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Roleplay 101: Refine your RP with Pox

Back in 2011, WoW Insider's Michael Gray featured two roleplay workshops with long-standing Horde roleplay guild Pox on Shadow Council (US-H). Pox leader Shryn'Dael organized several workshops, introducing roleplay novices to the fine art of WoW roleplay.

Pox has existed since back in 2007 on Shadow Council, and been a bastion of RP knowledge since they first began running their roleplaying workshops. The last series was fantastically well-attended, aimed as it was at the newer roleplayer, the shyer roleplayer, and the curious, and dealing with topics such as emoting, character backstory, popular role-playing addons, and IC/OOC conflict. As a novice roleplayer, these sound fantastically useful for avoiding roleplay gaffes!

The first workshop of this series deals with emoting. Emoting goes far beyond /smile, /flirt and /bashful, and Pox will walk roleplayers through how it's done, as well as pitfalls to avoid. This workshop will be held on Monday, November 5 at 7 p.m. MST (GMT-7), at the Bonfire in Thunder Bluff, Shadow Council (US-H). If you don't have a character on Shadow Council, you are encouraged to make one, and Pox even offer to arrange pick-ups if they are contacted before the event.

If you're a roleplaying novice, wanting to learn more, or a practiced roleplayer looking to refine your skill, these workshops are a great place to start. Head over there this Monday, 6pm PST, 7 pm MST or 9pm EST.

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Breakfast Topic: Can you role-play by yourself?

Breakfast Topic Can you roleplay by yourself
I make no bones about the fact that I'm far from an experienced roleplayer. This isn't one of those Breakfast Topics where I'm expressing an opinion and asking if WoW Insider readers agree with it or not. This is one of the ones where I genuinely don't know the answer to a question, or even if there is an answer to a question, and asking you all!

As per the title, the question is can you role-play by yourself? It seems to the novice roleplayer that a good part of RP is done solo, in general at least. Maybe I'm wrong but it seems logical that you would devise your character and your back-story by yourself. Perhaps your character's story is shaped by others, but the seed, the core of the story is created by the player alone.

Once this back-story, or the seed thereof, is established, it seems to me, again as a novice, that roleplaying is essentially a group activity. It seems hard to create a meaningful character without at least some kind of interaction. My thoughts are drawn to a female troll who is always behind the bar in Silvermoon City on one of the most famous EU RP realms. Were she to never have any customers, would she still carry on working behind the bar? Does her roleplay rely on the presence of others?

And does yours? Have I completely missed the point here? It's highly possible. Or maybe it's just that roleplaying is more fun with others, most of the time at least. What do you think? Could you, hypothetically, roleplay in a satisfactory way without ever interacting with another player?

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Blend in with the Tillers with your own farmer outfit

Blend in with the Tillers with your own farmer outfit
For as long as I've played World of Warcraft, players have been making farmer outfits. Who knows why? Maybe it's because Blizzard made it so easy, or maybe it's because every gamer subconsciously yearns to live an agrarian lifestyle -- Eh, on second thought, I'm going to go with it's because Blizzard made it so easy. I mean, look at the types of items we can get. There are overalls, a pitchfork, and lets not forget all those ugly brimmed hats. Wrath of the Lich King even gave us the chance to wear plaid flannel shirts. Flannel shirts! What fantasy world application truly requires the abomination that is flannel!?

Well, whatever it is, Mists of Pandaria has finally given us a place to live out our agrarian dreams, and thus a good reason to make a farmer outfit.

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Drama Mamas: Roleplaying the system

Drama Mamas Lisa Poisso and Robin Torres are experienced gamers and real-life mamas -- and just as we don't want our precious babies to be the ones kicking and wailing on the floor of the checkout lane next to the candy, neither do we want you to become known as That Guy on your realm.

We fear change. Sometimes change is good, though. Change caused a bit of a problem in this week's letter.
Dear Robin & Lisa,

I'm in a middling-sized roleplaying guild on Argent Dawn (EU). We hold casual RP just about every evening and when we roleplay any combat, it's usually done in the form of an emote battle, with a simple rolling mechanic (/roll 1-100) used only when it's really, really needed.

