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Community Blog Topic Results: Favorite class and spec

Community Blog Topic Results Favorite class and spec
Last week, we asked "What is your favorite class and spec?" We got many answers from altoholics who couldn't choose to enthusiastic odes. Here's what everyone had to say, listed in order of popularity.


AlternativeChat over at ALT:ernative says
If it's Hunter shaped, I'm going to play it.
She favors the Beast Mastery spec due to its utility in soloing and farming as well as its pet buffs granting access to all DPS and crowd control abilities.

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Cataclysm class and mastery systems explained

Everything we knew about talents have changed. Some highlights:
  • You choose one tree at level 10 and then can only add talents to that tree until you have put 31 points in it. Then the other trees open up.
  • At level 78 and above, items will start dropping with Mastery as a stat. Once Mastery is learned from your class trainer, the stat will give bonuses based on the tree specialized in.
  • The Mastery bonuses will be flat percentages and will no longer be based on the number of talents spent in a tree.
  • Talents will alternate with skills when leveling. So you will get a talent point "about" every other level.

The full blue post is after the break.

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