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It came from the Blog: Midsummer Flamefest snapshots

Last Saturday, <It came from the Blog> flamed the Eastern Kingdoms. We started at Silvermoon City, hanging out, chatting and pole dancing. We then proceeded to work our way down the continent, hitting all of the Horde flames and some of the Alliance ones. The first half of the event was an all-levels affair. Stay on the road! Protect the lowbies! But then the mid- to high-levels abandoned the lowbies at Hammerfall and we took flight paths the rest of the way,

There was a slight glitch, however. (Perfect is boring.) Robinator didn't have the flight path in the Burning Steppes. But that turned out to be a good thing. We landed in Swamp of Sorrows, rode through Darkshire and then into Lakeshire to get to the Burning Steppes. This allowed us to douse a few more Alliance fires. I should have planned it that way all along.

It was a lot of fun, as usual. This was the first time I had streamed an event, and I liked it. I'll continue to do that from now on. Stay tuned for the pics from the Server Maintenance Party. And I'll let you know what this month's event will be as soon as I know.

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It came from the Blog: Running of the orphans snapshots

On the first day of Children's Week, we at <It came from the Blog> adopted orphans for the day and ran them around to wherever they wanted to go. We ended the day by letting them gorge on ice cream, like the irresponsible guardians we are. More than 80 people joined us, including Thrahk, our candidate for warchief -- should that position become available.

We began the event by meeting and greeting at the waterfall in Orgrimmar. Note: It's hard to fish when you can't tell which bobber is yours. Then we completed all of the Orgrimmar orphan quests. We have snapshots that I took as well as those sent in by guildies.

Midsummer Fire Festival is next month, so expect our next event to be on either June 26 or 27. We'll pick a continent and hit all the fires on it. And of course, Choose My Adventure continues.

Please join us on US Zangarmarsh-H in <It came from the Blog>. Ask Robiness, Robinemia or any member online for an invite. Guild ranks of Lurker or above have the ability to invite. You are all welcome as long as you play by our simple rules, which can be summed up with "Don't be a Funsucker!" Also, please see the guild FAQ for the most common questions.

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It came from the Blog: Gurubashi Beatdown snapshots

Before last Saturday, my favorite It came from the Blog event had been the Love is in the Air event. But now I think the Gurubashi Beatdown may have become my new fave. We had a great time playing games in the Gurubashi Arena.

But first we met in Orgrimmar and had another mixer with some of the staff. Matthew Rossi, Chase Christian, Amy Schley, Anne Stickney and I hung out at the entrance, chatting it up. A lore discussion broke out... and there was much rejoicing.

Then those of us participating in the main event made the trip to Gurubashi Arena. There, we played the following games:
  • Get nekkid and punch Robinella to death.
  • Nekkid fistfighting last man standing.
  • Fully clothed last man standing.
  • Run the gauntlet.
  • Kill the Alliance... whenever appropriate.
It was so much fun that if you like PvP at all, you should really join us at the next Gurubashi Beatdown. And believe me, there will be one. There are more details about the games in the gallery below. And stay tuned for details on some upcoming fun we'll be having in between events in It came from the Blog.

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