Then, out of nowhere, our GM and deputy posted up a new set of roleplaying rules on the guild forums. These D&D-esque rules asked that each player pick a series of passive bonuses and active abilities to attach to their roleplaying character(s). Later on, we found out that the idea for and most of the work on this new set of rules had come not from our two leaders, but from a brand new guildie, and that he had worked this out with our leaders on Skype long before anyone else was notified.

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Breakfast Topic: What is your character's backstory?

Breakfast Topic What is your character's backstory
I haven't roleplayed in a while -- and I have never done it on a regular basis -- but most of my characters (yeah, altitis) have backstories. To be more accurate, my adventurers have motivations. I have more fun when my character has a reason for what she is doing, even though I'm the only one who knows about it.
  • Roblinator the goblin Shamanator She has no interest in becoming a better shaman. Boring! She just wants to host parties and hang around with Sassy when she gets the chance.
  • Robiness the tauren druid Her name used to be Freja, and she is still that in her heart. She enjoys her friends but really likes to travel the world alone. She gets the most pleasure from solitary archaeological digs.
  • Boadicea the blood elf paladin She misses the days of holding a Naaru captive in a basement and stealing his energy to fuel her paladin skills. Evil. Boadicea loves killing, but she will heal someone helping her kill -- if necessary.
  • Robinemia the Forsaken mage She went a little, well, insane trying to please her tormentors. So now all she does is hang out at the Auction House and reminisce about what it used to be like to feel.
  • Peenk the gnome rogue She used to be somebody! Now she just sleeps in the shadows of Ironforge, smelling of ale and regret.
  • Qila the draenei mage This goody-two-shoes light stuff is for weaklings. It's all about magic, baby!
If you RP, I know you have backstories -- spill 'em. If you don't roleplay, do you still have histories and/or personalities made up for your characters? If so, what are they?

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Is choosing a server becoming obsolete?

Let's hop in the wayback machine for a minute, because I enjoy doing that. Once upon a time in the days of vanilla WoW, players who had just purchased the game were faced with a choice upon logging in for the first time: What server would they call home? There were three different server types, each with their own flavor: PvP, for those that wanted to log in and have the opportunity to whale on the opposing faction at any given opportunity; PvE for those who would rather avoid fighting with other players and simply enjoy the content; and RP, for those who wanted to create character stories and roleplay with other characters. Later, the RP-PvP realm was introduced for roleplayers who really wanted to whale on the opposing faction as well as roleplay.

But the choice went beyond a simple matter of what type of game you wanted to play. Each server had its own cast of characters, and as the years went by, these players turned into friends and foes alike. Servers weren't just about how you wanted to play; they were a collection of people you interacted with on a daily basis. Guilds were composed of people with the same ideas in mind, but those guilds weren't the be all and end- all of your interaction with people in the game. Every server had that one guy who was always cracking jokes in trade chat. Every server always had a ninja or two. And of course, there was always the guy who didn't seem to get what social interaction was all about.

These days, we have cross-realm grouping via Real ID, the Raid Finder for those who don't want to bother with joining a raid guild, and now we've got the up-and-coming feature that will allow us to group with players cross-realm for raiding old content as well as the new stuff. So the big question is this: Do servers even have a purpose anymore?

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WoW Fashionista: Creating that "super" summer look

Patch 4.1 might have just come out, but it's been months now that you've been sporting that same old tier. With the trade chat PUGs finally catching up to you on gear, are you worried about how you're going to get people to inspect you while you fake standing AFK outside the bank? Sure, you could mount up, but you know in your heart that Invincible mount is sooo last expansion. Fortunately for you, WoW Insider is here to get your bags ready for the summer slump with the hottest new look!

With Thor already in theaters and several more costume-heavy blockbusters like Captain America and Green Lantern on the way, you can bet your Val'anyr that the superhero look is in. Better start dusting off those classic capes in the bank and hope to Elune you didn't shard that Netherblade Facemask.

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Learn how to spot and defeat your inner Mary Sue with Pox RP workshops

We've talked about Pox RP workshops on WoW Insider before now. The goal of the workshop series is to help new roleplayers pick up the techniques and skills that empower you to really get into the role of your character. Silvermoon and one-hand jokes aside, roleplaying adds a lot of depth to WoW and can keep you with the game even if you feel like you're getting bored with the content.

