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Thrall gets a new big brother: US government wants to search for terrorists on WoW

The Rogue in your next instance or battleground may just be a spy- not from the opposite faction, from the United States Government. The Office of the Director of National Intelligence submitted a report to Congress [Via Wired] on their plans to use data mining in virtual communities to root out spies. The project will involve sifting through vast amounts of data, looking for suspicious behavior and actions. The Intelligence Community wants to target MMOs because they typically fall outside the purview of study. The spying project would only use publicly available data. The findings of the endeavor would not be classified.

Data mining is the process of going through large amounts of information for specific relevant information. This is a process that has long been used in the business industry for product and market research. The government plans to use these same techniques to root out terrorist messages in online content.

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I have to change-- I'm logging out

Kayholder found a level 70 character on the Armory (hi, Subdural from Alexstraza) wearing all kinds of junk, and asks how the guy even got to level 50, much less 70. But the answer from another WoW LJer mentioned something I've never heard before either: "logout clothes."

No way. I know players were concerned about being spied on in the Armory when it first came out, but are you guys really putting on a logout set before you exit the game? This guy's a shadow priest, but he doesn't have any arena ratings that I can see, and he's Exalted with the AV faction (not that hard), and only Honored with the other two, so who is he hiding his gear from? Does he not want Magtheridon scouring the Armory to see who's coming to get him this weekend?

Seriously, do you guys really do this? Is it that important to hide your gear that you have to carry around a completely separate set to put on every time you log out? And even if you do, can't people see your set while you're wearing it? All they'd have to do, I'd think, is wait for you to log on, and then check the Amory to see what you were wearing (or heck, just go find you in game). Do any of you really use "logout clothes"? And for the love of Thrall, why?

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