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BlizzCon 2008 UI panel liveblog

12:00 PM: The gang just showed up on stage. Hellos answered with... silence.
12:02 PM: Tom Thompson and Derek Sakamoto introducing themselves, lots of applause.

Check the rest behind the cut!

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Slouken: no rollback of combat log but other UI changes are no joke

On April Fools' Day, amongst our extensive HKO coverage, Daniel Whitcomb reported that the combat log changes introduced in Patch 2.4 were being rolled back in Patch 2.5. Slouken has since indicated that he was "just kidding", as Daniel had guessed.

So the combat log will not be rolled back and there may not be a Patch 2.5 before Wrath of the Lich King.

He did say, however, that the UI changes that were to happen in the fictional 2.5 will in fact happen in WotLK. Specifically, the arguments "this" and "argN" will be phased out of the Blizzard UI in favor of "self" and other local arguments. Slouken recommends that authors start using "self" in the meantime, so that they will be prepared for when the expansion comes out.

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Slouken: 2.5 to feature complete rollback of the 2.4 combat log changes

While we're still HKO Insider, we do have some nostalgia left for our former game, and since we saw this thing that more or less looks like some legitimate WoW news, maybe, we figured we might as well post it for old time's sake. (Ed: No more of this! HKO news only!)

While it's true that the 2.4 combat log has had a few glitches, it seemed like at least a good portion of them were fixed in today's patch, and we could expect the log to be used at it's full potential soon enough. However, apparently... No dice. Blizzard poster Slouken announced today that patch 2.5 would feature a complete rollback of the 2.4 combat log changes. Hope all you programming-type dudes kept old copies of your 2.3 addon code.

Then again, you might want to look at the date and hold off for another 24 hours before you start panicking and rewriting stuff. But then again, Slouken's keeping a pretty straight face about this! Then again once more, that's a lot of work on the part of the dev team to just abandon and roll back, and the thread itself isn't even stickied. So who knows?

Anyhow, stay tuned, we'll let you know if this pans out, or if Slouken just has a damn good poker face. If it is true, this also means that we're looking at a patch 2.5 before the expansion -- while it may not be a big content patch, there will be one more game update before Wrath.

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Congrats to Blizzard's Slouken on a new baby!

Big grats to WoW Forum blue (and Blizzard UI guy) Slouken on a more-than-epic drop-- he apparently won the roll on a brand new baby last night. Congrats to him and his wife on welcoming the newest member of their guild family into the world. She's super cute!

And good to see that, by sitting her right in front of the logo on the t-shirt above, she's being indoctrinated at a very, very early age. No doubt she'll be coding macros, debugging addons, and introducing new arguments and actions into the API in no time.

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Chat spam measures shut down multi-line reporting addons

The latest uprising on the forums (seems like there's one almost every day now, doesn't there?) has to do with what seems to be an anti-chat spam measure on Blizzard's part. Players have discovered that multi-line messages don't work anymore, even in guild and group channels. Spammers are very fond of guild or group inviting folks, and then filling their chat window with ads for less-than-TOS-compliant activities, and Blizzard decided to cut those folks off at the pass.

Except that we kind of need those messages. Sure, lots of annoying macros use them, but so do legitimate healing and DPS meter addons. So Slouken says that Blizzard will change things, and messages like these "will be allowed in guild chat and private channels with 25 people or less." Which should cover most exceptions-- you'll still be able to show off the meters in guild and raid chat, but then again, you'll still have to be careful about what guild and raid invitations you accept anyway.

Thanks, Shilarva!

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Definitive answers to UI suggestions

Over the past few days, Slouken (Blizzard's UI Guy) has been going through Cogwheel's compilation of UI suggestions and giving definitive answers on some of them. Here are the items which aren't going to happen and some that are:


  • Generic /sequence command
  • Spell Queuing
  • Vendor value without being at a vendor
  • API to retrieve DND or AFK status message from another player
  • Finer-grained action button enable/disable events with some logic moved C-side
  • /stopcasting <optional spell name>
  • /swapgroup <playerName> <playerName | subGroup>
  • Some way to iterate over the pet spell lists of pets you're not currently using (client doesn't have this information)
More on what is coming in the next two patches after the jump.

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