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WoW Moviewatch: Pepitoz: The World of Warcraft Story

Let's go back in time -- way, way back to 2007, when Burning Crusade was all the rage and a Youtube user named Rurikar made a series of videos featuring wise-cracking gnomes telling outlandish, strange, and incredibly lengthy stories for the amusement of others. It was during this time that the legend of Pepitoz: The World of Warcraft Story was born -- and much like Rurikar's other exploits into machinima, it was very well received.

It's interesting watching Pepitoz today, a little over six years later. Since it primarily uses in game footage, it's almost like a time capsule of sorts, one in which players are all decked out in much older gear, and the game world looks considerably different than it does today. And although the world of Warcraft may have changed over the years, there are still moments where one wistfully remembers the years gone by as they sit in Stormwind, haunted by the echo of a gnomish voice melodically barking to the wind, "U buy cat? 50MSK."

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WoW Moviewatch: Pepitoz

Today's feature is a humorous tale of QQ channeled into roleplaying entitled Pepitoz: The World of Warcraft Story. Although Rurikar, the same filmmaker who brought us the hilarious Jimmy: A World of Warcraft Story, seems lately to have moved away from machinima to creating his own animated shorts, Pepitoz is a character that stands the test of time. It is a tragic love story, with a twist. Perhaps a dash of music would've added even more humor, but that's my only critique. Anyone who is wincing at possible changes to their class upcoming in Wrath, you'll be able to relate to the source of the melodrama here.

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