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Arena Season 6 to end soon

Bornakk has just announced that the end of Season 6 will come as early as Tuesday August 25th. You'll want to be sure that if you're eligible for arena rewards that you don't transfer your character or generally screw with your arena team. Just relax and let the rewards happen.

After Season 6 ends, there will be one week of downtime where no rated matches can happen.

Season 7 will begin after this week of downtime, at which time all team and personal ratings will be wiped, along with your arena points. According to the announcement matchmaking ratings will remain (as well as honor points). None of this should come as too much of a surprise, as we've known about it all for a while.

This roughly places the start date for Season 7 at Tuesday September 1st. However these things can change, so just pay attention to the news and watch out for the exact date.

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Happy Fourth of July from

It's that time of year again -- Summer is in the air, baseball is well underway (I'm still pulling for the Cubs, even though it's a rollercoaster as usual), and things are grilling on the, um, grill. Here in America, today is Independence Day, and we're celebrating our independence from you EU folks -- don't take it personally, but we'd had it up to here with your taxation without representation, and we just wanted to spend some time on our own for a while. So while most of our bloggers are relaxing and lighting explosives on fire, posting might be a little slim around here today. Just in case you need something to read, you can always catch up on all the amazing Patch 3.2 details, dream about going to BlizzCon (or just ogle the costumes), or finish up your Midsummer Fire Festival achievements.

And if the last few years are any indication, there'll be some celebrations in Azeroth this evening as well (yes, even on the EU servers), with fireworks aplenty (we're pretty sure they do them on the hour every hour this evening -- Booty Bay always has a nice display, not to mention that the bruisers are drunk there today), and free beer and food outside the capital cities. So if you're here in America with us, be sure to have a very happy and safe Fourth of July from all of us here at!

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Preparing for season six tomorrow is "still the plan"

Zarhym has reaffirmed a comment that Blizzard made in the past telling players they should expect season six to start as early as tomorrow, and that "this [statement] is still the plan."

Given the lack of solid statements made by Blizzard in saying anything is or will definitively happen with the game, this is about as much confirmation as we can hope for in hearing that season six begins tomorrow.

About a month ago there was it was reported that when Season Six went live all ratings would start at 0 and work their way up, instead of beginning at 1500.

Today's news, combined with the fact that there will be a talent reset in a client side patch very soon, probably means there'll be a small patch tomorrow morning. While we're not going to wave flags and say there will be one, no one here at WoW Insider will be surprised if there is. And hopefully now, you shouldn't be either.

Of course, stay tuned throughout the evening and tomorrow morning. We'll bring you the latest.

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Arena season 4 over, season 5 to begin December 17th

Gnorog on the EU forums posted notice a while ago that Season 4 is over. That means that all arena teams and ratings have been cleared, and arena charter NPCs have been disabled.

Your arena points will stay with you until you reach level 71 however.

But the end of Season 4 isn't the news.

Season 5 will begin on December 17th for those players that have reached level 80. That's just a few days away. For those that haven't, the skirmish brackets of 71-75 and 76-80 are available. The time is now to start organizing your arena teams and get them in gear for the upcoming events.

With all the changes in Wrath the next arena season promises to be interesting. Here's to bigger and better weapons! /cheers

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Season 4 does not begin June 17th

There has been a rumor going around for a few days that arena season 4 will begin on June 17th. I actually heard this in Alterac Valley this weekend when I was plowing through the place with a few friends and tanking Drek and two of his generals.

While lots of folks wish it was different, season 4 will not be starting on the 17th. Drysc said as much today in a blue post, and went on to reiterate that they will still be giving a two week notice of any upcoming season.

Personally, I expect season 4 to start sometime in late July or early August. That gives it about four months of activity until the supposed release of Wrath of the Lich King in November. But even the release of WotLK in November is unconfirmed, and that's just my guess which is no better than any rumor you hear in a battleground. The only official word will come from Blizzard, which we'll have carried here as soon as we hear it.

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Patch 2.3: Let's play Gladiator Mix-n-match!

Tom Chilton is pretty busy this weekend talking with players about all the updated PvP items in Patch 2.3, and he's revealed another interesting new tidbit of information about coming changes to the Gladiator PvP sets earned from fighting in the arenas:
As of patch 2.3 all items in the gladiator season 1, 2, and 3 sets will be part of the same set, so you can use those items interchangeably and keep the set bonuses (ie: you can wear the season 2 shoulders along with the season 3 helm, chest, legs) and retain the 4 piece set bonus.
The separate sets for separate specs are going to stay the same, but now the set bonuses for each spec will be upgraded to work the same as the new 2 and 4-piece bonuses that are coming out, regardless of season. So for example, your class and spec's dps set bonus will work no matter which season your arena dps gear comes from. If I were an arena gladiator, I would be jumping up and down for joy right now. As it is, I still think that's pretty neat.

[edited for clarity -- the set bonuses will work between seasons, but not between different specs, so healing sets and dps sets won't combine together. Also, the arena season 1 gear will still be moved into the honor system once season 3 comes out]

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End of Arena season clarifications

A few people seem to be confused about what exactly the vaguely impending end of the arena season entails. Drysc is here to clear things up:
  • Team ratings will not reset or decay after the season ends. Neither will arena points.
  • New items may be introduced, but they may not, "depending on progression on the PvE front as well as what PvE content is available." I suppose this is because they don't want there to be a big gap between PvE and PvP gear.
  • The sole purpose of the arena season is to give out the titles and armored nether drakes that go with being in the top 0.5% in your battlegroup.
As far as I'm aware, an end date to the season has yet to be announced. April 15th is the cut-off for qualifiers for the tournament, but that's not necessarily the end of the season.

The context of this blue post, by the way, was a thread entitled "Arena Season 2 is gonna suck bad." The argument is that after season one, everyone will have all their PvP gear, and there will be no more incentive to play. This argument seems to have two flaws:
  1. Not everyone will have all their gear at the end of the season.
  2. People will still play even if they have nothing to spend their points on -- yet. As Drysc points out, It wouldn't be very smart to quit playing just because there's nothing to buy, you're still making 'arena money".
Full blue post copied after the cut.

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