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Screenshot confirms that Diablo III is "Hydra"

Reader Oleg was kind enough to send along this Diablo III screenshot, which he found over on Blizzard's main site about the new game they announced this weekend. As you can see up in the corner, the game's internal code name apparently was Hydra, so that answers the question we posted way back in September of last year about someone overhearing the name "Hydra" being bounced around the Austin GDC.

And we also know now, of course, that Diablo III isn't an MMO, which means that Blizzard still has at least one secret project running: that next-gen MMO that we've been told about via job listings. Unfortunately, we probably won't hear much about it for a while -- unless Blizzard wants to ramp up their production, three titles at once is a lot for them to work on, and even at BlizzCon later this year, we don't really expect to see a new game announcement (although they might use the occasion, if Wrath really is released by then, to announce the next planned expansion).

Still, that's one mystery solved. Maybe we'll overhear another codename this year in Anaheim, and the rumor wheel can start spinning up yet again.

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Rumor: Death Knights coming early

Though this is the merest shred of a rumor, it's a nice enough idea that I think it's worth a post anyway. is passing on the speculation that maybe, just maybe, this weekend's announcement (or one of them) is going to be that the Death Knight class will be playable before Wrath of the Lich King's release, to those who pre-order Wrath. It sounds a bit silly, given that the Death Knight is one of the banner features of Wrath, but there are a few points riding in its favor:
  • You only need a level 55 to create a DK.
  • It would assuage concerns of everybody and their dog rolling a DK on the day of the Wrath release, since if the class was released (say) next month, or even in a few months, many of us would have time to get a DK to 70 before Wrath's release, to see whether we liked the class and so forth.
  • It would give those of us who have exhausted the current content something to do for the next few months.
  • The eyes revealed in today's teaser image could easily be sinister Death Knight eyes.
Allegedly, a post on this subject was nuked by the CMs in the official forums earlier today. However, even if this is what the post was about, speculating on unreleased content is explicitly forbidden by the forum terms of service, so the post would have been removed whether or not it was accurate. Thus this is still solidly speculative. But we can dream. Now I don't know which I'm hoping for: Diablo 3 or sooner Death Knights. Not that there's any reason they can't do both.

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Nothing sparks speculation like a mystery, as Blizzard's recent splash pages in this week leading up to their Worldwide Invitational tournament have shown. The main contenders for what Blizz is going to announce (and yes, they are going to announce something) are Diablo 3 and something related to Wrath. Only two splash pages have shown up so far (out of a presumably longer series), but the game may already be given away by a slip-up at the forums. Blizzplanet is reporting that if you go to (which would be the Diablo 3 general forums), you get an error that "The Forums Are Currently Down." However, if you go to any other forum name that doesn't yet exist (like, you get redirected to the main forums page. Only d3-general gives the "forums down" error.

If you like to follow Blizzard-related rumors, this may sound familiar. Way back at Blizzcon '07, this was one way we found out that Wrath of the Lich King was going to be the next expansion: gave a "Forbidden" error, whereas any other non-existent path at gave a regular old 404. So to me this seems like a big hint in the favor of D3. Which means that those of you hoping for a big Wrath-related announcement might well be disappointed. But in my mind, a release date was always unlikely - since when does Blizz give release dates, especially when the game is so far away (still in alpha)? Then again, they could always announce more than one thing; it is about time for a closed beta on Wrath. However, my guess (and my hope) is for Diablo 3.

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Rumor: Confirmation of Diablo 3 announcement is reporting that "reliable inside industry sources" have confirmed that Diablo 3 is the big announcement that will come at WWI on Saturday.

