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New WoW tees, hats, and belts from J!NX

New WoW tees, hats, and belts from J!NX
If you're looking to gear up for your IRL challenges -- and show some WoW pride in the process -- J!NX has released new swag for purchase. On offer are four new tees (in men's and women's styles), three leather belts, and two cadet caps. There's alliance and horde variations of each to show your faction pride as well as designs sporting Shen-z in Su and a pandaren monk. We particularly like the caps (check out the alliance and horde versions), which feature faction logos in a hand-painted style -- though if you aren't into hats, the same is available on a tee for alliance and horde.

If any of this sounds like a must-buy, it's available on J!NX now -- though the caps are only available for pre-order and will ship in mid-July.

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JINX reveals its spring collection

If you're aiming to add a little Azeroth flavor to your swagger, JINX is the go-to source for WoW swag. After all, JINX is a proven purveyor of WoW clothing, hats, and even the occasional hoodie. JINX's designs tend to be fun, creative, and WoW-flavored with a strong mainstream appeal. It's great stuff, even if you don't want every person who glances at you to instantly think, "Ah, this is a man who's really into video games."

The Spring Collection has finally been announced, heralding the arrival of new designs aplenty for the WoW geek who likes to wear the game on his sleeve. My favorite is probably Property of Tol Barad Prison. After all, after enough games there, I certainly feel like I've given up my soul. Jinx also has a couple of new spray pins that look snazzy attached to backpacks. I'm avoiding faction bias by getting one of each for my Mac's bag.

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Hot Topic introduces new WoW merchandise, cute model

Following on the heels of J!NX's new winter line of WoW merchandise, Hot Topic has released a new line of Blizzard-themed apparel just in time for the holidays.

Included among the many newcomers to the line are "spray-painted" Alliance and Horde logo shirts, faction insignia wallets, Starcraft II and Diablo III shirts, hoodies with a neat piece of art depicting an Alliance/Horde battle (replete with male model rocking a worrisome mustache) and, for the ladies in your life, a cute purple "Fight Like a Girl" t-shirt with a set of the highly feminine night elf hunter and blood elf paladin. That's right -- now you too can have a qtbelf on your chest, or the chest of a female WoWer near and dear to your heart. As long as she's a size small or medium, anyway. The other sizes are sold out.

Speaking of near and dear to my heart, that model! Aye aye aye. For her, if that shirt was available in mens' sizes, I'd buy it even if it said "I play as a female character in World of Warcraft." I mean, I do. Several of them, but. You know. Still.

All the new pieces are available at or at your local Hot Topic store. Remember, those places are guarded by level 14 elite scenesters. Bring friends.

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Enter November's Guild of the Month contest

Welcome to November, dear readers! It's the beginning of the month, so you know what time it is. Yes, we're still judging our entries for October, but it's time to kick off November's Guild of the Month contest. If you haven't been around for one of these before, let me explain how this works:

If you think your guild is the best in the World of Warcraft, you might have a chance to win a $100 gift certificate from SwagDog where you can pick up custom guild apparel for you and members of your guild.

What do you need to do to enter? It's simple: You nominate your guild by sending us a short (no longer than 200 words) summary of why you think your guild is the best out there. Tell us why you think your guild is so unique! What sort of guild are you? What do you do together? What sets you apart from all of the other guilds out there? If you entered last month, no problem! Your guild can't win again if you've won previously, but if you haven't won yet in previous months, feel free to enter this month's contest.

Please send all submissions to! At the end of the month, we'll pick a winner from those entries and profile them here on the site. Keep in mind, that means if you like your obscurity and don't want to be profiled, you might not want to enter.

You must be 18+ to win, and the contest is open to both US and non-Quebecois Canadian readers. Please submit your entry with an email address you check regularly, as we'll be contacting you via email if you win. All entries must be submitted by November 30th or they will be disqualified. For the full official rules, click here!

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[UPDATE] WTB fashion sense

I see a lot of the Professions are getting a lot of love lately. Cooking, specially, has been particularly awesome in Wrath of the Lich King, with cooks able to prepare feasts for raids that give excellent buffs. Engineering has been fun, too, although I have yet to see the schematic for my Harley Softail Hog. I'm curious about one thing, though... where are my shirts? With all the options to customize characters in the game -- I mean, those barbershops are pretty neat -- how come there aren't any new shirt patterns?

There are over 50 different shirts in the game, 22 of which are tailored. The rest are uncouth styles that are simply too unfashionable for my needs. I've picked up enough Sleeveless T-Shirts in Alterac Valley to clothe an army. It makes me cringe to see Level 70 characters still sporting their original Thug Shirt. Let's get some style, people! There are a good number of shirts to choose from, but frankly, we need Fall fashions for Wrath of the Lich King. I mean, the last great (and saleable) shirt pattern was the Rich Purple Silk Shirt. And that was from vanilla WoW.

Fashion in World of Warcraft has fallen behind. At least, tailor-made ones. Would you believe that there wasn't a single new shirt pattern throughout the whole Burning Crusade? I mean, I know that demons were at our gates and some dude named Illidan was plotting to take over everything we know and love, but come on! Where was my Netherweave shirt? If I'm going to fight a war, I want to fight in style!

