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Breakfast Topic: What little details do you hope make it into Cataclysm?

Cataclysm is so close! I can already taste the crisp corners of the box -- not that I eat cardboard or anything weird like that! Dawn looks bashful. Anyway, if you're a daily reader of WoW Insider, you've probably seen a ton of Cataclysm coverage over the past few months. You might even think you know everything the new expansion holds for us. But do you know about ... the Slap Rock?

Yeah, I didn't think so. What about the Origami Rock? The Very Unlucky Rock? The Colorful Rock? It sure is a good thing I'm here to enlighten you, huh?

As some of you know, I collect rocks. With each expansion, I've been able to expand my little collection, but Cataclysm held the most promise for me since the whole concept is about the earth shattering. (Surely there would be a lot of rocks involved in that, right?) When Cataclysm went into beta, I scoured the database for a sneak peek on the rock situation in the expansion, and I'm definitely excited -- but I'd still say the game needs a few more rocks before it's ready to ship. Maybe some sort of charred rock in the zones that Deathwing laid to waste? Or maybe Blizzard should go all out and design an encounter around rocks. You know, something like David and Goliath, where the players have to pick up rocks and sling them at the boss at the right time. I'm crossing my fingers!

So what about you guys? Is there anything you haven't seen in any of the beta coverage yet that you're still hoping will sneak into the expansion? Let's hear your ideas!

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Breakfast Topic: Caught between a rock

For a while I wasn't sure if I'd continue playing World of Warcraft into the next expansion. I was by no means planning on giving up my gaming habit, but I really felt like I was ready for something new: either another MMO or one of the latest generation consoles. Many pros and cons were weighed, and I have decided to stick with WoW for at least one more expansion. It was a difficult decision for me but in the end it was the rocks that won me over.

Yes, the rocks.

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Tunes for toons while raiding

We've talked about listening to music while playing the game before. While the "actual" game music is pretty good (I've gone back and forth between having it on and off during the time I've played, and at this point I'm in an "on" phase, so I can hear all the new Northrend music). But Lazaragh on Jubei'thos wants to know about a specific situation: what do you listen to while raiding?

Personally, while I'll often have a podcast or a movie on while playing solo or sometimes running five mans (if I'm feeling particularly awake), I tend to have to focus while raiding, so I usually turn the background noise off and listen to Vent or just the audio queues ingame. Any more than that an I get distracted. But there are all kinds of answers in the thread, from trance to pop to metal (Dragonforce FTW!), and pretty much across every genre that you can think of. What might be most interesting about all of this is that the music apparently has no effect on gameplay, though it'd be interesting to see the raiding performance of people who listen to music while playing against people who don't.

Maybe an enterprising raiding group can do an experiment and figure that out. I'd guess it's just personal taste, but it does seem to me that even if you say your attention isn't divided, the music has to be a little distraction. Maybe it's just me. What kind of music do you raid with?

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"I am Murloc" free download for Guitar Hero III

All your dreams have just come true, my friend. Now you can be a murloc AND a rockstar. Thanks, I assume, to the Activision merger with Blizzard, the companies are doing a cross-promotion for their two most popular games. Starting tomorrow, June 26, you can snag a free download of I am Murloc, for Guitar Hero® III: Legends of Rock. You may remember this delightful little metal ditty from the video below, an ode to our favorite aggro-licous gurglers. The song is performed by Blizzard's in-house band, Level 70 Elite Tauren Chieftain. You can get the download from either Xbox LIVE® Marketplace or PLAYSTATION®Store as a free promotion supporting the Worldwide Invitational. If you don't know anything about Guitar Hero and have been living in a box for the last few years, you can find out more on their website or on our sister site, Joystiq.

And now, for your easy-listening pleasure, I present I am Murloc. Thank you and good-night!

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Your favorite music

Madmarv thinks that there might be a relationship between WoW players and metal or rock music, since everyone he knows that plays the game listens to metal or rock, and lots of videos use the same. But other players quickly prove him wrong-- not everyone listens to or even likes metal or rock music. And since we've got these nifty polls, why not figure out exactly what you do all listen to?

Of course, if metal/rock doesn't win (and I suspect that it won't-- my guess is you all are a pretty eclectic crowd), then the question remains just why all that crazy rock keeps showing up in your PvP vids anyway.
What's your favorite genre of music?
Metal/Rock3756 (53.9%)
Rap/Hip Hop459 (6.6%)
Electronic/Trance/Dance1013 (14.5%)
Jazz193 (2.8%)
Country139 (2.0%)
Pop/Top 40259 (3.7%)
Classical277 (4.0%)
Other869 (12.5%)

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