Since Diabloii didn't say that the sources were at Blizzard, I'm skeptical and I still consider it a rumor, not a confirmation. I'm always skeptical of unnamed sources anyway, but in this case, with the secrecy surrounding the announcement and the legal actions coming against other Blizzard ventures, I'm especially dubious. If anyone at Blizzard leaked this information, they'd be found out and fired for sure. If it wasn't someone from Blizzard but rather someone else in the game industry, I wouldn't take what they say with a grain of salt. However, on the chance that this information is correct -- and Diabloii is asserting that it is -- we want to offer it to you so you can make up your own minds.

[Thanks, Conner.]

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Blizzard's splash screen changes for June 25th, reveals new rune

I'm sure by now you've heard of the strange splash screen that has appeared on Blizzard's major websites, and seen the progression from day 1 to day 2, and read our report on it here at WoW Insider. As expected, a new splash screen has just appeared on Blizzard's main site.

This time, a large chunk of the ice in the middle of the picture seems to have broken away. Unfortunately, we still can't make out much of anything through the ice, though we've already had a tipster or two comment to say that it may be the night sky. If so, does that mean we're inside some sort of icy tomb or cavern looking out? There's also a new rune located in the bottom left hand corner of the breaking ice. The meaning of the new rune is still up in the air. points out that it looks a lot like a Protoss symbol found on the official Starcraft 2 site.

You can see the image, as well as the newest piece of that strange purple monster image, in our splash screen gallery below.

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Leaked WWI schedule hints at Diablo 3 announcement?

Ice on the official site or otherwise, I'm still holding out hope that we'll see a Diablo-related announcement at WWI (and not a Wrath of the Lich King beta/release announcement, as many are guessing). And here's a little more fuel for the speculation fire: says they've received the official schedule for the event in Paris this coming weekend, and right after the main presentation, they say that Blizzard has planned a press conference. And basically, their argument is that you don't plan a press conference to announce an open beta of an expansion we've known about for almost a year -- you hold a press conference for a new Diablo game.

We should also note, though people have noticed this before, that Sunday, June 29th, is the eighth anniversary of the release of Diablo II, so this weekend has a lot of hack-and-slash-related significance as is. Of course, we won't know until WWI actually kicks off in Paris on Saturday -- WoW Insider will, of course, have correspondents on the scene to let you know exactly what Blizzard announces when they do.

And even if we don't get D3 this weekend, there's always BlizzCon.

[Via Blizzplanet]

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Azeroth Security Advisor: Patient patching prevents pestilence

Every other week, computer security expert Jon Eldridge is your Azeroth Security Advisor. He will delve into the darkest reaches of computer security rumor and bring the facts back home even if they're wriggling at the end of a pike. His goal is to provide useful information to gamers who don't think about security much and flame fodder for those self appointed experts who need to rationalize the cost of their expensive certifications. Like any good security force he's a mercenary at heart and is happy to take subject requests from the user community that he serves. So feel free to leave a comment below or just sit back and enjoy the show.

It's Friday night at 6:45 pm server time. Your raid begins in 15 min and you think you're ready to go. Narrowly escaped another speeding ticket trying to get home from work in time? Check. Belly full of pizza? Check. Mind totally polluted on bad tasting energy drink? Ch3cK! Dog fed and walked? Check. TiVo recording the latest over hyped drivel? Check. Kids unconscious. Check. Parents or domestic partner unconscious or otherwise leaving you alone for one damn second? Check. When will they understand that you ARE being social by locking yourself in the computer room all night... jeez!

Time to rock and roll! Or not. What's this? A patch? On Friday night? Agony, shame and defeat. Azeroth will not know the terror of your blade this night. Gornak the mighty has been caged by some dweeb code monkey and their total POS patch system. Your raid leader is going to KILL you. Wait, what about downloading the patch from the Internet? Just Google up the patch number and let your cable modem download it at lightning speed right?

Don't do it.

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Season 4 does not begin June 17th

There has been a rumor going around for a few days that arena season 4 will begin on June 17th. I actually heard this in Alterac Valley this weekend when I was plowing through the place with a few friends and tanking Drek and two of his generals.

