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Wrathion as The Fresh Prince (don't pretend this isn't awesome)

Found on Reddit today was a tip off to The Black Prince faction page on Wowhead. It has this gem:

Wrathion, the Black Prince - or as we call him in my guild...
Fresh Prince of Veiled Stair!

In West Azeroth born and raised...
In Ravenholdt is where I spent most of my days...
Turning in lockboxes for some rep...
Shoulda' known Shen'Dralar wouldn't be kept...
When a couple of drakes, they were up to no good...
Started makin trouble in my own black brood...
And after a coup d'etat Jorach got scared...
He said "you're moving in with Anduin and Tong at Veiled Stair!"

Now we know this is a World of Warcraft site, and the World of Warcraft is pretty serious business. Purple pixels and internet dragons and all that. But we hope that you're able to take a moment out of your day and enjoy the awesomeness that a group of commenters have been able to come up with.

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