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Heroic Dungeon Bosses in 5 seconds

Heroic Dungeon Bosses in 5 seconds
Oh god, oh god, oh god... That really is a giant bug. So, there you are in the Gate of the Setting Sun heroic, on your first run, and a really giant bug comes smashing through the walls. A really giant bug. Really giant. Ugh.

You don't want to have to think on your feet, you don't want to have to explain tactics to the panda gently rocking in the corner, or the blood elf running in circles screaming "I can feel them crawling in my hair!" What you need is some five second explanations to copy and paste into chat, that your party can read and execute.

And it's OK, WoW Insider is here to help. We've totally stopped freaking out about the giant bug. If you're wondering where the heroic versions of the leveling dungeons feature in this guide, they don't. They're almost exactly the same as the leveling dungeons, for bosses in 5 seconds purposes!

Gate of the Setting Sun

Striker Ga'Dok: Don't stand in the green. Healers watch for Prey Time and Impaling Strike. His two strafing runs create a wide strip of death from one side to the other. Stay in corners. Tank adds.

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Mists of Pandaria Beta: Mysterious ruins found beneath Scarlet Halls

After we received a tip about a bug in Scarlet Halls on the Mists beta servers, I decided to give it a look for myself. The bug in question, located in the mash-up of the old Library and Armory wings, was actually a door frame that was a tile or two out of alignment, allowing the player to drop through the old monastery and onto an expansive field. A small bump on the horizon indicates that something is off in the distance, so I started running ... and running ... and running. Eventually, I reached some ruins, accompanied by what looked like hand-drawn blueprints for future content. The architecture of the ruins, especially the staircase, could indicate some sort of troll origin. Add to that labels written out for several "jungle zones," and you've got yourself a very troll-friendly area.

I think this is a pretty neat look at the development process; however, I hope it gets patched up soon. Things like this remind me of Alex's article last August about Z-axis secrets and how discoveries such as this -- unfinished content that wasn't meant for our eyes in the first place -- can lead to both a loss of immersion and higher expectations for future content.

Anyway, now that we've gotten that depressing bit out of the way, you can follow my journey in the gallery below!

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