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Why should warlocks have all the class quest fun?

Why should warlocks have all the class quest fun
The warlock green fire quest is up on the PTR, and warlocks are slowly starting to complete the quest and revel in their new-found verdant projectiles. By all accounts, the quest was an epic experience. It required warlocks to dust off long-forgotten spells, enslave demons, and more, to take every ability out of their spell book and bind it for use. It sounds fantastic!

And, while I have a warlock languishing at level 85, I'm jealous. Why should warlocks have all the class quest fun? I definitely don't think, though, that these warlock quests should be opened up to other players, just in the interest of completeness. The great thing about these quests is that they're tailored around warlocks and their class abilities, other classes would simply dilute that experience.

No, I think this should herald the start of things to come. The start of epic questlines appearing for every class, old and new. But, importantly, they have to offer something similar to the warlock quests. I would want them to be similarly difficult, similarly demanding of competence, and similarly require players to reach back to the darkest recesses of their spellbook. However, a quest of that magnitude cannot offer something required for raiding, for PvP, for character advancement. It has to offer something like green fire, desirable but not necessary.

And that's where the difficulty comes in. What could these hypothetical class quests offer?

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The Queue: Butterfly Wings

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Due to Alex Ziebart's having duplicates of the film I thought I'd destroyed, I (Matthew Rossi) will be fielding your questions today.

Human beings, or butterfly wings? I have yet to find the trigger for happiness. In the meantime, I'll answer questions!

Shrikesnest asks:

So I guess the DMF is up on the PTR today. Anybody wanna save me an enormous download and just tell me whether Tier 3 look-alikes are available through them? I wanna know if I need to run Naxx-25 on my priest or not...

As of right now, the only replicas available at the Darkmoon Faire on the PTR are the Dungeon Set 1 and 2 replicas. I spent over an hour combing the place just in case, and nope, if you want the original Naxx models you're going to need to either have them already or wait and see if Blizzard puts them on the DMF vendors at some point.

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