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WoW Insider Show Episode 96: Tips aplenty

We went live with the WoW Insider Show yet again last Saturday, and this one was a good one: not only did Turpster and Lesley Smith join us, but we were also graced with the presence of Michelle Madison, of the podcasts Warcraft Outsiders and Video Game Outsiders. She was kind enough to make it past all of our inside jokes (she agreed it was prounounced "Fah-jord," which is as it should be) and mixed it up with some great discussion, including about the Midsummer Fire Festival, the new Tier 9 gear coming to the game (and the lore figures they named it after), and whether including quest objectives on the official map dumbs things down too much (spoiler: we basically said no).

It was an excellent show, and you can tune in to hear it by following any of the links below, or subscribing to our feed right over on iTunes itself (that guarantees you get the new shows every single Monday). We'll be back next week as always, so be sure to tune back in then.

Oh, and while we have you, keep an eye out soon for more information about what we're doing at BlizzCon. We've already scheduled our meetup on Thursday night around 8pm, but we haven't announced a location yet, so look for that soon. And if you aren't going to be in Anaheim, worry not -- we'll be streaming a special episode live from the meetup (with video, if everything works out as planned), so you'll be able to join us virtually. Will be really fun, so stay tuned.

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Listen here on the page:

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WoW Insider Show Episode 68: Sexy times with Hunter nerfs

Our podcast was rip-roaring this last weekend -- BigRedKitty was on board to talk Hunter nerfs with us (and talk Hunter nerfs we did -- there's a lot of Hunter talk on this show), and we also went down the upcoming changes for patch 3.0.8 (including all of those mage buffs), Turpster helped us dissect the ideas of dual specs and achievement looting, and of course as usual we answered reader emails and chatted live with everyone in the chat.

The show is now right there below, and also available on the side of our site, and of course in iTunes as usual, where it's been phenomenally popular -- just the other week, we appeared on the top Games and Hobbies podcasts lists, along with tons of other great podcasts (and even some of our favorite Warcraft-related shows). We appreciate every bit of support we get over there -- if you've subscribed to get the shows weekly or have left a review (hopefully glowing, though constructive suggestions are fine as well), thanks very much.

And of course we'll be back next weekend as always -- we tape the show live on Ustream every Saturday afternoon at 3:30pm Eastern. Thanks for listening, enjoy the show.

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Listen here on the page:

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SK Gaming raiding Sunwell live tomorrow

Haven't been to Sunwell yet? Sure, you say it's that you don't have time to raid, or that maybe you just can't find a guild that vibes with you, or that raiding is pointless until the expansion releases. But we know the truth: deep down inside, you really do want to go, but you're just not good enough. Worry not, you noob: the good folks at SK Gaming (whom we've interviewed in the past) are here to let you experience the instance anyway. You may not have the healing prowess needed to stand up with the big boys, but they do and they're streaming the whole thing live over the internet, complete with commentary and two points of view.

The show starts at 2pm EDT tomorrow afternoon, and to see it, you've got to pick up Joost, which is a free download, for Windows or OS X. They're set to talk mostly, they say, about Warriors, Mages, and Paladins, as well as UI setups, and they're also planning to attempt a world record for DPS on Brutallus.

Should be fun to see, and if nothing else, you can pretend to be a raider. Take that, Brutallus! Have another Frostbolt!

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E3: All your news under one roof

Looking forward to E3? This year's E3 is going to be one to remember, but the sheer amount of news coming out of the show extends beyond the world of WoW. Courtesy of the Joystiq E3 team, we bring you one source for all your information:

Keep your eyes glued to that page -- as well as your favourite World of Warcraft blog, WoW Insider, of course! -- to stay on top of the manic mayhem that is the Electronic Enterainment Expo 2006.

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