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Sunday Morning Funnies: Bow chicka wow wow

It's the last weekend in August, and the summer is slipping away. To soothe you, here's your regularly scheduled dose of WoW-related comic goodness. Well, except for the chicken. That's just a wee bit traumatizing.

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Lookin' familiar

woweh.comOnce again, I have a new comic to list! Keep the tips coming.

Somewhere in the list today is the secret identity of last week's "mystery" picture!

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Feeling violated

I'm Rich! from Dark Legacy Comics.It is once again, Sunday morning. While you Americans are probably still munching on turkey and pawing through the fruits of your Black Friday labors, I put up my Christmas tree and toasted myself a bagel. It isn't quite the same, of course, but it also gave me time to compose this week's list of hilarity and adventure.

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Promotion

Today, you're in for a real treat because the list is extra long. This is partially due to some recent reader submissions, so leave a comment or send us a tip if you find a WoW-related webcomic.

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Boom shaka laka!

The expansion is drawing near, but for now, all I have to offer you folks is a brand spanking new list of comics. Well, except the first entry, it is not new. New to the list maybe but not "new" new. You see my point. Now get reading!

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Sunday Morning Funnies: You are not an ostrich

From the training of a rat to a meeting of the altaholics, to a little bit of man lovin', this week's comics progress storylines, provide gaming commentary, and bring out the laughs.
  1. This week, The Scout Report teaches us a bit more about Ogre culture.
  2. On Teh Gladiators, Trevor tries to train his hunter pet, the valiant rat.
  3. Monkey Punchers goes all-out for the Man Love this week!
  4. This week's LFG was definitely hilarious. I won't even comment, so as not to spoil it.
  5. Shakes and Fidget are out for Rock 'n' Roll this week.
  6. Dark Legacy's NPCs are getting Stinking Rich.
  7. Okay so WoW isn't as customizable as the generic MMO featured in this week's NoObz, but I think we can all relate. Besides, Wrath is bringing us new hair!
  8. Ding! talks about altoholics.
  9. Quite probably my personal favorite this week, The Adventures of Disgraph T. Dwarf, Episode 14: Orphan Saga, Part 1.
Click through to cast your vote for the best comic from this week's selection.

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Rouges in Azertoh

This week we have an NPC coup, a battle of the bands, two strikes, and of course, the much beloved mischief.
  1. In the Scout Report, #37, a new activist wanders onto the scene.
  2. From the Noob Comic comes Area Effect. Sometimes, a mage just can't help himself.
  3. Messy Cow has some adventures in Skinning, although she should have been healing. The best part? The "rouge" who was stealing corpses!
  4. Teh Gladiators battle their stealthed opponents, and the Murlocs heat up the scene. This week, the commentary beneath the comic is decidedly worth the read.
  5. Sockpuppet holds the "Azertoh Battle of the Bands." Yes, I said "Azertoh."
  6. Want to see a raid with the characters from Real Life?
  7. NoObz #9 brings you to a special mob-held meeting of sorts, where you get to meet the gray kangaroo (wolf).
  8. The old computer has finally broken him. A friend of Monkey Punchers is finally Losing It.
  9. In LFG this week, my favorite character breaks into a song and dance!
  10. Shakes and Fidget have made their Preparations, and with proper hilarity ensuing.
  11. This week on Dark Legacy Comics, the NPCs launch plans to take over the world, through Operation: Horace.
  12. From Action Trip comes Impressive Knowledge. Seriously, kids these days really know their stuff! Sure, they might lose a finger or a hand, but then they'll know which faction they're dealing with, right?
Pass through the break to vote for your favorite from this week's selection.

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Sunday Morning Funnies: WoW is not a religion

This week we have a nice long list of comics for you to sink your teeth or tusks into. As always, don't forget to leave your tips to other WoW-themed comics so that they can be featured here! We're also saying a special goodbye to Manic Graffiti. Great work and we'll miss you! Here's hoping this isn't forever!
  1. Connedromat from Awkward Zombie kicks off your Sunday morning with a little bit of logic.
  2. Ana Hala Balablah from Dark Legacy Comics seems intent on being contrary to logic.
  3. Shakes and Fidget have to decide whether their new acquaintance is Friend or Foe?
  4. If you liked our recent coverage of Blizzard handling director Uwe Boll, you'll get a laugh out of GU Comics' Especially Not You.
  5. Manic Graffiti sends us a parting statement, mixed with a little hope, in Good-bye is Not Forever.
  6. Monkey Punchers explores the Unplayable.
  7. NoObz #8 suggests that maybe, just maybe, justice will find that little beggar you can't stand.
  8. Ding! explores some of the effects of WoW on the body and mind.
  9. Teh Gladiators enter their first arena match with their new, unlikely teammates.
  10. From The Adventures of Disgraph T. Dwarf comes WoW is Not a Religion.
  11. The Scout Report is a bit confused over Mr. Snuggles.
Head through the break to vote on your favorite.

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Working together

This week we have some exciting developments, from the infiltration of a Horde town, to Sunwell progression, to a pet dragon. As always, I welcome suggestions for comics we've missed, so post away in the comments section! We even have a new one this week.
  1. From Action Trip comes What's the opposite of Undead?
  2. Horde PuGs a battleground this week in Ding!
  3. NoObz #7 is highly recommended! Thanks for the tip, Gene.
  4. Cluck Cluck from Dark Legacy Comics teaches us the joys of cooking.
  5. Damage Done from Extra Life is funny on too many levels.
  6. Shakes and Fidget are going on an Infiltration mission!
  7. Fun with the Bloodrage from LFG.
  8. Monkey Punchers explores the ups and downs of Minimum System Requirements.
  9. Teh Gladiators get new teammates.
  10. Episode 11: The Waiting is the Hardest Part. Disgraph has some adventures when the Shattered Sun badge loot vendor becomes available.
  11. The Scout Report meets Mister Snuggles.
Are you ready to vote? Pop through the break to choose this week's favorite.

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The Scout Report returns, and there is much rejoicing

No idea how I missed this for so long (we reported on it once that I can find, way back in June of last year), but BBB is right -- The Scout Report is a terrific WoW webcomic that could probably use some more attention. From the very beginning, it's got pretty great timing and a healthy dose of cynicism. And it's super funny, which is always good for a webcomic.

Apparently it's been away for a while, but like BBB, we are happy that it's back (and I've got some archives to read through). We'll have to make sure to add it into the Sunday Morning Funnies from now on.

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