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WoW Insider readers' speed leveling tips

Breakfast Topic What are your speed leveling secrets
WoW Insider recently posted a Breakfast Topic asking readers for their speed leveling tips. Of course, leveling at top speed isn't everyone's preference, but WoW Insider readers seemed to have quite some insights into the fastest way to get from level 1 to level 90!

We've been through the responses and picked out the most regularly mentioned and most intriguing to create this reader-inspired guide.

The Basics

1. Rested Experience.

Several readers commented on the importance of rested XP, and I totally agree that it's a huge deal. The bars seem to fly by when they're blue, or perhaps it's more that they seem to go so slowly when they're purple. How do you make the most of rested XP? One suggestion that came up a lot is to level two characters simultaneously. They don't need to be at the same level, necessarily, but the idea behind this is that when one character gets out of the rested XP zone, the next will have built up enough to last you for a while, or at least until the first character has built up some rested XP of their own. Make sure you log out in an inn or city, where the little "zzz" icon appears on your character's frame. Logging out anywhere in the world will grant rested XP, but nowhere near as much as logging in cities.

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Forum post of the day: Broken records incoming

Although at times contentious, the current recruitment promotion has certainly sped up leveling. The triple experience point bonus comes to mind first, but the ability to give levels at a rate of one per two gained is also a real boon. The rule is that the levels can be applied to a character lower than the givers current level, capped at level 60. Theoretically someone who has reached level 60 could donate enough levels to raise another character from 30-59* in a matter of minutes.

This new mechanic is pretty easy to use and potentially abuse. Málfurion of Wildhammer is not happy with the change. To quote "I just saw a Warlock go from level 31-59 in 10 seconds in front of my eyes... The new recruit a friend is bull > <.... NERF NERF NERF!" The post was met with some disbelief, but it clearly is a possibility. Some players indicated that they have something similar in mind. Abilene of Aegwynn believes that this practice ruins the game for some.

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