The thing that makes Pox RP workshops great is that they bring together a surprisingly large chunk of community. I've heard the workshops get up to 100 attendees, and that's a lot of people to help you pick up the skills to be an elf. It's a great way to learn some nice RP tricks and meet new people to play with.

This weekend, on May 7, Pox will be covering the infamous Mary Sue. A Mary Sue is a character who essentially is an idealized projection of the author's self, serving as a sort of fictional wish fulfillment. Mary Sues run rampant in roleplay and are nearly universally hated. They're not great characters, and they tend to disrupt other people's fun.

The Pox roleplay workshop is at 6 p.m. Mountain time at the Thunder Bluff campfire on Shadow Council (US-H). If you've not attended one of these roleplay meetings, make sure you check it out now. This is the last workshop until August, since Pox will be taking the summer to relax.

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Breakfast Topic: Do you do RPish things on a non-RP realm?

This Breakfast Topic has been brought to you by Seed, the Aol guest writer program that brings your words to WoW Insider's pages.

I've been playing WoW for about four years now (holy crap!). It fills that need in me to play a hero -- someone who helps the little guy, rights the wrongs, etc. Quite often, I find that I /bow or /salute the quest givers I encounter in my journeys. I've even been known to go to the Lower City in Shattrath and /hug the orphan you escort during Children's Week (okay, well, it's not the orphan -- but it looks like her!); I need to get back to Shatt; it's been a while since I've seen little Dornaa. Whenever I happen to be passing through Theramore, I always stop by the graveyard just outside of town and /kneel, /stand, /bow and /salute (in that order) the gravestone of the woman and child who were killed at The Shady Rest Inn.

Now, this would all be normal behavior for someone on a roleplaying server, right? I currently have my character on the Azuremyst (US) realm, which is not a roleplaying server. My son is always telling me that I should be on a RP realm.

What sorts of shenanigans do you do that have your friends or family telling you that you should be on a roleplaying server?

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Pox holds RP workshops on Shadow Council this Saturday

Roleplay is more than just something you do here and there; to a lot of folks, it can be a fine art. Roleplay goes beyond just the basic mechanics of the game and attempts to introduce another level of personal story and immersion to the game. Of course, for folks just getting started with RP, that can be a little intimidating.

Don't worry; your fellow roleplayers want to help. On Saturday, the guild <Pox> on Shadow Council (US-H) is holding a roleplay workshop. This event is the first such workshop, and for now, they're focusing on how to emote. Emoting really does go beyond /train and /flirt, and Pox will help show you how to get it done.

The event takes place Hordeside on Shadow Council (US) in Thunder Bluff on Saturday, Feb. 19 at 6 p.m. server time (Mountain Standard). Check it out, and let us know what you think.

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Drama Mamas: Dealing with absent RP guildies

Drama Mamas Lisa Poisso and Robin Torres are experienced gamers and real-life mamas -- and just as we don't want our precious babies to be the ones kicking and wailing on the floor of the checkout lane next to the candy, neither do we want you to become known as That Guy on your realm.

This week's is a long one, so let's get right to it.
Dear Drama Mamas,

I belong to a small roleplaying guild on a fairly heavily populated server. Two of our guild leaders have recently retired, and the discussion that followed seems to have opened up a particularly ugly can of worms. There are a lot of complicated drama subsets that are going on at the moment, but I fear I may have started the one that's now bothering me the most.

Previous to our guild leaders retiring, we had a few incidents of members who had been very active suddenly disappear with no word of why or when/if to expect them back. (We have a forum for the guild, so the means of communication are readily available). We have a very strong policy of RL > the game; but as a small, close-knit guild, I feel that someone disappearing impacts guild members both in story lines and in the way they feel OOCly.

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Spiritual Guidance: Of lore, the forsaken and shadow priests

In addition to being the author of Wednesday's shadow priest edition of Spiritual Guidance, Fox Van Allen is an accomplished songwriter. After Dawn Moore refused to use Power Infusion on him during a lengthy raid encounter, Fox wrote the song In the Air Tonight. He mailed Dawn front-row tickets to his first concert performance, and as he reached the chorus, a bright spotlight engulfed Dawn. She cried in shame. It was awesome.

