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Holiday gift ideas for World of Warcraft players

Tis the season for Winter Veil -- or for those of us out here in the real world, a variety of gift-giving holidays. While getting gifts may be as easy as waiting for them to arrive, giving clever gifts that show you care takes a little more thought. It's not too late to start picking out gifts for your loved ones -- and WoW Insider is here to help you out.

Digital goods like pets and mounts may be all well and good, but there's a vast variety of real-world items that are sure to delight anyone on your shopping list as well. If you're a WoW-player looking for gifts for your WoW-playing friends, check out the list we've compiled of cool gift ideas for the holiday season. Alternatively, you can always slip this handy article to your friends and family that are wondering exactly what's on your wish list this season!

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Cyber Monday deals for gamers

Wireless WoW mouse
You've all seen the $4.99 World of Warcraft deal, but if you're looking to speed up your gaming PC or get your hands on some new peripherals, Cyber Monday is going to be one of your last big sale days before Christmas. Here's a quick roundup of some of the US-based deals out there.

Starting with the peripherals, Steelseries is running a Cyber Monday sale which includes some WoW mice and mouse pads at up to 40% off. They also come with a free set of touchscreen controls for your tablet and free shipping. You'll also find some headsets and other accessories on sale at Steelseries. Once you make the move to a mechanical keyboard, there's no going back. Newegg has one on sale for $49.99 after rebate. They also have a 27" IPS monitor half price at $199.99.

PC hardware deals

I believe that the single greatest upgrade you can make for your PC's overall performance is to get a SSD (solid state drive). Even a small sized one will be enough to hold your Windows installation, some applications, and a few games including WoW. Games will load quicker, and your entire PC experience is smoother and more responsive. has a large list of SSDs on sale, as does A good rule of thumb for SSDs is that anything 60 cents per GB or below is a pretty good deal, but you will obviously pay quite a bit more for performance brands.

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Steelseries MoP Anniversary sale

Steelseries Mists of Pandaria Anniversary sale
One year ago today, Mists of Pandaria launched in the US and EU. It hardly feels like a year has gone by! In celebration of Mists of Pandaria's one-year anniversary, game gear specialists SteelSeries are hosting one heck of a sale on all World of Warcraft gear, marking it all 50% off for the next 24 hours or so. This includes both the SteelSeries World of Warcraft Legendary Edition mouse, and the World of Warcraft Wireless MMO Mouse, as well as a selection of QcK mousepads designed with Mists of Pandaria in mind.

At 50% off, these gaming peripherals are an absolute steal -- and this presents a perfect opportunity to snag some gear for yourself, or get that holiday shopping for your favorite gamer out of the way a little early this year. But if you want to get your hands on the goods, better hurry -- the sale ends tomorrow, September 26, at 11:59pm GMT. Head over to SteelSeries official website to get your fill of Warcraft gear.

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Win the ultimate BlizzCon experience from SteelSeries

It's way too late to buy BlizzCon tickets, but there's still a chance to win one if you're lucky. SteelSeries, J!NX, and League of S.T.E.A.M. have teamed up to give one lucky winner what they call the ultimate BlizzCon experience, which includes airfare, hotel, and BlizzCon tickets for two people, as well as a custom-designed costume from the League of S.T.E.A.M.. For interested parties who aren't as lucky, there's also a chance to win the World of Warcraft wireless MMO mouse from SteelSeries and gift cards from J!NX.

The contest is open through August 11th for North American residents. Good luck -- and see you at BlizzCon!

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SteelSeries, J!NX, BradyGames and Epic Weapons team up for giveaway

SteelSeries, J!NX, BradyGames and Epic Weapons team up for giveaway
Game gear specialists SteelSeries are teaming up with J!NX, BradyGames and Epic Weapons in a contest to give away loot that will help players navigate the Mists of Pandaria. Included in the prize list are a World of Warcraft Wireless Gaming Mouse, a Monk Paw t-shirt from J!NX, a Mists of Pandaria Signature Series guide book from BradyGames, and the grand prize -- a replica Doomhammer weapon from Epic Weapons.

Entry is easy -- simply like Steelseries on Facebook, and play the fortune game with the jinyu to check and see if you're an instant winner. And if you don't win instantly, you'll still be entered to win the grand prize. Official rules are available via the Steelseries Facebook app. The contest runs from November 6 through November 20, so get moving and get your entries in.

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Steelseries debuts Wireless World of Warcraft mouse

Steelseries debuts Wireless World of Warcraft mouse
As someone who has been using a SteelSeries mouse for over a year now with no complaints, I was interested to discover that SteelSeries is producing a wireless model coming October 8. Branded specifically for World of Warcraft, it has eleven buttons for ease of keybinding, 16 hours of battery life and a USB recharge feature that allows you to use the mouse as a normal gaming mouse if you happen to exhaust that 16 hours (and man, if you do, go take a walk or something). My Cataclysm mouse has lasted me through some fairly hard use, so I'm interested in picking one of these up and seeing if it is as durable and flexible.

Of course, if you'd rather a tethered mouse, there's the World of Warcraft Legendary Edition, and the Cataclysm edition mouse (the one I'm still using) which has endured my hamhanded approach since December of 2010. And if you're buying a mouse anyway, why not pick up a new mousepad? SteelSeries has you covered there too, with two to choose from. I can't swear to it, but I think they're both Chen.

It's open warfare between Alliance and Horde in Mists of Pandaria, World of Warcraft's next expansion. Jump into five new levels with new talents and class mechanics, try the new monk class, and create a pandaren character to ally with either Horde or Alliance. Look for expansion basics in our Mists FAQ, or dig into our spring press event coverage for more details!

