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Blizzard interviews Nihilum at Leipzig

Arena play on big screenIn the last four days, we've reported on interviews with Lead Designer Jeff Kaplan at the European Game Conference going on currently in Leipzig, Germany. So far he has dropped many new bits of information about the Wrath of the Lich King and some new patch content coming before that.

Turns out, Blizzard is reporting on its own activities at Leipzig on its official European page. In addition to the Wrath and Starcraft II demo stations, Blizzard hosted the demise of Illidan Stormrage. Uberguild Nihilum performed a Black Temple raid live at the Blizzard booth in front of 5,000 spectators. Afterwards, Blizzard gave away the keyboards signed by members of Nihilum to the crowd. Blizzard also interviewed the guild. You can read it here.

With the convention wrapping up today, we'll have to start looking elsewhere for more news on the upcoming expansion.

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Is the Beta Key for Starcraft II or WotLK?

BlizzCon 2007 attendees received a card when they got their goody bags. This card was separate from the bag and we were all told not to lose it because we weren't getting another one. The card contains the code for the Murloc Suit and a Beta Key for "Future Blizzard Title".

No indication was given during the con as to what the Beta Key was for. And now Morgal has asked for an answer on the forums. Nethaera responds:

Undetermined as of yet.

Assumptions were made before the leaks about the expansion that the key would definitely be for Starcraft II, but now with parts of Wrath of the Lich King already playable, perhaps the Beta Key is for the expansion?

There's a small hope in my heart for the unannounced Diablo 3, but that's just silly. Do you think that Blizzard has actually not decided which game the key is for? Which game would you like to beta test?

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BlizzCon 2007 site is live!

Blizzard has launched their BlizzCon 2007 site today. For those new to the Blizzard universe, BlizzCon is a two day event in Anaheim, CA hosted by the developers of WoW. This year it will be August 3-4 at the Anaheim Convention Center near Disneyland. This event doesn't just cover our beloved Warcraft. It also spotlights the Diablo and Starcraft franchises as well.

The new site has the previously announced events and adds hotel/travel info, FAQ and forums. Ticket purchases through the site will go live soon. Also, more information about the contests is promised.

What looks most exciting to you? The dev panels? On-site tournament play? Starcraft II info? Let us know!

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