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Breakfast Topic: Did you accomplish what you wanted during the Love festival?

For better or worse, the Love is in the Air festival is over. Though there was much wringing of hands over the drop rate of the Bags of Candies, the location of Red Roses and enforced hour downtime between Pledge looting, many players managed to procure the title "Love Fool." Others are busily scribbling hate mail to Blizzard about how they are never going to get their Violet proto-drake because of this. (Pro tip: We're not Blizzard so please don't send it to us. Really. No, really.)

I managed to snag my title early Sunday evening after finally getting my last candy heart and then shamelessly /shouting in front of the Ironforge Auction House to mend broken hearts. This is the first festival I've achieved a title though I can't tell you why I chose this one. Probably because there was no PvP involved. Which will take me out of the running for the Children's Week achievement that involves no less than 2 PvP activities.

Enough about me. Did you get what you wanted out this event?
Did you feel the Love?
Yes - got everything done I wanted to3194 (25.0%)
Yes - but I wish I had more time1813 (14.2%)
No - I tried, but couldn't accomplish everything3404 (26.6%)
No - It was a disaster and should have never gone live1461 (11.4%)
I don't bother with such things as seasonal events when there is much killing to be done!2918 (22.8%)

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Love is in the Air begins tomorrow

Love is in the Air everywhere I look around.

Love is in the Air every sight and every sound.

And I don't know if I'm being foolish, don't know if I'm being wise. But it's something I must believe in, and it's there when I look in your eyes.

Tomorrow will mark the start of the Love is in the Air season event. Theoretically, from past events, it should start around 4:00 a.m. sever time. But whether or not that ends up being true, you'll have to check for yourself.

You'll need to get finish the achievement Fool for Love in order to get the ultimate seasonal achievement What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been. The thing is... you only have a few days to get Fool For Love, so hurry up. The seasonal event ends early next Monday morning.

Ideally you'll want to set aside some time tomorrow night; you don't want to be waiting until Saturday evening to do this. Unless, you know, you and your significant other are into that sort of thing. (I'm talking about playing WoW together. Jeeze... get your mind out of the gutter. You don't think I'm just going to sit here and make gratuitous Valentine's Day jokes for the rest of the week, do you?)

So what are you waiting for?

"AFK honey, need to become a fool for love."

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Breakfast Topic: Are server outages driving you to other games?

I hate to be blunt about it, but I've heard quite a few WoW friends tell me that the rampant server crashes that have cropped up since Patch 3.0.2 have driven them to other MMO's until Blizzard fixes the problem. Many other games are offering Halloween/Fall Festival type activities including City of Heroes, Lord of the Rings Online and EverQuest 2 and many of us have played those titles (and still do!)

Are you waiting it out, slogging through or heeding the siren call of other online games?

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Planning for the Hallow's End title

A lot of folks found the article on planning for the Brewmaster title helpful, so we thought we'd put one together for the upcoming Hallow's End holiday as well. Getting all of the sub-Achievements for the Hallowed Be Thy Name Achievement will reward the title "The Hallowed," but frankly I think this one is going to be a little tougher than the Brewfest one. As with Brewfest, part of the Achievement is going to depend on getting very lucky with a drop, but it's also going to depend on getting lucky with a few other things.

This, however, is going to be the first holiday after patch 3.02 hits with the Achievement system firmly in place, so you'll be able to track Achievements ingame for the first time (by the way, "Y" is the default hotkey for pulling up your Achievement screen).

Even if you're not interested in the Achievement, you have another reason to participate, at least for the Headless Horseman kills: we're pretty sure his loot table's been updated and expanded, and you'll have a chance at a permanent mount drop (his horse, not the temporary broomsticks from last year).

But if you want to be (Your Name Here) The Hallowed?

Read more →

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Around Azeroth: The Brazier of Dancing Flames

While many players on the Public Test Realm and delving into the mysteries of Sunwell Terrace, Kadathwack of Cenarion Circle has been collecting Burning Blossoms. They are gathered during the Midsummer Fire Festival which, though not due until June, is currently on the PTR. He has turned in 350 Blossoms to acquire a new festival reward: the Brazier of Dancing flames. Worth the price?

