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Breakfast Topic: What are your WoW pet peeves?

Allie Brosh two fingers image
Last year, the Drama Mamas answered a letter from a person whose pet peeve was being called by her class instead of by her character name. The comments showed that many people agreed with her, while others argued that it wasn't impersonal so much as efficient. Re-reading that post made me want to talk about pet peeves again. Check out this ancient Breakfast Topic by our former editor-in-chief, which asks the same question I'm asking today, or this also similar one from last year.

But I think it is important to direct you to my declaration of my biggest in-game pet peeve: "rogue" vs. "rouge." This misuse really, really bothers me. I understand that it is an easy typo, but I also believe that many people think that is how rogue is spelled. As I've said before, rouge is a cosmetic applied to your cheeks; rogue is a deadly killer who likes to make with the stabby. My common response to that is (stolen from someone else): Rouges are overpowdered. That statement often gets a mixed response from the chat audience -- many misread it and want to start a class war.

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Barrens Chat: Warlocks are, too!

The comic this week was inspired by an email received from fellow blogger, Robin about something Krystalle says in response to a (sadly) common misspelling over chats. So dual credit for nudging me in that direction, ladies. I had to run with it once I had the starting idea in my head.

The truth is, I am very grateful to both of my fellow bloggers in sparking this idea in my head. I hope they find the result of Robin's email fun, and I look forward to warping more ideas from them in the future.

Gallery: Barrens Chat

Spoiled RottenBubbles bubbles everywhereAlways a catchDead RingerRevolution evolutionAll hands on deck

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Encrypted Text: My bad reputations

Of all the things I fail at in WoW, one of my most epic failures is my reputations. Something about facing the long grind to exalted kills a part of me. Looking at my Armory, I'm exalted with exactly three factions: Sporeggar (because I wanted to be the only alchemist with Shrouding Potion), Frostwolf Clan (for the ram), and Scryers (for the offhand dagger that I replaced, like, FIVE DAYS after getting the rep to buy it.)

I blame my dislike for rep grinds squarely on the Cenarion Circle. Endless hours in the desert of Silithus for a mediocre cloak made me lazy. But there are lots of decent reputation rewards available out there, mostly for newly 70 rogues. So what are the best factions for rogues to grind?

Cenarion Expedition

This reputation is worth it to drive to revered, if only for the Glyph of Ferocity, which is the best rogue head enchant in the game. Otherwise, it's all profession stuff and druid/hunter gear -- with one exception. The CE is a necessary stop if you're planning on getting the Opportunist's Battlegear, the new, rep-based version of the old PVP GM/HW gear. This set is meant as a starter for arena newbies, or PvErs looking to try out some PvP. You need to be revered with CE to pick up the headpiece. Watch out, though -- it's going to be a long haul to get all five pieces.

Honor Hold/Thrallmar

This isn't one of the best rep grinds for rogues, although you'll need to get to honored if you want to grab the Opportunist's Leather Gloves. And considering that the gloves make your Deadly Throw silence enemies, you'll definitely want them. Other than that, Alliance can pick up the Footman's Longsword at honored, which is okay for early Outland leveling, and exalted brings both sides an excellent bow or gun.

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You know you are too old to play WoW when...

Does leet speak reduce your WoW playing enjoyment? Do caps lock and abbreviations set your teeth on edge? If so, Xkhan agrees with you and attributes it possibly to age. His list of pet peeves incites an interesting forum thread discussing in-game annoyances along with the etymological origins of some leet speak.

For example, did you know that GG stands for Good Game? While it is currently used sarcastically, for years it has been spammed at the end of FPS games as a show of good sportsmanship. Ah, playing CTF in Tribes II with the Hammer or something-or-other mod equaled hours of pure gaming pleasure. But I digress...

We've discussed pet peeves before and whether or not we are killing our language with leetspeak. Many mature players would prefer not to play with children who are incapable of forming grammatically correct sentences or playing their character properly. But do we get more upset with these annoyances the older we get?

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Beep, beep! I'm a Jeep!

[The new druid PVP: *vroom* *mangle* *beepbeep*
I woke up this morning, started reading through the LJ World of Warcraft community, and there was a post there that made me stop and stare. I just couldn't believe my eyes. After all, I have a druid, and I enjoy playing her -- but if my eyes were working correctly, things were about to get very interesting! True, it wasn't quite as good as the suggested Octopus on a Motorcycle form, but it at least had the potential to be really interesting!

As Taishokao pointed out, when you go to the WoW Europe forums here, select druid, and then check out the Gladiator set, you can verify the above screen shot. The druid set 4-piece bonus does indeed currently list a car form. (I don't know how long that's going to take Blizzard to fix, but for now, it still says "car." hehe)

For all the potential funny in that, we know it's a typo. (There again, it's probably just as well, because if we had car forms, I'm relatively sure my noob-feral-druid-self would probably wind up as a Geo Metro. :P ) But that led me to thinking about typos in game. I know I've seen them here and there on quest givers, but I think by far the worst ones I've seen have been from other players. I know I'm guilty of accidentally mis-typing "1 sec" wrong while in the middle of instances which has gotten me picked on a lot. (No, I'm not saying what I typo it as -- this is a family blog!) Personally, I think the one that gets me irked the most is "rouge" for "rogue." Of course, I suspect that's because my main is a rogue, and I can never get the image of the "Moulin" Dark Legacy strip out of my head when someone says that, but I digress...

Are there any typos that have gotten you harassed, picked on, or just irked you when they were repeated over and over? I know I can't be the only one who has messed that kind of thing up. The fact that someone made a comic strip about the rouge/rogue typo tells me I'm not also the only one who's been somewhat amused yet frustrated by it, either. So share yours with the rest of the Insider crew! Have you ever noticed a hilarious typo on an NPC? How about personal typos? Any that get you in trouble with your guilds or that you make you crazy? Vent to the rest of us, or share with us your own personal moment of lol.

[via the WoW LJ]

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