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Cataclysm earthquake mobs "visible" in Stormwind

A couple months ago we reported on seemingly random earthquakes happening around Azeroth. These earthquakes, it was reckoned, are part of the long buildup to the Cataclysm world event. There were reports initially on the patch 3.3 PTR that mobs called "[DND] Shaker" were visible in Stormwind and other cities. These Shaker mobs are responsible for causing the earthquakes.

Today, can report that these mobs are again visible in Stormwind on some servers. We've verified that when you view nameplates on mobs (by pressing the V key) and look up around the Stormwind bank, you can see the [DND] Shaker mob, as pictured above. The Shaker mobs are also present in the trade district. When you are able to view the nameplates, you can't view the actual mob itself -- they are invisible / have no form.

We're not sure how they work. We think they appear at random intervals, as sometimes we can see them and other times we can't. We also are guessing that they might only be able to be seen on some specific servers -- we know they're on Sisters of Elune and Ner'zhul.

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Are invisible mobs ushering in the Cataclysm world event?

There's been some interesting chatter going on around the internet lately about mysterious in-game earthquakes happening throughout Azeroth. Seemingly at random the screen will shake back and forth for a few moments. There are no visible mobs or other occurrences that would cause this. However, these earthquakes are being reported by more and more people.

We know that Deathwing is going to tear Azeroth up in a big way. Take a look at the Cataclysm trailer for how destroyed the land is going to be. Barrens ripped in half, parts of Azeroth's climate will change, and general hell will come forth unto the plentiful lands. We also know that the world event ushering in the Cataclysm is going to be big, really big. The event itself is not in the patch files yet.

Or is it?

There are invisible mobs called Shakers in the game right now. There are two types of these mobs. The first is just called [DND] Shaker that was potentially in the game as early as patch 3.2.2, based on comments left on the live version of WoWHead. There was also another mob added in patch 3.3 called [DND] Shaker - Small.

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