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Blood Pact: Some advice for newbie affliction warlocks

Every week, WoW Insider brings you Blood Pact for affliction, demonology, and destruction warlocks. Today, Megan O'Neill is taking a break from beta, instead offering some Pointilism 102 advice.

My friends, Blizzard is trying to torture me. The large number of drastic changes to the warlock class makes for cool columns. I have no beta access yet (c'mon, late Burning Crusade wave!). The greater likelihood of people playing through beta on weekends rather than on weekdays means those with beta access update information threads on the weekends. I write most of my columns before the weekends. The timing of new information contrary to my writings has had me wanting to drain my own soul out for a couple of weeks here.

... OK, you got me. The real reason I don't want to talk about Mists this week is because Wryxian broke my heart with the no green fire trickery. Don't worry, though! I got my evil groove back by proving my preparedness and fast reactions to my guild. I gloriously dropped a QQ train during a heroic Ultraxion attempt when my raid leader jokingly called for it.

Sadly, the next night, many guildmates brought train-wreckers to raid. What are you saying? A Heroism filled with choo-choo yells and fist pumps isn't the best DPS buff ever? Blasphemy!

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Warlock spells: Seed of Corruption

Seed of CorruptionThe next spell that warlocks receive is a level 70 spell called Seed of Corruption. This is an incredibly nasty spell, I'm having a lot of fun with it.

Basically it's a different version of the warlock spell Corruption, it does a certain amount of damage over time. What's different about this spell is that it has its own, built in finishing move. When the target has sustained 1044 total damage, whether it's from Seed of Corruption, other spells you cast, or spells other players do, the seed "goes off" and inflicts all hostile targets within 15 yards with a one-time shadow damage spell. This spell will kind of chain react with other seeds, so if you cast it on, say, 4 targets, the first one exploding will contribute to the other targets exploding. Finally, I can't throw this and Corruption on the same target. Which is sort of a bummer, really.

This spell is incredibly useful in a few different situations. The spell does, at a minimum, about the same damage/mana as Corruption on a single target. When there are multiple close-packed targets, the efficiency really starts to shine. For the downsides, read on.

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Adventures in Beta: Fun with Seed of Corruption

The final entrant in our series of easily abused Burning Crusade spells is the warlock's Seed of Corruption. According to Blizzard, this level 70 spell "imbeds a demon seed in the enemy target, causing 1044 Shadow damage over 18 sec. When the target takes 1044 total damage, the seed will inflict 1110 to 1290 Shadow damage to all enemies within 15 yards of the target." Beta testers have found that the "bomb" will also go off if the target dies with Seed of Corruption on them.

Aside from killing Xzin and making jokes about "planting a demon seed," what can Seed of Corruption be used for? Its obvious use is for killing large groups of low-level mobs, but how can it work beyond that? Murderella (what a great name for a female gnome warlock!) and other warlocks have come up with a few on the beta forums:

  • Put Seed of Corruption on a hunter's pet and then get within melee range. The pet will follow you and the hunter will be hurt by the explosion when the bomb goes off.
  • Put Seed of Corruption on the flag runner in Warsong Gulch if they're surrounded by healers. Uh-oh! Bonus points if you Shadowfury on top of them when it goes off.
  • When someone gets low on health in group PVP and runs back to their group, hit them with a Seed of Corruption and try to take out as many people as possible.
  • When dealing with an enemy that summons annoying low-level minions (a druid's treants, mobs that summon skeletons, etc.), dot the controller up with Seed of Corruption. It'll damage the main guy and hopefully kill the minions.

One side note: Seed of Corruption apparently has a nasty habit of extending through walls, ceilings, floors, etc., so it may be best to avoid using it in roomed instances such as Karazhan until it's fixed.

Have any warlocks around here come up with a cool use for your new demon seed?

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