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Blog Azeroth Shared Topic: Starstruck by someone in the WoW community

Each week, Blog Azeroth hosts a Shared Topic for bloggers to answer on their own blogs and then link to in the forum. This week, dragonray from Azerothian Life asks:
Are you starstruck by anyone? Does someone in the community respond to a post or a tweet and get you all speechless because they actually responded? Is there anyone you are waiting to have respond directly to you? Is there someone that you would like to chat to, but are too chicken? Am I the only one who puts other bloggers on a pedestal?
This is such a weird and awkward question to answer for so many reasons, particularly because of where I work. I guess that's a bit of a Captain Obvious statement. I work with so many people I admire -- really amazing writers, and knowledgeable too. I am very fortunate.

Every time I get thanked for linking to a blog post from the general WoW community, I get a thrill. After all, I'm only linking it because I admire the work. It's not like I'm randomly choosing blogs from a bingo tumbler cage thingy. Hmm, it would be rather difficult to write blog names on those little balls. OK. It's not like I'm randomly choosing blogs from some random blog-name generator thingy. "Cynwise's Warcraft Manual! You have been chosen by the random blog-name generator thingy! Here's a link." Yeah ... no.

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