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Warlords of Draenor: New voice files datamined

Adriacraft over on Youtube has been hard at work downloading a variety of different voice files from the latest beta build. Included in the mix are what seems to be most of the tracks for the Tanaan Jungle starting experience, as well as a few different vignettes and scenarios, some of which haven't been seen on the beta as of yet. Several of the orc warlords have been dug up, as well as a full ten minutes worth of vocal tracks from Yrel.

Needless to say, every single last one of these files are full of spoilers for story lines and events in Warlords of Draenor. If you are deliberately avoiding spoilers, listening to any of these would be a very, very bad idea. And if you do choose to listen to them, keep in mind that these are beta files, and therefore may or may not actually be found in game once the expansion is released.

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Warlords of Draenor: The Iron Horde invasion, Alliance edition

Blasted Lands Maraad
One of the newer additions to the Warlords of Draenor beta is the Iron Horde invasion of the Blasted Lands. I'm a bit unsure as to whether this is a permanent change or if this is a testing phase for a temporary event, but the new flight point makes me lean toward permanent. You can grab the breadcrumb quest into this series from the Hero's Call Board in Stormwind, where you are told that Vindicator Maraad awaits you in the Blasted Lands. There's a convenient portal right next to the board so you can just hop on in and head over to the new quests.

Beyond this point lie some fairly hefty spoilers for the early part of Warlords of Draenor, so if you're trying to avoid those, pass this article by!

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Breakfast Topic: Why I'm not reading the spoilers

I'm going to be doing something different this time around in the beta -- I'm not going to be reading all the leaks and spoilers. Over the past decade I've had all of Warcraft spoiled for me, there's never been a surprise that I didn't know about well in advance. And really that means there's never been a surprise at all.

That's disappointing. I knew for months what happened at the end of Wrath, we heard long ago who the "big bad" of MoP was going to be. In my line of work finding out these things is par for the course. A lot of time we don't publish anything because they're just rumors; but obviously some of them become true.

This time though? I'm not going to pay attention to them. Already I'm making it a point not to read quest text or conversation strings. I'm not going to watch videos of cinematics, and I'm not going to participate in lore discussions when leaks or spoilers are involved. In fact, I'm going to do everything I possibly can from editing those posts. There's other editors around that can do that. /cough Alex and Anne

I know some of you are going to want to read them. Heck I can see it in the hits every time we post a spoiler (I'm looking at you new leader of the Horde post, which was one of AOL's most viewed posts the day it happened). We'll still do that stuff. But you know what? I'm just going to close my eyes and pretend they don't exist. As long as Alex and Anne don't kill me.

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Know Your Lore: Warlords lore, spoilers and you

The World of Warcraft is an expansive universe. You're playing the game, you're fighting the bosses, you know the how -- but do you know the why? Each week, Matthew Rossi and Anne Stickney make sure you Know Your Lore by covering the history of the story behind World of Warcraft.

It's about that time again. The time in which an expansion is waning towards its inevitable end, and a new one sits on the horizon. The time when that expansion isn't quite available for play, but is now the subject of copious amounts of clever datamining to pluck out all those interesting details before they've even had a chance to fully see the light of day.

For most players, it's incredibly fun to see the details as they are released, particularly since Blizzard has been so careful this time around to clarify any changes that may appear a little weird. For fans of the lore, it means one of two things -- a ton of delicious tidbits in regards to story information, or the inevitable launch of a minefield of spoilers that will have to be dodged for the next several months until the expansion is in hand. But is it really worth it to give them a look? Is it worth it to discuss them?

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Community Blog Topic Results: What is your spoiler policy?

In last week's Community Blog Topic, we talked about everyone's spoiler policy. It was particularly timely due to all the brouhaha with the Siege of Orgrimmar and what happens at the end. Many people say that it's the individual's responsibility to avoid situations where spoilers can happen, while others say it is the responsibility of the speaker or the site to warn of spoilers.

SparkysShocker at Blood Sweat and Honor voiced a common opinion about the big warchief reveal.
... with the advent of LFR I think the safe time period to discuss major lore spoilers is once the last LFR wing is released, because at that point it is safe to assume that everyone who wants to see it for themselves has.

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Community Blog Topic: What is your spoiler policy?

Community Blog Topic What is your spoiler policy
In patch 5.4 there is the big reveal of Garrosh's fate and who becomes the new Horde leader(s). But in order to get that knowledge, you either need to beat the Siege of Orgrimmar, watch the end cinematics, or read about it on fansites like this one. Many people want to wait to find out on their own, but others want to talk about it now.

