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Bad news for new Mage arena gear

With the release of the Arena Season 2 gear on the public test realm yesterday the number crunchers went to town. What they quickly found was not good news for Mages. It appears that the +INT on the new Mage armor is actually less than the Season 1 gear even though it costs more to purchase.

But wait, you say, this is the test realm, surely it can be tweaked before it goes live. Blizzard responded that the gear is being looked at, but if any changes were made to its stats, it wouldn't be in time for the content patch. The mage gear is going live in its current state.

When it comes to numbers, I'm easily confused, but in this case my confusion stems from this: why put things on the test server if you can't tweak it based on feedback before it goes live? I mean...isn't that the point of a test server? Can someone with a great understanding of the Testing process enlighten me?

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Forum Post of the Day: Are PvP weapons balanced?

The forum is ablaze over at WoW's official European site. And it all has to do with the upcoming Arena Season 2. The patch just hit the test server this week and the dps on the new weapon rewards is...eye popping.

One player wonders why should she be raiding 5 hours a night, 7 days a week for months to get a weapon that can be earned quicker in PvP? Her guild is only on Serpentshire Cavern, but she worries about her motivation to continue the grind towards Black Temple when she can acquire the same weapon much quicker by PvPing.

Is Blizzard making a mistake making high end PvP gear more accessible than PvE raid gear? Do they expect players to both PvP and PvE to mix and match the best gear? Shouldn't non-raiding PvPers get their game best gear also? Tell us what you think.

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Arena Season 2 rewards from the Public Test Realms

Thanks to our friends at MMO-Champion, we have an early look at the armor sets, weapons and possibly new mount rewards coming in the next content patch. Notes of interest:
  • Weapons have the same graphic (so far) of Season 1 rewards
  • Season 1 armor rewards have been reduced in cost
  • New armored mounts are in the art files, but not listed as rewards yet
Right now the PTR is going up and down, but you can find stats on the new rewards as well as screenshots of the armors at MMO-Champion. Keep in mind this is the first time these items are showing up on the test realms, so any and all aspects are subject to change before they go to the live servers.

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