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Phat Loot Phriday: Romantic Picnic Basket

Sometimes, the simplest things in game are the best. As such, I present to you an old favorite of mine: the Romantic Picnic Basket. The Romantic Picnic Basket is neither gear nor drop. Instead, it's part of the Love is in the Air event, and is actually an integral part of the achievement Lonely. (To achieve Lonely, you have to sit under the basket with another person, fall in love, and then eat chocolate. It's a very specific order of events.)

Last year, the Romantic Picnic Basket was obtained by randomly opening a Gift of Adoration. But since they've revamped the entire Love is in the Air event this year, you can now just purchase it from a vendor the same way your purchase everything else for the event. (That is to say, at a vendor.)

So what does the Romantic Picnic Basket do that's such a big deal? Well, my friends, it does the best thing in the game. It places a basket on the ground, by a wonderful pink umbrella. If you and your loved one sit at the basket and enjoy a bite to eat together you, you will both get little hearts above your heads to show your adoration.

Maybe it's just because I'm recently married, but I'm already popping this sucker out before every raid. There could be no better luck when facing new bosses than enjoying a kiss and cuddle with my wife. Take a look behind the jump and let's examine this sweet, sweet item's vital stats:

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Going out on an in-game date

I thought this was a really cute idea: an in-game date, sharing some of the best locations and activities around Azeroth with someone you love (or just happen to be courting). There are lots of great ideas in that thread -- I agree that the Twin Colossals is one of the more scenic (and out of the way) vistas to visit, but there are plenty more to go to: The Grim Guzzler, a floating island in Nagrand, the Darkmoon Faire, inside the bio-domes in Netherstorm. Personally, I think the best date would be a picnic on the deck of the ship in Deadmines -- sure, you'd have to fight off ninjas every once in a while, but what is a date without a little ninja fighting, right?

If you do head out on a date, make sure you bring some roses and a bottle of wine (depending on how well you expect the date to go). If you've really thought ahead, you can bring a Romantic Picnic Basket, or you can shell out for a regular Picnic Basket, but otherwise, it's probably just best to have a snack of Delicious Chocolate Cake (it's guaranteed to make your date Very Happy).

Like I said, cute. Spending the time together with friends is what the game is all about anyway, and there's nothing wrong with taking some time to experience the world and hang out with each other. And if that's a little too boring for your tastes, maybe you can have your date tag along with you to some 2v2 Arena matches afterwards. Nothing gets the romance going like a little bloodshed.

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Love is in the Air

Omto my love rocket climbIt's that time of year again: Love is in the Air in the capital cities of Azeroth. From now until the 15th, that sweet and sinister holiday where you show your affection to your fellow citizens and your faction leaders is upon us. Be sure to visit your local Innkeeper for a supply of perfume, cologne, and Love Tokens, and see if you can finally capture Qwee Q. Peddlefeet this year, or at least get that dress you've always wanted.

Be on the lookout for new things as well, such as the Love Rocket and the Romantic Picnic Basket, which World of Raids already sniffed out for us back in November.

Go out, enjoy, and share the season -- at least until you find out who's behind this whole strange mess of amore!

Love is in the Air and on WoW Insider. Check out our continuing coverage of the event and our guide to earning the achievement. And you better hurry; the holiday only lasts five days!

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