Do you have any unusual World of Warcraft images that are just collecting dust in your screenshots folder? Because we'd love to see it on Around Azeroth! Sharing your screenshot is as simple as e-mailing with a copy of your shot and a brief explanation of the scene. You could be featured here next!

Remember to include your player name, server and/or guild if you want it mentioned. We prefer full screen shots without the UI showing. And please, no more sunsets. No, really. Ok, only if it's a sunrise in new Patch 2.4 lands. We'll take those anytime.

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Some players getting coal in their mailbox for Winter Veil

Have you been wreaking havoc with the Seed of Destruction glitch on the PTR? Skinning Taurens for leather? Or maybe just abusing the Arena rating system? Whatever the reason, not everyone got a Winter Veil recipe in their mailbox yesterday.

Everyone should have received something in the mail based on their tradeskill professions. But not everyone did. And since those who do get them can't give them away (they're BoP), it has created a market for those who can make them and cries of foul play for those who didn't get anything.

At first, Blizzard directed players to petition in-game, but then they realized the problem was more widespread. Now they are looking into the script that determines who receives what recipe in their mailbox. They aren't giving out any details right now, but ask players to hold off on petitioning until they can figure out the root of the problem.

Until Blizzard determines the problem and implements a solution, you'll have to hit the Auction house, Guild bank or qq in the Trade channel if you want Red Winter Clothes or Hot Apple Cider.

[Thanks Keeler for the tip!]

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New Winter Veil details revealed

This year's Feast of Winter Veil seasonal event will run from December 15 through January 2. It will include all that we've grown to love from Christmas in Azeroth: presents under the tree, snowball fights, Smokywood Pasture vendors, searching for the missing reindeer Metzen and waiting to talk to Greatfather Winter. But, just like Hallow's End, Blizzard is adding a few new twists to this year's festivities.

The Preserved Holly used to temporarily transform your mount into a Reindeer will now work on flying mounts. We had a head's up on this a while ago when the models were discovered on the PTR.

Also, /kissing any Winter Reveler NPC will grant you a new item called a Handful of Snowflakes. You can use this item to create a light snowfall around any other player.

A new present will be available under the Winter Veil tree: a mechanotoy non-combat robot. Again, we saw this one coming courtesy of MMO-Champion.

And finally, Blizzard released a list of bosses that will be putting on festive clothing to celebrate getting slaughtered by college kids home for the holidays. This year's Holiday-garbed piñatas are:
  • Grand Warlock Netherkurse (Shattered Halls)
  • Grandmaster Vorpil (Shadow Labyrinth)
  • Exarch Maladaar (Auchenai Crypts)
  • Captain Skarloc (Durnholde Keep)
  • Nethermancer Sepethrea (Mechanar)
  • High Botanists Freywinn (Botanica)
The boss transformation only runs from December 25 to January 2.

Don't forget that WoW Insider is in the festive mood as well. We're giving away Feast of Winter Veil TCG sets. If you want to enter to win, you better hurry. The give away ends at 3:00pm EST today.

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Hallow's End quest guides for 2007

Hallow's End has grown quite a bit this year. Adding to the old favorites of Innkeep Trick or Treating, PvP Smoke Bombing and Wickerman raids is the new Daily Quest to trigger the 5-man Headless Horseman event in the Scarlet Monastery graveyard wing. Considering this new mob drops Flying Broom Mounts, Evil Pumpkin Pets and Purple Jewelry, you can guess that he is going to be quite popular with the players.

New guides on defeating the Headless Horseman have sprung up around the Net. The fight doesn't seem too difficult for a group of L70s, but you can get an overview of all three phases and the loot table and WoW Wiki.

Also check out this excellent Hallow's End guide that covers all the activities for the holiday and lists the reputation gains and item rewards associated with each quest. Now put on your scary face and go get some Hallow's End goodies.

Looking for the new 2008 WoW Insider Hallow's End guide? You can find it right here.

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