speculated in the comments that perhaps they'd throw some AoE viability in there, and now they have done exactly that. By baking it into the talent instead of the baseline ability (and by removing the stun from Imp Revenge, it appears) you cut back on prot warrior stuns in PvP while giving a strong new reason to pick up Imp Revenge for more damage and more AoE threat. It's a pretty solid change for a tanking prot warrior.

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Patch 3.3.3 PTR: Warrior changes

There's only two, but they're reasonably important.

  • Revenge: Damage done by this ability (base and scaling) increased by 50%.
  • Rampage: This effect is now passive instead of being a proc from critical strikes.
We talked about Revenge this week, and while this change is fairly unexciting, it's still a sizable buff. 50% more base and scaling damage to the ability will definitely make it attractive to use again. I may even change my spec back to take Improved Revenge again. Then again, since I used to spend 2 talent points to get 20% more damage on Revenge and now I'll get 50% without spending them it may still be better to put those points somewhere else. The stun isn't terribly useful for boss tanking in most cases, although when it does work it's nice.

The Rampage change, on the other hand, is what the ability always should have been. While a talented Leader of the Pack will still be better with its healing benefit, Rampage is now exactly as good as the baseline ability. I never understood making Rampage, an ability you have to spend quite a few talent points to get, inferior to one 10 points cheaper. Sure, it's nothing that's going to make or break the spec and it really should have been what we always had, but at least it's finally here.

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More tanking changes for warriors

After the changes to Devastate made in an attempt to 'buff warrior tank DPS' (I'm sure you all remember our coverage of said change) many warriors reported that one of the side effects of this change was to make Revenge, a long time warrior tanking ability, less than useful. With Devastate threat up (especially when glyphed) there's just less reason to use Revenge when it lights up. Now, Ghostcrawler interjects into a post that yes, Revenge will likely see some changes.

This is interesting to me for two reasons. First, because it's a fairly rapid statement of intent compared to past issues, where months could pass before anyone would address an issue (Thunder Clap only hitting four targets, for example, which was a huge problem for warriors for most of BC) and secondly because it highlights the domino effect that changing class abilities can have and showcases just how difficult class balance really can be. They knew even when they were making the change to Devastate that this might be necessary, but they understandably wanted to roll out any changes in an incremental way.

My expectation is either a threat buff for Revenge (which, frankly, isn't really all that interesting a change), a DPS increase (which isn't likely) or perhaps a small bit of AoE viability like a cleave effect. That last bit would be a good way of adding some AoE bite without replicating the paladin model which we've already been told is a touch over the top.

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WoW Moviewatch: Revenge (Act 2)

Silverlined Productions has released the trailer for Revenge (Act 2). This is the follow up to the first piece of roleplay inspired work, called Revenge. In Act 2, Nixxiom is finally getting his chance to show down against the Lich King. That's pretty appropriate, when you consider the likely proximity of patch 3.3.

Interestingly, in the Myndflame post about the video, the author is pre-emptively defending his work against accusations of "god mode." That's a roleplay term in which the player considers their character so awesome, they win every encounter, and possess every virtue. Generally, in machinima and fan fiction, that dynamic is called "Mary Sue."

I'm not sure the trailer itself provides any defense against accusations of Nixxiom being a Mary Sue. You can't really make that call until you see the final movie. However, since it is a roleplay thing, and roleplay tends to be an escapist art, I think it's fair game to do a little idealization of the character. In the end, it really all comes down to how well the author can tell a story. Here's hoping the final film does the confrontation justice.

Interested in the wide world of machinima? We have new movies every weekday here on WoW Moviewatch! Have suggestions for machinima we ought to feature? Toss us an e-mail at machinima AT wow DOT com.

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WoW Moviewatch: REVENGE

Silverlined_Pro created REVENGE as a roleplay-based movie about his character Nixxiom. As the story goes, Nixxiom has "always had a hard life." The author doesn't spell out the details, but apparently he killed his own parents through some circumstance, his wife died, and then his daughter was violated and murdered by demons. As if that's not enough, he got turned into a Death Knight. Now, Nixxiom has broken free of the Lich King's control. He's amassed his own army of undead critters, and is marching on Arthas with the goal of deposing him and taking the title Lich King for himself.

You only get that background and information from reading Silverlined_Pro's summary on Myndflame. The video itself, as a stand alone piece, doesn't really supply that story. I don't know what I would have thought if I were only viewing the movie. It contains mostly a series of undead characters staring at each other, and then the main character -- a Night Elf -- staring down Arthas. I think the basic jist that "these guys don't play nicely together" probably would have come across, but that's about it.

