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WoW Insider Show Episode 100: Trip down memory lane

We recorded our 100th podcast last Saturday, and it was a doozy. There was so much awesomeness, in fact, that our recording equipment just couldn't handle all of it. But worry not -- below you'll find a kind of a clip show, including all of our looks at the history of the funniest moments in the show (including one moment that we've never before had on the recorded feed), as well as some discussion by our guests John "BigBearButt" Patricelli and Brigwyn (along with Turpster and I) about the Druid and Hunter Q&As last week. We don't have the video coming into iTunes, but just in case you want to see my ugly mug talking, you can watch the archived video over on the Ustream page. Turpster also had video running during the show, but that's what caused most of our lag, and Ustream doesn't record that anyway.

The show also includes not one but two different songs we've recorded over the past few years, as well as a short look at what things were like on our very first episode (the very first time Turpster and I were ever on the air together). It's been quite an amazing two years, and thanks again, our listeners, for all your support so far.

Enjoy the show -- we'll be back as usual next weekend, to kick off our next 100 shows (and of course BlizzCon is right around the corner: we'll be streaming live from the meetup, and we're planning on doing a special podcast with our staff there every single night after the show, too).

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Listen here on the page:

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BlizzCon creative contests open for entries

Attention aspiring artist, songwriters, and machinimators: want to win an awesome Alienware laptop? Sure you do. Well, here's your chance. Blizzard is holding three creative contests at BlizzCon this summer: best fan art, best original song, and best movie using WoW footage (i.e. machinima).

Entrants in each category have until July 31 to submit their best work. Various countries and localities around the world are eligible, although not all; this is due to legal issues, and not Blizzard hating Italians and residents of Vermont (which Alex claims are called "Vermites").

For the full rules, see Blizzard's contest page, but the general guidelines for submissions are as follows:

  • Art must be high-res Photoshop files.
  • Movies must be under three minutes and 100 MB, and should be WMVs, AVIs, or MOVs. Music must be either by the entrant or by Blizzard.
  • Songs must be MP3s under 2 minute and 5 MB. Lyrics (if any) should be without profanity, in English, Spanish, French, German, Korean, or Chinese, and if not in English, must come with a written English translation.

For second place in each category, Blizzard will be awarding some Razer equipment, and third place will get an unspecified NVIDIA video card. The top two winners in the Movie contest also each get a copy of Adobe CS4, which is pretty sweet. So get creating!

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WoW Insider Show episode 91: The video show

We had our long-awaited video version of the podcast last weekend, and it was a hoot: Turpster and I dressed up and drank champagne together, Robin Torres showed how to inflate your Frostmourne, Lesley Smith came to us live from England, Duncor showed off his famous gigantic cowboy hat, and Patrick Beja showed that he can out-spiffy us any day. Unfortunately, because of the way we did things, we didn't end up getting a good recording of the whole thing -- you can see a few clips of the beginning over on Ustream, but they only have my camera (and the audio is rough -- I didn't realize it sounded that bad at the time). Dotorion also Frapsed a bit of the beginning, which should give you a little taste of the multi-camera mayhem.

But in the end, it was pretty much a one-time thing you had to be there for live. Lightning in a bottle, if you will. The good news is that even if you didn't see the show, we've still got a treat for you: Turpster premiered a brand new video (put together by our good friend Ninthbatter) that we played at the end of the show, and that you can watch online right now. Turpster has also recently updated his own site, where you can find all the songs he's ever made, including our WoW Insider Song, and "Just Can't Wait," which is a song that he, I, and BigBearButt recorded a while ago before Wrath's release. So even though you don't have a new podcast to listen to today, you can tune in there.

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WoW Idol voting begins

WoW Radio (home of our illustrious podcast) has announced the finalists in their WoW Idol contest, and you can listen to and vote on them right now over on their web site. There are a ton of interesting choices, too, from Sevhnn's dance-hop flavored "MS Warrior Tribute," to Selserene and Rob Munsch's delicate classical turns on Azerothian themes.

I have to say that I especially like Jeff Wichtowski's "Keep the Tank from Dying," just because it sounds so perfectly like one of those songs. But these are all good-- "Strength and Honor" from Liquidator and Threat sounds good (is that a Fort Minor sample at the end?), and "I Smile When I Gank" (by Daryl Brewer, who apparently won the last WoW Idol) is hilarious (love the backing vocals), and the Hyskelettes' "Heal!" is a great Beatles cover/parody.

But only one can be the WoW Idol popular choice, and win some great prizes (WoW Radio has also added some new ones in-- I believe the winners are also going to get some Winter's Veil boxes from Upper Deck). So definitely run over there and get your vote in ASAP.

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WoW Radio announces WoW Idol 2008

WoW Radio (home of our increasingly popular podcast) sends along a note that they've announced another round of WoW Idol, a contest to find the best WoW-related song their listeners can come up with. They're looking for both original work, and WoW parodies of popular songs, and the deadline is Friday the 18th of January. After that, the songs will be posted on their site (and played on air), and the finalists will be narrowed down to five winners, including three critics' choices, one popular choice, and a worst/most embarrassing winner. Sounds like a lot of fun (get it? "sounds"? ha!).

And the prizes have notably improved from the last go-around-- you could win a signed poster, t-shirts, and everyone (including the worst winner) gets a BlizzCon beta key/murloc suit card. Hot! They're looking for songs 3-5 minutes long and related to World of Warcraft in some way-- send your submission to "wowidol AT wcradio dot com".

Can't wait to hear the entries-- if any of them happen to be related to WoW Insider, we'll have to ask WoW Radio to let us play them on our podcast as well. If you plan to enter, good luck!

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WoW Moviewatch: Skullcrusher Mountain

Skullcrusher Mountain is a terrifically catchy song by the always fabulous Jonathan Coulton, and someone named Mike Smith Booth, a program manager at Adobe, made this lovely WoW video to it. I can't help but feel a little sorry for the gnome, even if he did kidnap the girl in the first place.

I now find myself wondering if I can convince my guild to call Blackrock Mountain "Skullcrusher Mountain" instead. One quibble, though: that looked like Eviscerate at the end, but how would she have built up combo points? Ah well. I probably shouldn't argue with a movie that actually bothered to construct a half-monkey, half-pony monster just to please us.

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WoW Moviewatch: Bubble Hearth

Be warned, something about this little music video is extremely catchy..! And while I'm somewhat concerned that I'll have this song stuck in my head for days, I think it was probably worth it.

Update: Multiple commenters have posted saying that the music (the most charming thing about this particular movie) was created by Mickey-C of WoW Radio.

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