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TCG's new pet enlarging loot card.

I've never actually had the privilege of playing the WoW Trading Card Game on account of living in China, where they don't sell this sort of stuff. But I always love to see the special items from loot cards you can find in the TGC. I've seen people with the spectral tiger a couple of times, as well as a bunch of people with the picnic grill and even a dragon kite.

But with their latest expansion pack, Servants of the Betrayer (they come out with expansion packs right quick compared to Blizzard, don't they?), they've added a "super-common" loot card. Apparently every single booster box full of smaller booster packets is supposed to have two of these things, a "Papa Hummel's Old-Fashioned Pet Biscuit," so pretty soon we may find this sort of item becoming rather ubiquitous. You'll also be able to use it with each of the characters you play, rather than having to choose just one.

But what exactly does it do? As you can see in the pic above, taken from their website, it'll make your non-combat pet you have grow significantly in size, up to the size of a normal hunter pet. But for me the really exciting thing is that it will enlarge your hunter and warlock pets too! I've always wanted to have a hunter with a huge pet, much bigger than my actual character for roleplay reasons, but it seems this might even be an advantage in PvP and Arenas, too, if I made my wing-flapping owl so huge that other players can't see past it so easily, for example. Anyways, this might be the first loot card that is not entirely outside the average player's reach, and especially attractive to two popular classes, no less.

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Spectral Tiger card sells for $2000

Yesterday afternoon, a copy of the Spectral Tiger card from the WoW TCG sold on eBay for the astonishing price of $2000 (the starting bid was $100). Why so much? Well, for one thing, it's a loot card -- it gives you access, via a scratch-off code, to an in-game mount that you can't get any other way, called (surprise) the Spectral Tiger. It's available in both normal (60%) and epic (100%) speed, and it looks pretty sweet.

Furthermore, the TCG set of which it is a part, Fires of Outland, has not been released yet; it debuts on August 22nd. This card was apparently obtained at pre-release event. Still, two grand is a lot of money; that would buy you over 11 years of game time, or (in my preferred money visualization scheme) 150 pounds of really good coffee.

We gave away this very same mount not long ago (don't say WoW Insider never gave you anything) -- a $2000 value, apparently! But if you're not our lucky winner, and you simply must have a translucent cat to ride on, there are still a few more going on eBay.

[thanks, Jacckk of Perenolde]

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Upper Deck shows off the new loot cards

Upper Deck has confirmed those three loot items we mentioned the other day, coming in the Fires of Outland booster set. Goblin gumbo is a summonable pot that conjures a tradeable food (that makes you burp). There's a fishing chair as well (and Upper Deck has posted the first pictures of it-- looks like you're able to actually sit in the chair while you fish, which might make all that repetitive clicking a little more fun).

And of course there's the much awaited Spectral Tiger Mount, available in both regular and Epic flavors (strangely enough, they're making you pay the regular mount price for it, even after getting the special loot card code.

And if you're actually playing the game (not just using the codes for the cool in game stuff), Mike Hummel also reveals what each card does in game-- the Spectral Tiger card provides a buff to allies in your party with the Elusive and Ferocity qualities. Cool stuff. All of the cards will be foil cards, so if you're planning on grabbing some of the Fires of Outland packs (coming to stores in late August, we're told), keep an eye out.

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Spectral Tiger Mount video

Of the three rewards coming to the TCG loot cards, this Spectral Tiger Mount probably got the most attention-- not only is it a sweet looking mount (ok, it's a freaking amazing looking mount), but it'll also be the first time Horde characters will get to ride cats*, and we all know cats are the best mounts in the game, right?

We don't yet know, as MMO Champion notes, whether it's an epic or a normal ground mount-- Boubouille apparently ducked into a private realm for the video, and apparently there are two spells (one 60% and one 100% speed) for the mount itself. So that could mean that Blizzard is still deciding, or it could actually mean that there are two of these mounts in game-- one at 60% from the TCG loot cards, and an epic mount yet to be discovered.

At any rate, looks awesome. Will this entice you to grab a few TCG packs, or does the fact that Blizzard wants you to pay real money for a mount you probably won't get just disgust you?

*Update: Of course Horde can ride the rare Tiger mount from ZG. My bad.

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Three new loot cards for the WoW TCG

We actually heard from Upper Deck last month that there would be new loot cards coming in the "Fires of Outland" booster release from the WoW collectible card game, but now PHD Games has announced exactly what they'll be. Strangely enough, PHD is a distributor, and there's no word on Upper Deck's site about this, so this may actually be an unapproved leak-- wonder if PHD might face consequences for apparently telling us all of this early.

At any rate, here's the random cards that will be showing up in Fires of Outland:
  • Goblin Gumbo, which will make you "burp outlandish gas"
  • A Fishing Chair, for relaxing while angling
  • And the best one: A Spectral Tiger mount (!). MMO Champion has actual pics, which you can see above. Pretty!
Also, all the loot cards will now be foil cards (which is a first for the WoW TCG), and they'll have a different design as well. Fires of Outland, says PHD, is coming in late August.

Update: Commenter boulee points out there were foil cards in the Onyxia raid deck. Thanks!

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