While lots of folks wish it was different, season 4 will not be starting on the 17th. Drysc said as much today in a blue post, and went on to reiterate that they will still be giving a two week notice of any upcoming season.

Personally, I expect season 4 to start sometime in late July or early August. That gives it about four months of activity until the supposed release of Wrath of the Lich King in November. But even the release of WotLK in November is unconfirmed, and that's just my guess which is no better than any rumor you hear in a battleground. The only official word will come from Blizzard, which we'll have carried here as soon as we hear it.

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Guildwatch: Drama, but the good kind

People just might have heard all the bad drama that they want to hear -- we had a few good stories this week of guilds actually doing well, or making their way past useless drama to continue with progression, or just generally making the world a better place for other players. Then again, we still got lots of good guild-breaking, whine-filled drama, so who says you can't have both good and bad?

Both good and bad are after the break, as well as downed and recruiting news from around the realms. And don't forget, if you've got drama, downed, or recruiting news to support (if it's your guild or anyone else's), just drop us a note at We could especially use some really nice downed news and screenshots -- the shot above, from Kill on Sight on The Forgotten Coast, is good, but surely you all can do better, right?

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Guildwatch: The aftermath

Just want to get something straight, so you all sending in Downed news can be sure to work out the "notice" mechanic correctly: every guild gets to put just one boss on notice every week. You can't put instances on notice (although if you do, you have to clear that instance all in one go, and we're going to need video or it didn't happen), and you can't put more than one boss on notice -- otherwise, everyone would put everyone on notice. One boss per guild, per week. Any other kills after that are just bonuses.

Now that that's out of the way, on to the Guildwatch! Click the link below to see this week's drama, downed and recruiting news from around the realms, and be sure to send us your tips, from your guild or anyone else's at

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Our friends at Blizzplanet sent along a mysterious little tip. is not actually a Blizzard site (at least currently) -- it appears to be somehow affiliated with Blizzplanet's network (there are also links to WoW Radio, so we're checking with them to see what's up as well). But on both and Blizzplanet, there is now a countdown leading up to thirteen days from now, which lands us squarely on May 1st. On Blizzplanet, there is a note that says "The Church of the Triune will be shaken in..." On, the message is much more practical: "The number of days until half the web links to But why???"

So what's happening on May 1st? Best case scenario, of course, is the official announcement of a third title in the Diablo series. I wouldn't hold your breath on that one, however -- while it has been rumored for a long time, it seems unlikely that Blizzard would break the news on an unofficial site. But then again, maybe it won't be an unofficial site by then -- if was sold to or otherwise obtained by Blizzard (they obviously own the trademark), and is switching over on May 1st, that would definitely be enough reason for "half the web" to link to it, even without an official announcement of the game.

Either way, we'll keep an eye on it. Keep in mind, also, that Blizzard is having the WWI at the end of June (and both Diablo II and its expansion were released on June 29, of 2000 and 2001 respectively. We're not sure what this countdown means yet, but this summer definitely seems like the right time for an official Diablo 3 announcement.

Update: Whois info on shows that it's currently owned by Roger Barr, who runs I-Mockery, another link on the sidebar. So this could all just be a hoax or publicity stunt. We'll find out on May 1st, I guess.

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Me, myself, and Quel'Serrar

Playing a warrior since WoW was released has gotten me a lot of gear over the years. One of my greatest accomplishments in the game was getting my hands on a Quel'Serrar about two years ago. When I got this beautiful piece of equipment I had been 60 for about three months, and had done nothing but grind for gold. After saving up just over 2,000 gold, I bought the Foror's Compendium of Dragon Slaying. By todays standard 2,000 gold might not seem like a lot, but back then it was more gold then most people would ever see.

