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Massively's Dungeons and Dragons Unlimited launch day round-up

Dungeons and Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited goes free-to-play today, so we put together a little round-up of our best guides for this new content. Maybe you're confused on how the new DDO Store will work, or have heard rumors about what aspect of the game is truly free-to-play. Massively has you covered!
Massively's DDO Unlimited developer tour
Love can sometimes be a fickle thing, but I'm pretty sure that I love what Turbine has done with the DDO Store in Dungeons and Dragons Online Unlimited. I'll admit that initially I was a little concerned with the concept of an in-game store, but after playing with it at bit and asking some questions my fears have pretty much melted away.
Massively Speaking Episode 57: DDO with Jerry Snook
Massively Speaking Episode 57 returns this week with an entire episode dedicated to Dungeons and Dragons Online and their recent announcement about going free-to-play. Shawn is joined by DDOCast host Jerry Snook as they discuss the ins and outs, good and bad of a 3-year-old game going F2P.
The pros and cons of free to play Dungeons and Dragons Online
Dungeons and Dragons Online going free to play is undoubtedly an awesome announcement. But exactly how awesome of an announcement is it? Yesterday we were all over the announcement, covering the basics of what can be expected with this changeover from subscription based to free to play. But now, I'd like to break that down even further, and really look at the changes in an in-depth manner.
DDO goes F2P: An interview with Turbine
As the news hit yesterday concerning Dungeons and Dragons Online going free-to-play, many MMO gamers collectively rejoiced, while others didn't. The idea of this hybrid business model is wonderful for those who have yet to experience DDO, as it now gives them a chance to play the game as long as they'd like, with no level cap restrictions for absolutely no cost. This means no credit card info changing hands, no commitments to a monthly fee and the implied need to "get your money's worth" and no real need to quit the game if you can't afford it. But it can't be that easy, can it? Well, there's a slight catch.

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Champions Online launch day round-up

Today is the official launch day for Champions Online and judging by the positive responses we've received from Twitter, we know many of you are excited to at least try out this new superhero MMO. Below is a round-up of helpful posts for your first days in Millenium City, courtesy of our sister site, Massively. If you're feeling a bit lost in the new surroundings, they have you covered with a special in-game meet-up event happening all day.
Glean info in this video walkthrough of Champions Online's tutorial
If you've been wondering what the starting area for Champions Online was like in moving pictures, you'll be happy to know that a two-part video has surfaced online for your viewing pleasure. The video is new gameplay footage blended a little bit with older trailers. Overall, if you're looking to see what the game actually looks like while being played, this video is a decent place to start.
Ten things to know when starting Champions Online
Every time a new MMO launches, there's always a good list of things that wouldn't hurt for a new player to know, and Champions Online is no different. We're all about making your first steps into an unknown game as grief free as possible, so check out Syp's list if you're interested in such a proposal. He's got a very good rundown on things you need to know when entering the tutorial zone.
Travel powers trailer for Champions Online
Yeah, we know the Champions Online open beta is out and many of you have probably been messing around with all these travel powers already, but it's always nice to get a preview of all your options in one nicely packaged trailer. Plus, trailers are a great way to kill a minute or five, depending on the game in question.
The Digital Continuum: Five reasons to play Champions Online
It's been a long wait since the announcement of Cryptic's next project, so long that some of us began to run around our houses wearing towels around our necks. Thankfully, September 1st is now less than a month away. Open beta? That's even sooner. Before we know it the game will be sitting on our desks and shelves.

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Wrath of the Lich King: Pre-launch roundup

So hey, it's really happening. Sure, Wrath went live in Europe already (kind of like those raid bosses and world firsts, huh?) but it's about to go live in about an hour stateside. Well, it's ground zero. We over here at WoW Insider went a little crazy with some giveaways, while silly little 7-11 jumped the gun and sold stocks earlier than was allowed. It's been kind of a whirlwind. Let's take a look at all the stuff that's happened this month leading up to Wrath of the Lich King.


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Wrath of the Lich King: Warlock roundup

Having fun yet? I know I am, and I'm not even playing Wrath yet, even though it's already out. The changes to the game have brought the Warlock to a different level of playability -- not quite as overwhelmingly powerful as before, but a whole lot of fun nonetheless. That's the point of this game, isn't it? To have fun? Well, congratulations for playing a Warlock, because from here to Level 80, I think you'll have a lot of fun. Let's see what we've got...


  • If you're only checking in now, you might be a bit surprised to see how much of the game has changed from The Burning Crusade. Our coverage of Patch 3.0.3 and the associated Warlock changes should get you up to speed.
  • You can learn the Dreadsteed spell without doing the quest now. Cheater.
  • Did you know that DoTs can now crit?
  • You might need to set your demon to Passive, by the way. The new Defensive for pets works somewhat differently now... kind of a passive-aggressive that gets us into trouble.
  • Speaking of pets, did you hear about that time when a big blueberry actually tanked Illidan? True story. Too bad the threat component has been nerfed somewhat.
  • Have a look at our Demonology 101 series, which gives an overview of the different Warlock pets such as the popular Voidwalker, the sexy Succubus, and even the conditional-but-now-usable-indoors Infernal.
  • Learn how to unleash the full potential of a skill with our Skill Mastery. We took a look at Haunt, one of Affliction's staple spells.
We have a plethora of stuff on Warlocks, but you'll probably have to wade through all the other posts just to get to them. That's not so bad, actually... so get reading!