For all that the story is vague, though, the video itself is fairly well done. The music is apropos (it's the Lich King theme), and the animation and screen capture is solid. My words of summary would be, "Nice first attempt, let's see what you do next."

If you have any suggestions for WoW Moviewatch, you can mail them to us at machinima AT wowinsider DOT com.

Previously on Moviewatch ..

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Ghostcrawler's thoughts on Death Knights

Ghostcrawler has sparked conversation on Death Knights and potential future changes on the official Tanking forum with a rather lengthy post. He starts out saying he's thrilled that Death Knights have been well-received, but they've expected since the beginning that they'll have to make changes to the class as they go along, because it is a brand new class. I think us players expected that as well, so it's really not a big deal.

He mentions a number of problems that have cropped up with Death Knights since launch (or before in some cases) and some potential ideas on how they can be fixed in upcoming patches. No official change announcements, just thoughts and discussion. If you want to see the full list, head on over to the forum thread. I'm just going to touch on a few that I've experienced firsthand.

Read more →

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Death Knight tanking overhaul

The ever-helpful Ghostcrawler hit the forums late yesterday with a slew of changes to Death Knight tanking in the form of both bug fixes and buffs. The single biggest "buff" is actually a fairly significant bug fix; Death Knights had half the untalented, ungeared dodge of a Warrior or Paladin, and that was definitely never intended. Between that and a change to Blade Barrier (it's currently activated with all runes on cooldown; it's being changed to activate with only Blood runes on cooldown), Death Knights should see a significant improvement to their avoidance. Threat generation is also getting a nice boost, as Blizzard recognized that Death Knights suffered badly whenever key moves failed to land. Rune Strike is becoming a reactive ability like the Warrior's Revenge, and Frost Strike can no longer be dodged, blocked, or parried. Death and Decay has also been changed to be more competitive with Consecration and Thunder Clap, which is consistent with the overall trend toward AoE tanking effectiveness.

I've healed a number of Death Knight tanks in 5-mans now (you'll be hearing from my grumpy self about this soon) and recognized a few early versions of these issues, certainly in the form of Blade Barrier's often-spotty uptime. While I'm glad that DK's are getting more consistent threat generation, I have to admit that my real concern is the amount of burst they seem to take (something others have noticed as well), so I'm keeping an eye on the tweaks being made.

Thanks to Doug for writing in!

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Revenge of the healers

I was talking with a shaman of my acquaintance today about a player we both know who regularly mutilates the English language beyond any reasonable explanation. "I need a bar for him, like I have for experience," the shaman said. "Every letter that he destroys will be one point on the bar, with five for extra stupidity, like every time he says a drop is "knise." When he gets to 100 points, I'm going to let him die in an instance by not healing him. Then the bar will start over again."

Healers have an exceptional capability to get revenge on other players, particularly on overzealous DPSers. The healers of my guild joke about a "blacklist" for hunters, rogues, mages and warlocks who anger them -- if you're on the blacklist, you get to die to AOE or your own aggro pulling until the healers feel you've suffered enough. They don't actually have the blacklist ... I think.

I've also seen a guild's druids band together to let a rogue die in every raid after he complained about a feral druid rolling on DPS gear in a 5-man instance because "druids are only good for healing." And many raid leaders who have been too rough yelling at their healers in Blackwing Lair have died due to coordinated priest heals on the Nefarian class call.

Most of the people that healers let die seem to have brought their own fate upon them, whether by recklessness ("I can totally solo that"), malice ("God, our healers really suck tonight") or other forms of stupidity. As Robert Heinlein said, "Stupidity is the only universal capital crime; the sentence is death, there is no appeal, and execution is carried out automatically and without pity" -- especially when you tick off the guys who hold your life in their hands. If you let them live, they'll never learn.

Healers, have you ever let someone die because they offended you or did something dumb? Or have you been the victim of a healing blacklist/intentional death?

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Breakfast Topic: Revenge!

There are some beasts you'll encounter in Azeroth that you'll never quite forget. Not because they were massively scripted encounters of epic proportions, but because they managed to outwit you -- perhaps several times over. There you were, walking along, peacefully minding your own business, picking flowers in Un'Goro -- when suddenly a huge devilsaur appears behind you. (Devilsaurs are very stealthy for their size!) You try to run, naturally, but you can't escape the devilsaur's huge stride once he's sighted you, and he devours you in a single bite. Of course, the devilsaur is hardly the only beast in Azeroth to play such tricks -- and on most such creatures I vow to return at a later level for revenge. And what about you? Do you find yourself returning to zones ten levels later and avenging earlier deaths?

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