Using my Quel I raided happily until Burning Crusade came out. Being such a stickler, I used it for tanking all the way to 70, and only replaced it with Grom'tor's Charge. To this day its still sitting in my bank. I've recently taken it out and gave it some use in the early trash in The Eye. I found that its actually not that bad of a weapon still. Granted it doesn't proc as often as it used to, and its stats are not that great compared to Mallet of the Tides. Happily however, it still kept the threat up against all those over zealous DPS'ers.

Having all that fun with my Quel again got me thinking... is there any chance for an upgrade? There have been rumors that there will be an upgrade quest, but nothing substantive yet from the mouth of Blizzard. Until someone in Blue posts on the official forums and makes all of us warriors happy, for the time being we'll have to just get along with dreaming for an upgrade quest. And maybe, just maybe, someone from Blizzard will see this and decide that Wrath of the Lich King needs another feature.

Do you have other cherished items that you dream about Blizzard updating?

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WotLK trademarked by Blizzard

And it looks like the final nail has been hammered in to support the "Wrath of the Lich King" speculation-- as MMO Champion points out, Blizzard Entertainment has registered "Wrath of the Lich King" as a trademark (you've got to do a search for it on the USPTO's website, as they don't allow links to searches), all but confirming that the next expansion will take us to Arthas' domain in Northrend.

Now, just to play devil's advocate, there is still a chance that Blizzard did this as a smokescreen, and that the expansion has nothing to do with the Lich King. But the trademark was filed on July 28th, which by my estimation puts it a few days ahead of the speculation-- that's a pretty strong indication that while Blizzard waited until the last minute to do it (knowing BlizzCon was only a week or so away), they didn't wait long enough to keep us from leaking it out.

The other note is that the patent trademark (note to self: don't piss off the lawyers!) covers not only computer games, but also "comic books," "trading cards," "coloring books," and "greeting cards," among a number of other types of items. I don't know if I ever saw any Burning Crusade greeting cards, but maybe Blizzard expects their little WoW empire to get even bigger in the future.

So: Friday. BlizzCon. Wrath of the Lich King. Be there!

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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Upcoming Blizzard announcement to be a new Starcraft?

With the countdown continuing on Blizzard's homepage, there's plenty of speculation on what Blizzard is cooking up. Warcraft 4? Starcraft 2? Diablo 3? I'm staying out of the speculation game, myself -- as much as we might guess and hope for a specific product, Blizzard is good at throwing us surprises. However, the Starcraft 2 rumors are growing in volume, fueled by the recent discovery of a page owned by Blizzard Entertainment which redirects viewers to Blizzard's main site. Gamespot went live with the story on Tuesday, and since then I've heard it just about everywhere. Reports of it are crowding my inbox. Barrens chat can't stop talking about it. And Blizzard rumors even seem to dominate OOC chat in Lord of the Rings Online. But is this really a sign that we're going to be hearing all about Starcraft 2 this weekend?

My magic 8-ball has informed me signs point to no. Or even if Starcraft 2 is what we're going to hear -- this isn't really a sign of it. The domain record from Network Solutions tells us that Blizzard has owned since 1999 and the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine shows the page redirecting to Blizzard's main home page since at least 2002. is neither new nor has it recently changed. No, Blizzard doesn't own (it's a Diablo 3 news site), (an advertisement site), (a German WoW site), or (a German Diablo site). But does the fact that they've owned for eight years now mean anything relevant to the coming announcement? I think not.

[Thanks to numerous tipsters]

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Another set of possible hunter talents

We're getting close to the end of these Burning Crusade talent rumors -- as all sources are predicting official hunter talents out soon. However, they're not out yet, and that means just one thing: more hunter talent rumors! I am tempted to put some faith in this set of rumors, which come from poster Anders on the Curse Gaming forums, as we've gotten interesting information from him before that's later proven accurate. The talents are interesting and some rather odd (threat reduction? increased RAP by 25% of intellect), but with some of the talents I've seen previewed thus far for other classes, these would not surprise me. And if they're wrong? Well, we'll see in the next few days. Read on for the full text of the possible talents.

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