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Wrath of the Lich King: Paladin roundup

Wrath is live. We repeat, the game is now live. By now you should really have gotten over the spate of nerfs to the class. Instead, you should be celebrating that the level cap has been lifted and we'll be able to hit Level 71 and quickly learn Divine Plea. Those mana problems -- Protection Paladins, I'm not talking to you -- should fizzle by then. In the meantime, let's take a look at what WoW Insider's covered for Paladin's in Wrath so far...

  • Allison's Dungeoneering post isn't specifically for Paladins, but there's good advice for everyone who plays one. If a Paladin is your main, level him or her to 80 first. You're going to want to skip ahead of the plate-grab when Death Knights burst onto the scene.
  • Lastly, you might want to check out some reviews on a couple of new skills available to you in Wrath, such as The Art of War and Divine Storm.
Wrath is now live, brothers and sisters. Go forth and swing your hammers hard and true. May the Light embrace you!

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Wrath of the Lich King: Shaman roundup

It's time to go drop magical sticks in the ground in whole new dirt. Northrend awaits, with the spirit world in torment, the Scourge everywhere, and one of the greatest shamans who ever lived behind all the chaos. It's up to us to go up there and straighten up this mess: who better? But what awaits you in Northrend?


Talents and Skills

Other neat stuff

Hopefully you'll have as much fun in Northrend as I did my first and second times through the beta.

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Wrath of the Lich King: Mage roundup

Ready to take your mage into the frozen north? You will be, after you read our riveting Wrath resources on all things Magely. And read quickly - there are just a few short hours left.

That about does it for immediately relevant Mage-specific Wrath posts, although there are probably more lurking in our Mage category. They like to cast invisibility.

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Make way for maintenance day

Maintenance day is underway until 2pET/11aPT and many WoW fans are searching for something to do, while players with day jobs log on to point out that they can never play during these hours. Fortunately, we have lots going on today, as well as some highlights from the past week that you won't want to miss.

Wrath of the Lich King:
Arena Season 4:

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WoW Insider Weekly

This week's WoW Insider Weekly is a little late, and I apologize-- seeing as it's nearly Christmas, I was winging my way home for the holidays yesterday, and the flight attendants seemed to have a problem with me operating my laptop during takeoff and landing. But better late than never-- just ask Santa. Here's all our weekly features, wrapped up in one post with a big bow.

Sunday Morning Funnies: Hi Donald
A weekly WoW-related comics wrapup.

Two Bosses Enter: Ragnaros vs. Ossirian
Fire and rock against air and sand.

All the World's a Stage: RP-PvP - Killing in character
You're not just killing-- you're killing with a story behind it.

Arcane Brilliance: Statistical battle of the clothies
Mages do it with spells.

Officer's Quarters: Two heads > one
Unfortunately, this article is only tangentially about two-headed ogres. I don't think I'm alone when I say we need more two-headed ogre-focused content here at WoW Insider.

WoW Rookie: Quest wrangling 101
Gotta kill some rats? Make sure you do it with a little organization.

Shifting Perspectives: Your first steps as a Druid
First step: get used to shedding hair, and lots of it.

The Light and How to Swing It: The Paladin Epic Mount quest for Alliance
How to hook yourself up with some wheels... er, legs.

Build Shop: Warrior 8/5/48
Prot warrior build FTW.

Raid Rx: Transitioning to 25-man raiding
Marcie Knox starts up a new weekly column about healing in raids.

Guildwatch: Holiday wishes
Our weekly column of guild news wishes for lots of juicy drama next year-- something tells us the guilds of Azeroth won't disappoint.

Blood Pact: Locked and loaded
Being 70 and a 'lock is barrels of impish fun.

Tales from the Lion's Pride Inn: The warehouse
Our graphic novel series continues.

Encrypted Text: Upcoming Rogue changes
What's in store for those who stealth.

World of WarCrafts: Healing Potion Punch
Just in time for the holidays, a bit of potion (and put some vodka in there for a punch).

Totem Talk: So you're still playing that shaman...
Taking that totem-tosser from 40 onward.

Well Fed Buff: Night Dragon's Breath Dip
Who knew a dragon's breath could be so tasty?

Blood Sport: Know thy ground
Scouting the terrain for arena matches.

WoW, Casually: December 21 to 27: Alterac Valley and the Feast of Winter's Veil
Tips for casual players on what you can do with just a little bit of time this week.

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Heresies
Why do we do certain things? Because.

Insider Trader: Some disenchanted evening
IT looks at turning items into dust with a little magic.

Phat Loot Phriday: The Unbreakable Will
A big sword that's meant just for your main tank.

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Hi Donald

It's that time again! Settle down with your favorite gaming snack and get ready to vote for the best of recent WoW-themed webcomics. As always, if you run a comic or know of one that is not featured here, drop a line in the comments section to nominate it.

  1. Allzheimers: Actually, I'm more of a mourning elf. (Snagged a WoW comic contest honorable mention)
  2. The Adventures of Disgraph T. Dwarf: On in game protests
  3. The Adventures of Blanc: Not Fair
  4. What's your game?
  5. LFG pg 104
  6. Gamer Trials
If you've done your reading, and you're ready to vote, follow through the jump and pick the comic you enjoyed the most.

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