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AddOn Spotlight: SexyCooldown

AddOn Spotlight focuses on the backbone of the WoW gameplay experience -- the user interface. Everything from bags to bars, buttons to DPS meters and beyond -- your AddOns folder will never be the same! This week, we get real sexy.

Timers for spells is an imperative addon for many classes that rely on steady rotations of DoT management and keeping debuffs up on enemies. DPS can be greatly altered by the careful balance of spell effects lasting for certain periods of time on enemies. There are a lot of good timers out there for spells and abilities, but today I want to introduce you to my favorite. If this addon is old news to you, and you already know how powerful it can be, help out the less fortunate! If you're new to his wonderful piece of code, stay a while and listen, as I sing a love song to SexyCooldown.

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Why Hit is a "sexy stat"

This post on Gray Matter has some pretty insightful thoughts about the much-maligned Hit stat. We've posted quite a few times about Hit with the various classes, and yet it's still fairly hard to get a handle on -- most people know their class has a "hit cap" that they have to reach to keep any of their swings or shots from missing, but other than that, they haven't really tangled with the stat much the way they might have some of the more core stats for their class. But Grey Matter argues that "Hit is sexy" -- despite the fact that, unlike other stats, Hit is required just to make your class do the right thing (rather than doing it better), Graylo still likes the idea, and actually likes the balance that Hit requires. No matter what ilvl your gear, you still need a certain amount of Hit on it, and the balancing job of keeping your hit cap met versus providing other stats on your gear is what Gray seems to like about Hit. While other stats just go up and up, Hit is the great limiter -- having more of it frees up space on other gear for more pressing stats, but you still have to balance out the pieces you wear to try and meet the cap.

To that extent, I agree. I do think that Hit is a relatively arbitrary stat (we know what it means in real life to be Stronger or have more Intelligence, but Hit is really just designed to keep game levels in line), but on the other hand, Gray's right -- because you need a certain amount of hit in your gear, it does become an interesting balancing game of "do I need this more powerful piece of gear, or this weaker piece of gear with some extra Hit on it?" It does a nice job of mixing things up as an endgame-balancing mechanic.

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Breakfast Topic: Attractive men

Here's a question for all the female WoW gamers out there: are any male models in the game that you consider to be attractive? We often talk about how very appealing some (though not all) of the female models are to men, but when it comes to male models, the Blizzard art team doesn't seem to be going after the "appeals to the ladies" look at all. Apparently afraid that the males will look too much like "pretty boys," they tend to strive for that gruff "I'm gonna kill ya, sucka!" attitude many male gamers seem to love -- the more monstrous and intimidating, the better. Indeed, although the most "attractive" of all the males in Azeroth are probably supposed to be the blood elves, I have never once heard a woman say, "that elf is handsome!"

And yet in my travels through Azeroth, I have observed such remarks as "I think Tauren butts look cute," and "You! Human male! You have a cute nose!" ... though that latter one was probably said in jest. Human male noses look like they've been hit with a shovel. Many times.

So... are there any male characters in the game which actually appeal to the ladies somewhat? If not the whole model, perhaps some parts of it? The tree-trunk sized wrists, perhaps? Or the barn-sized shoulders? How about the permanent frowns and rugged scowls men wear all the time? Anything at all?

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