[UPDATE: Phooey. So apparently there are new shirt patterns in Wrath. So the joke's actually on me. So you can choose to look like a 90's Eddie Vedder or Dave Matthews on tour. Uh... thanks, Blizzard.]

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New WoW shirts at Jinx

Long-time purveyors of WoW wear, Jinx have updated their line with some new spring fashions. There are five new t-shirts available for both men and women, and one nifty Carrot on a Stick keychain (if only it made your car go faster). Many of their older designs (specifically, Alliance, Horde, and each class) are also now available in youth sizes. You're never too young to say "glory to the Alliance" with your t-shirt.

I like most of the new designs, although I still have yet to actually buy anything from Jinx. I'm not too keen on the Illidan one; it's a little melodramatic for me. The Hunter design calls in mind the good old days of Shadowmelded Aimed Shots, and the faux-vintage baseball shirts are cute. My favorite, though, has to be the 8-bit Molten Core shirt (which, by the way, is a limited edition). That's one of my favorite of Blizz's many April Fool's jokes, and it plays well on cotton.

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Almost famous (in WoW)

My wife's fortunes started off with shirts. It was her passion in the game, making shirts as a tailor and advertising them with creative sales pitches on the Trade channel. On our original server, she made a name for herself selling shirts and proceeded to the same thing when we re-rolled. Eventually, she peddled her wares enough and with such charm that she eventually dominated the market to the point where people bought her shirts (and tuxedos, of course) even though they were priced a little higher than other shirts on the Auction House. As our server's Scarab Lord once put it while asking her to craft a shirt, "I want something branded, none of this <his original shirt's crafter's name> sh**."

Although my wife hasn't made shirts in a long while since re-rolling a Jewelcrafting Warlock, she's still sometimes surprised by strangers who greet her when she comes online or talks over Trade. Total strangers would say things like, "if you don't have a <my wife's toon> shirt you fail at life" or "I would rather be naked than not wear <my wife's toon>". One even creepily asked her how our 6-month old daughter was doing (apparently he had heard it through an old guildie). It's amusing to see that my wife has carved her own little niche on our server and I realized just how we can get a little fame in the game through the little things we do.

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The merits of WoW clothing

My weekend so far has been packed full of nerdisms, as I'm currently squeezed into a one bedroom apartment with five of my guildmates. Most of us had never met in person before this week, so a couple of us took the obvious route of wearing a Warcraft t-shirt at the various bus stations and airports as a 'hey, it's me!' sign.

Friendly ribbing demanded at least a few accusations of rampant nerdery because of said shirts(most of them coming from the girl wearing a Super Mario shirt, nice try). It made me start to wonder, is wearing WoW swag really that nerdy? Is it a bad thing? I don't think so, personally. To me, it's pretty much the same as wearing a t-shirt of your favorite band. Of course, there are people that think band shirts are corny, so who knows? It's just a little sign that you're a fan, and it certainly helps that my WoW shirt is incredibly comfortable.

What about you guys? Do you own WoW gear? If you don't, do you think it's silly? Do you feel the same about band shirts and things like that, or just WoW?

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New WoW class shirts at J!NX give a stat buff

The official WoW webpage is sporting a new advertisement for some class-themed T-shirts available at J!NX for priests, druids, shamans and paladins. They say that these shirts come with "a +20 buff to pwnage," which is quite a lot, so for those of you out there is running short on pwnage, be sure to wear these shirts at all times! Also, if you need glowing eyes and wings sprouting out of your back, be sure to buy the priests' shirt in particular, as seen in this photo displayed at their website.

The designs actually look pretty cool. I've taken the liberty of copying them for you below so you can see what I mean. Even if you don't need any extra pwnage, one might want to buy a shirt just for the beauty factor alone.

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Insider Trader: For the orc with everything

Insider Trader is your inside line on making, selling, buying and using player-made products.

LFGear? Insider Trader has tallied up some tidy little tailored items this week for both cloth-wearers and non-clothies alike. Why would you use tailored gear if you're not a cloth wearer? As they say, "Every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp-dressed man ..." The stylish man of means has a shirt and suit for every occasion, and tailoring's where it's at. We've also discovered some nifty little utility pieces for the 70 Who Has It All™. (Oh, and if you're a tailor, these items are definite contenders for Auction House action.)

Also this week, we'll look into mana loom locations. Sorry, we don't have a long list of little-known locations to pass along -- but at least we can confirm the few known locations and perhaps dispel a few questions about where mana looms are not.

For the 70 who has it all
While not noteworthy for the most space-pressed or epic-focused of players, these tailored items can be handy conveniences for the PvPer or the level 70 who has it all.
  • Azure Silk Belt Boosts swim speed by 15% -- useful when farming, PvPing near water, or swimming to Onyxia.
  • Spider Belt Removes existing Immobilizing effects and makes you immune to Immobilizing effects for 5 seconds; can be helpful in PvP.
  • Netherweave Net Captures a target up to 25 yards away in a net for 3 seconds. Unreliable and short-duration though it is, can be handy in PvP.

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