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Breakfast Topic: Never Gonna

World of Warcraft does have a decent variety of things to do. Arenas, Battlegrounds, Soloing, Professions, 5-mans, raids, the list goes on. Some may focus singlemindedly on one or two aspects of the game, while others dabble a bit in most or even all of them. All this variety also ends up meaning that some people just won't like certain aspects of the game, and will generally shy away from doing them. This can also be true of classes, of talent trees, of playstyles, and all the rest. Of course, sometimes we swear we'll never do something in game, then do it anyway.

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WoW Moviewatch: EPIXX, or Too Fast For Love

Back in July, I wrote about the Warcraftmovies Synergy contest. Machinimators were given the choice between two unintentionally horrible scripts and were asked to follow them to the letter. In honor of that contest, Baron Soosdon, half of the winning duo, decided to create his own imba machinima contest. Offering up a top prize of being uuiU'd by Soosdon himself, he cranked out a script in just 15 minutes!

It's been a while since I wrote about Kilh, of Rock 'n' Troll fame. He noticed the contest with a little over three days left until the deadline. Of course, being the talented filmmaker that he is, he decided to give it a go -- with amazing results. When asked for comment, he stated that the script made no sense, so he just followed it as if it were step-by-step instructions.

Featuring a voiceover by yours truly, EPIXX - Too Fast For Love is ... something else. Try to imagine toilet gnomes, a ruined PR campaign (a nod to one of my Moviewatch posts), an epic purple Wand of Not Burning Books (the part that I voiced), a Titanic spoiler, and a bad 80s song in the credits that isn't a Rickroll. Those are just some of the highlights of an intentionally awesome script!

[Thanks for the laughs, #machinima on Quakenet IRC!]

If you have any suggestions for WoW Moviewatch, you can mail them to us at machinima AT wowinsider DOT com.

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WoW Moviewatch: Healer parody

Before there was Nyhm, there was a guy, sk3uled, and his Avril Lavigne CD. What did he come up with? A parody video, Healer, to her song, Girlfriend. You can thank (or curse!) Baron Soosdon for this submission. At least it wasn't a Sir Mixalot Rickroll.

The lyrics are probably the best thing about the video. The "singing" is monotone and the aspect ratio isn't consistent. Believe it or not, this is the better version. His previous attempt, made over a year ago, was recorded with a bad microphone and what looks like a bunch of pictures thrown into a slideshow program.

If you have any suggestions for WoW Moviewatch, you can mail them to us at machinima AT wowinsider DOT com.

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World of Rick Roll

I don't know what it is about the WoW community, but every link I see I'm forced to double check its authenticity just so I don't get Rick Rolled. What is this cultural phenomenon of Rick Rolling you ask? No, it's not some sort of new drug, it's just a YouTube video of Rick Astley singing "Never gonna give you up." When you watch the video for the hundredth time it gets a tad annoying. And you do have to watch the whole video, because let's face it, if you don't the tune is just going to sit in your head for the rest of the day. Then you'll be dreaming of Rick Astley, and that's...well... just unsettling.

Often times in the official forums people will post a link to some WoWWiki article or something, and instead of the link actually going where it is advertized to go, it'll go to the Rick Roll video instead.

I personally am rather tired of always having to check the link to see if the video ends in uuiU, which seems to be the most common YouTube video used to Rick Roll people. There are some browser addons out there that'll stop you from being Rick Rolled, if you're so inclined to install them. But as always, be sure that you're getting these addons from a reputable source.

Have you been Rick Rolled lately? Share your tales of horror.

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Character naming guide from Waaagh!

Okay, so technically Waaagh! is a Warhammer Online blog, but we'll forgive Syp this time, if only because S/he writes a pretty good article about choosing your character's name. The first part of it is, to me at least, good common sense. Don't choose a name you'll regret or a name that looks overly bad to other people. Naming after real life celebrities can get a bit tired. Naming your character "something naughty" is probably just going to make most people think you haven't cleared puberty yet. And yeah, it might be funny to call your character Rickroll NOW, but when Rickrolling is the next "All Your Base", everyone on the internet is going to point and laugh at you for being old and busted.

The second part has some excellent ways to comb for new names, some of which many veterans already know, but it's a good compilation, and gave me a few ideas for my next name search. I can confirm to anyone who doubts it that Syp's Rule of Three really is true. I have known only 1 or 2 people who have been able to avoid having their name reduced to a 3 or 4 letter nickname that is used almost constantly in place of the whole thing. You can't avoid it, so sometimes it's not that bad to go with the flow and plan your name around it. Same thing with the similar names across characters thing. It works pretty well, if you like the idea, but woe to you if you accidentally take someone's naming scheme and join their guild or group of friends!

If you're having trouble thinking of a new name, or plan to roll a character at some point in the future, give the article a read. It's pretty keen.

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How do YOU think the Dark Portal opened?

Today's forum watch has started a new humor thread about the origins of the reopening of the Dark Portal. Many debated if it was Kazzak or some other power, or if it had always been open. Quite a few people had their own opinions about how it opened:

Chuck Norris may have roundhouse kicked it open.

Rick Astley might have "rickroll'd" it open.

Kazzak reopened it because Pokemon Silver came out 3 months earlier in Outlands.

A Blizzard comic submission seems to have their own theories as to how the Dark Portal opened.

A fairly blunt opinion stated that, "Blizzard wanted more money."

I personally like the idea that someone finally discovered what the "unused light switch in their garage" did.

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