In the daily Queue column, we answer a lot of questions about a lot of things. And those who want to talk about the big reveal now ask now. Those who don't want to know yet get upset when they read the Queue and its comments. But how long after the information is known should we (or anyone) wait to talk about it without issuing major spoiler alerts?

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Script guesswork compiled for patch 5.4

As I'm certain many of you are aware of, these days there have been a whole lot of sound files datamined for the upcoming patch. We've featured a number of them, but one of the annoying things about datamined sound files is that they're only ever for one character at a time, so unless the mouthy NPC has decided to do an extended monologue, you don't get a chance to hear the proper conversation as it's designed to be heard.

Silencer, on the MMO-Champion message boards, decided to attempt to remedy that, and has compiled some scripts featuring a best guess of a few full conversations from a few of the sound files. In particular, there is a branch of the legendary quest featuring Wrathion and Lorewalker Cho, as well as a scene between Cho and Emperor Shaohao. There's no guarantee that any of these are 100% accurate, of course, but for the lore-interest inclined, these ideas are worth a look. As usual, all these links contain spoilers for upcoming content, so click at your own risk!

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Patch 5.4 PTR: Sound files rife with spoilers

Patch 54 Sound files rife with spoilers
Our friend Stevan over at Adriacraft has been busy doing what he does best, and trawling the patch 5.4 PTR build that just went live, and he's unearthed some sound files that can only be described as spoiler-heavy. They're so spoiler-heavy that we've put the whole lot after the break, so head on down if you are OK with some seriously heavy spoilers. If you are not OK with spoilers, do not hit the break, do not listen to the audio, do not read the comments. Instead, enjoy this lovely shaman.

And what's more, this is datamining. Datamining is encouraging players to draw conclusions from files found in the game's systems. The developers have been known to put things in there which are red herrings, things which are never used, things which aren't even meant to be in there. So take it as read that that could well be what's going on. And take all this with a hefty pinch of salt. If, however, you love datamined spoilers, read on.

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Patch 5.2 PTR: Additional Wrathion quest sound files

Spoilers Additional Wrathion quest sound files
Spoiler Alert: Adriacraft has been back with more of their datamined audio files, and wow, these ones have some spoilers in them. If you don't want to have spoilers about Wrathion's questline, or anything else for that matter, definitely don't watch the video, or hit the break to read any more of this post.

Final Warning: Spoilers after the break. Really big spoilers. Do not hit the link below if you don't want to know.

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Breakfast Topic: How long do you bang your head against the wall before you Wowhead something?

Breakfast Topic How long do you bang your head against the wall before you Wowhead it
Are you a puzzle-solving fanatic? Confession time: I'm not. I admire the spoiler-free lifestyle, but after eight years of playing, I don't have the patience for too much protracted fumbling about for a particular mechanic or location. Mists has taught me that sometimes, you just have to keep clicking on the yak -- except when that doesn't work, in which case Wowhead comments have taught me that tenderly whispering "/reload ui" into said yak's ear can save the day.

I'll keep retrying challenging encounters 'til the cows come home, but nothing sends me alt-tabbing to Wowhead faster than procedural confusion. When I log out mid-quest line, it's easy to forget how that friendly, lurking NPC next to me is planning to assist, so when sparkly quest items fail to appear at the quest location the next day, a quick trip to Wowhead reminds me that I have to kill the mobs to let my sneaky buddy search the corpses for the requisite loot. I also tend to spur my mount anxiously away to a task as soon as an NPC assigns it to me, long before his colleagues have finished hemming and hawing over my worth to cough up their own exclamation points. Wandering about and painstakingly retracing my steps is for the birds -- I head straight to Wowhead to find out where I dropped the storyline.

How long will you bang your head against a given issue before consulting Wowhead or another reference? What do you consider a reasonable number of spoiler-free attempts? Do you have little patience for procedural snags but relish the chance to puzzle your way through what a quest wants you to? Do you salivate at the opportunity of trial and error or drool in confusion over muddled mechanics?

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Breakfast Topic: Are you more open to game spoilers than you used to be?

Breakfast Topic Are you more open to game spoilers than you used to be
Game content in any MMO today stands little to no chance of remaining unspoiled for long. While WoW Insider takes every effort to tuck spoiler details behind the cut, we'd have to stop reporting on the game to avoid giving away any clues at all. By coming to a site like WoW Insider, players tacitly agree to at least a basic level of spoilers, of learning what's waiting to be discovered within the game they love.