Regular readers of Spiritual Guidance know that over the last month, I've been putting together a leveling guide for aspiring shadow priests. In the last installment, I made a seemingly innocuous comment about shadow priests' being able to take the talent Shadowform at level 40:
We're able to make that fateful decision to forsake the light in exchange for causing more destruction more effectively.
I was literally describing the game mechanics; staying in Shadowform requires you to give up the spells in the holy tab. One of our commenters, aramis, used the line as a launching pad for an interesting comment that addressed a very basic question for us shadow priests: What the heck are shadow priests supposed to be, anyway?

I won't reprint the entire comment here, but it's definitely worth reading. The gist of it can be understood by reading just the first few sentences:
Mr. V-A, we don't FORSAKE the light as Shadow Priests. On the contrary, we embrace it ... We accept the light as the balance of ourselves. Life is about balance: pleasure and pain; good and evil; life and death; light and shadow.
Is aramis right? Follow me past the break as we explore a little bit of shadow priest lore, dip our toes into the cold waters of shadow priest roleplay, and try to solve an identity crisis that most of you probably don't even realize exists.

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For Gnomeregan!: Refugee Party live stream

For Gnomeregan! is where the members of <B.L.O.G.> on Shadow Council (US-RP-A) roleplay guild meetings as part of an in-blog and in-game RP campaign. The rules for this campaign are: no ERP (Erotic RolePlay) and no vampires (though death knights are welcome). Everyone is invited to participate. Assume that to get into the guild, you at least pretended to be in full use of your faculties and are willing to fight for the cause. You are all welcome to join us here in the comments and those who wish to play with us in-game should friend Peenk and ask for an invite on Shadow Council (US-RP-A).

Hello! Peenk Sparklebolt here. In order to efficiently lead tonight's Refugee Party, the Operation Gnomeregan engineers have provided me with this gadget thingee. I'm not sure how it works, but it seems that people outside of our guild can actually hear me and see what we are doing tonight. Fascinating. I will be dismantling it to see how it works after this shindig is over.

Anyway, you can hear and see what is happening on my gadget thingee right now, or you can join us at the Refugee Party in Coldridge Pass. But hurry! We're starting immediately.

(( Watch the stream above or at's channel. If you wish to join us on Shadow Council (US-RP-A) for tonight's RP event, please read the details and rules for the Refugee Party. ))

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The Daily Quest: RP edition

Here at, we're on a Daily Quest (which we try to do every day, honest) to bring you interesting, informative and entertaining WoW-related links from around the blogosphere.

While we're all skulking about waiting for our servers to come up -- or skulking about on Shadow Council waiting for tonight's RP event -- it seems as good a time as any to talk about pretending to be people we aren't in places we aren't. (Secret: I'm not actually a troll shaman. But do keep it quiet.)
Is there a story out there we ought to link or a blog we should be following? Just leave us a comment, and you may see it here tomorrow! Be sure to check out our WoW Resources Guide for more WoW-related sites.

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Breakfast Topic: Why don't you RP?

I'm an old-school RPer. And when I say old school, I mean sitting on the floor in a circle around a map with painted pewter figurines on it and a bag of dice that I jealously guard. I also used to roleplay my characters in EQ quite a bit, though not 100% of the time. But I only recently got into WoW RP with the formation of <B L O G> and For Gnomeregan! and I still haven't gotten that into it because of the time I spend doing other things. I really want to though. After all, according to the official site:
World of Warcraft is an online role-playing experience set in the award-winning Warcraft universe.
Tonight, we're holding the RP Refugee Party on Shadow Council (US-RP-A), and we've already had quite a few people join us. But many have expressed nervousness about making mistakes. And I think others are not joining us at all because it's RP. I have some theories on why:
  • LOLRP The LOLRP gang, particularly those who join RP realms only to grief, think RP is LOLworthy and not the "right" way to play WoW.
  • Bad experiences Whether you were yelled at for doing it wrong, got griefed or whatever, a bad RP experience can make you not want to go back.

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