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Looking for holiday gifts? WoW Mega Blocks on sale at Amazon

If you're on the hunt for holiday presents for your fellow WoW-players, you might want to consider the World of Warcraft-themed Mega Bloks sets -- they're fun to put together and make excellent additions to the toy layout on your desk or bookshelf. (Everyone keeps toys scattered on their desks, don't they?) To help you along, Amazon is currently offering a lot of sets at a big discount, bringing some of the pricier sets within easy financial reach. Sets on sale right now include: ...and plenty more. Many of these discounts are offered by third-party Amazon retailers, but most of the deals we looked at (and all the ones above) were shipped by Amazon, so we wouldn't expect you to have any trouble getting your hands on them. But like most of these Amazon sales we have no clue when prices might jump back up to retail -- so if you're interested in picking up some Mega Bloks for yourself or your friends, get shopping!

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Wowhead store now open for business

A tipster named James sent us a pointer to a little while ago, and as a few people have noticed since, the Wowhead store is now open for business! Here's what they're selling:

  • Official Wowhead merchandise (a t-shirt, a hoodie, and a mousepad, so far - does anyone still use mousepads?)
  • WoW paraphernalia, like those steins, and some LapWorks and Steelseries hardware products.
  • Some random gaming hardware that seems to have nothing to do with WoW, like Guitar Hero for PS2, and Xbox 360 accessories. It is at a discount, though, so that's cool.
  • The Burning Crusade collector's edition. I guess they had some extra copies [now seems to be sold out].

One interesting feature of the store is "reward points." Every item you can buy gets you a certain number of reward points; the amount loosely correlates with price, but I couldn't determine a direct correspondence from one to the other. Basically they idea is: buy stuff, earn points, spend points on rewards. So far the rewards consist of the original WoW and the various Wowhead merchandise, and the points add up fast - as the site points out, a $30 Xbox controller nets you enough points for a copy of WoW, and almost enough for a t-shirt.

For the technically inclined, I inquired about the underlying technology of the shop. The front-end work is all in-house, and so should hold true to the beautiful Wowhead aesthetic, but the e-commerce engine is the popular open-source platform Magento.

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All the World's a Stage: So you want to be an Alchemist

This installment of All the World's a Stage is the twenty-sixth in a series of roleplaying guides in which we find out all the background information you need to roleplay a particular race or class (or profession!) well, without embarrassing yourself.

Too many people roleplay alchemy as a glorified fast food restaurant, with typical phrases such as, "Would you like some healing potions to go with your strength elixir?" or "If you give me just one more herb I could throw in a mana potion too..." Of course, the game mechanics often put us in the salesman position. Limited supply and demand force us to compete with other alchemists for herbs and customers, so to some extent we may have to deal with the capitalist food chain to matter what we do.

But there's so much more to an alchemist than just magical boosts and bonuses! An alchemist has the potential to be the other mad scientist! Why should they let engineers have all the fun? Just because engineers can craft their own vehicles and whatnot doesn't mean that alchemists don't have something (or someone) of their own to experiment on.

Today we shall take a closer look at the depths of madness which alchemists are capable of reaching, if only they dig a bit into the unlimited supply and demand of the imagination.

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BlizzCon Shopping

Now that we know what BlizzCon Attendees are getting as swag, Blizzard has published the list of things they will be offering in their store at BlizzCon.

The poster above will be $15 and, for me, it just wins out over the Valor poster. Just.

Other than the standard fare (posters, hats, t-shirts, keychains, etc.), they will be offering such choice items as:
  • Alliance and Horde license plate holders
  • BlizzCon USB Drive 512 mg + blank printed lanyard
  • Burning Crusade FragMats Mouse Pads
  • Tavern music CD
  • Belt Buckles
  • The TCG sets and boosters
  • The board game and expansion
And much more... Go to the BlizzCon Store Merchandise Information Page to make your shopping list.

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College bookstore puts WoW in the window

The Tensor was walking past the bookstore at "Unnamed University" (oh come on, you can tell us-- The University of Washington, maybe?) and saw the sight you see above. That's right, a college bookstore has WoW proudly displayed in their front window.

Are they actively trying to distract their students from work? Don't get me wrong-- there are plenty of good reasons to play WoW, even if you're supposed to be studying for a career. But I'm glad WoW didn't get released until I was out of college with a degree-- I had enough trouble when I discovered Civ, sophomore year, as it was.

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The joys of cat shopping

When I first hit level 60, I was poor. Training up a multitude of new skills and working on my equipment left me living life with nary a gold coin in my pocket for weeks, but like many other level 60s, I decided I wanted an epic mount. Although I'm still saving runecloth for a cross-racial mount, for now I've gone the traditional route and upgraded to the next brand of saber, as I'm a night elf.

Getting the epic mount has been the culmination of weeks of half-formed ambition and several days of single-minded determination. Grinding and farming with the sole purpose of cash (although I tried to get reputation along the way) has almost burnt me out on solo play, especially on the night elf in question. However, when I rush across the landscape faster than ever before, running and jumping from the sheer joy of a speed increase, it all seems worth it.

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