Attitudes about spoilers change over time. As much as I enjoy blind raiding (heading into a raid with nothing but the most inconsequential knowledge of what might lie ahead, leaving the group to figure out mechanics and strategies by trial and error), the WoW community clearly prefers and indeed demands the opposite. Players are encouraged to study and learn raid tactics for bosses they've never seen, and Blizzard implemented the dungeon journal so that players could click open encounter basics right there in the game. Walking into the raid finder with no knowledge of what you're about to face or what to do constitutes a massive faux pas in today's WoW, something most raiders would consider grounds for an immediate kick from the group.

Maybe you're less taken with the thrill of discovery or the reward of figuring something out than with the actual the doing of it, making guides and spoilers a vital part of your WoW repertoire. Or perhaps you enjoy something like collecting mounts, making lists of potential mounts and how to get them an essential part of your game plan. What's your own outlook on spoilers? Is there a certain degree of information you tend to seek about new content, drawing the line at a particular level of detail? If your attitude and the way you use spoilers has changed over time, do you think that's based more on the changing views of the WoW player base or changes in the way you play and enjoy the game?

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Patch 5.1 Sound Files: The conflict gets real (Spoilers!)

51 The conflict gets real
Over at MMO Champion, a large amount of sound files have been datamined from the 5.1 PTR, all of which are embedded after the cut for your listening pleasure. They provide some fascinating foresights into what awaits players in the upcoming patch, as well as setting us up for the flavor of the expansion to come.

SPOILER ALERT: Do not hit the break or listen to these sound files, or visit the MMO Champion thread if you don't want spoilers. These sound files are so spoiler-heavy, just listening to them spoiled the milk in my fridge. If you don't want spoilers, don't go over the break, don't hit the link, and don't listen or watch. Fair warning.

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Breakfast Topic: How do you feel about Mists of Pandaria spoilers?

What with Mists of Pandaria news and coverage of the beta all over the place, spoilers can be really, really hard to avoid. While I generally try to keep spoiler content out of Know Your Lore (and clearly label it as such if something might be a spoiler), I've still been just as busy posting beta news and information about zones, quests, features and more. Now thankfully, WoW Insider clearly labels all Mists of Pandaria info as such, so you can easily scroll right on by if you don't want to read anything ... but that doesn't mean that the temptation isn't there.

You know what I mean. Even if you've sworn to yourself you don't want to know, you won't look for anything, and that you want to go into Mists completely unspoiled, the temptation to look is there. Do you push the button and read the news, or do you firmly keep yourself spoiler-free? And what counts as a spoiler? Is news posted on the official WoW site, like the information from the press event, hands-off? Or does that count as fine to look at, but beta info is forbidden?

Do you care about spoilers? Do you avoid every bit of Mists info you can and try not to read anything at all? Are you tempted by the glut of information out there to indulge yourself as much as possible? Or do you just read everything that's available and shrug off spoilers as something you don't really worry about?

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Patch 4.2: Thrall's quest sound files reveal major spoilers

Major spoilers ahead, friends. On the other side of this jump is Thrall's dialogue from the epic quest coming in patch 4.2. What fate awaits the former warchief of the Horde? Is Thrall gone for good, or is there still a chance we can save him from his elemental fate? Click faster, time is of the essence!

Major spoilers ahead. You have been warned.

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15 Minutes of Fame: Raiding without their strats on

From Hollywood celebrities to the guy next door, millions of people have made World of Warcraft a part of their lives. How do you play WoW? We're giving each approach its own 15 Minutes of Fame.

What happens when you don't study your raid strategies before raid time -- on purpose? Those wild and crazy guys in The Seven Scientists of Runetotem (US) have been raiding without their strats on again ... And that's just the way they like it. "The rule is, don't read any spoilers on a (raid) boss until we've killed it, and if you do, don't talk about them," explains guild member Neminem. "... This way, we actually get to figure out strategy for ourselves, instead of just regurgitating a strategy someone else came up with."

In earlier WoW, so-called "blind raiding" has been a badge of honor limited to the few bleeding-edge progression guilds that literally race through beta and new-release content, plus a few, dogged hardest of the hardcore. The Seven Scientists are neither. This 10-man group is entirely composed of real-life friends, and maintaining a tight-knit yet relaxed social fabric takes priority over progression. Despite that -- or as we'll see, perhaps more accurately because of it -- tackling new content without spoilers is simply the way they've come to enjoy throwing down together. Today's culture of PuGs sees a lack of preparation as a social faux pas, at best, or an offense worthy of guildkicks and pug-blacklisting, at worst. The Seven Scientists simply enjoy having a go at the content under their own steam -- no hairshirts, no lengthy rulesets, no pressure ... and all fun.

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