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WoW fan fiction contest at Movellas

WoW fan fiction contest at Movellas
Online writing community Movellas is holding a World of Warcraft fan fiction contest. Movellas is accepting stories on a wide variety of WoW-related topics such as Thrall, your character, Thrall meeting your character, and so on. The prize list for first through eighth place includes many items from Steelseries as well as some loot codes.

The people at Movellas will not be reading every entry. Instead, the stories go up on the site for the readers to vote on, and then the winners will be chosen from the most popular submissions. If you want to enter, you only have until this Friday, July 6. Write quickly, as stories are already being evaluated by the readers.

If you are looking to enter the contest or just want to read some fan fiction, head over to Movellas for the full details and entries.

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Review: SteelSeries Diablo 3 headset shines

Review Steelseries Diablo III headset shines ANY
There is a lot to like about SteelSeries' Diablo III headset, giving players a solidly built peripheral that sit snugly on the ears and provide strong sound. I'm the kind of gamer who never wants to take off his headset because of the activity going on around me -- it's one of the only ways to get any semblance of peace and quiet. In addition, voice chat and Mumble have become hangout tools rather than just gaming features, making a good, durable microphone that much more important.

This isn't the first time I've tried out this particular offering from SteelSeries. When I went to BlizzCon 2011 and stopped by the SteelSeries booth, the representatives wanted me to try it on immediately. Something about ear cups and weight displacement, I don't know. There was a lot going on. To be honest, the biggest factor in choosing a headset for me is whether or not I can wear the thing for, like, eight hours straight. So, that's what I did. For you.

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SteelSeries announces World of Warcraft Wireless Mouse at E3

SteelSeries announces World of Warcraft Wireless Mouse at E3
The new World of Warcraft Wireless Mouse, codesigned with Blizzard, has been announced by SteelSeries at E3. The mouse is due to be released in the third quarter of this year. Some of the features include:
  • 11 programmable mouse buttons
  • An interface in WoW
  • A docking station for charging
  • Can be plugged into the computer as a wired mouse to charge while playing
  • Optional pulsation
  • Compatible with both Mac and Windows
  • Works in all current MMOs
The press release is after the break.

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Steelseries Diablo III mouse is built for intense clicking

When I think about Diablo and peripherals, two immediate concerns spring to mind. The first is how well the peripheral stands up to being thrown across the room at high velocity because of an unending string of deaths on Inferno mode in said Diablo game. The second concern is how well the peripheral withstands the immense amount of mouse clicking and movement required of me by the genre. While the first concern is not something that I'm willing to test (mostly because it would come out of my own dime), the second concern has an almost poetic answer.

The Steelseries Diablo III mouse is simple joy. Not only does it feel light and glide smoothly across my gaming mat, but the simple design doesn't overwhelm me with button choices that pull me out of my element. Make no mistake, the Diablo III mouse is not an MMO mouse. You are not getting Naga-level button matrices here, but you are getting a solid, simple, and almost infinitely clickable mouse for rough gameplay.

Here are the specs:
  • 7 programmable buttons
  • Drag-and-drop software to map buttons with unique Diablo III interface
  • 10 million clicks per switch -- this mouse is built for clicking
  • USB, Mac or PC
  • Ambidextrous design for lefties or righties
  • Licensed Diablo III product with Diablo III lighting and graphics

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12 Days of Winter Veil Giveaway: SteelSeries World of Warcraft MMO Legendary Edition Mouse

12 Days of Winter Veil is under way here at WoW Insider. That means 12 days of giveaways, from loot codes to gaming mice to decor and apparel. Whether you've been a good goblin or a naughty night elf, there's a chance that WoW Insider has a holiday gift for you this season.

If you've been eagerly awaiting your chance to win some serious hardware this Winter Veil, this is your chance. SteelSeries has contributed three World of Warcraft Legendary Edition mice to our holiday celebrations. The three lucky winners will also receive a World of Warcraft QcK Mousepad to accompany their new hardware.

Not sure whether you want the Legendary mouse or not? Our review might help you make up your mind.

To enter for a chance to win, leave a comment on this post before 11:59 p.m. ET, Wednesday, Dec. 28, 2011. You must be 18 years of age or older and a legal resident of the United States or Canada (excluding Quebec). You can only enter once. Three winners will be chosen at random. Make sure the email address you use to post your entry comments is one you check regularly, because that's how we'll contact our winners. Official rules here.

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5 great holiday gifts for World of Warcraft players

Ah, the Christmas Kwanzaa Hanukkah Winter Veil holiday -- a magical time of good cheer and giving gifts. WoW Insider has been in the holiday spirit ourselves with all the goodies we've been giving away for free in our 12 Days of Winter Veil promotion. But we know we're not the only ones out there itching to show how much we care -- you're looking to give gifts to the folks you love, too.

But what's that, you say? You're stumped as to what to get your favorite World of Warcraft player for the holidays? There's not much time left to shop, but don't fret -- WoW Insider is here to help. We've thrown together a list of some great World of Warcraft gift ideas to get you started.

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WoW Insider's 12 Days of Winter Veil celebrations begin tomorrow

The Winter Veil holiday begins tomorrow morning within the World of Warcraft, but it's also kicking off right here on WoW Insider. If you're a long-time reader, you may be familiar with how we celebrate the 12 Days of Winter Veil. If you're not, allow me to explain: We give away a lot of stuff. Like, a lot of stuff. Not only do we clear out the neat things that have accumulated in our storage closet over the course of the last year, but our friends at various WoW product vendors participate, too.

In addition to what's been sitting in my office closet (hint: BlizzCon exclusives), this year you'll be seeing prizes from ...

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Reviewing the SteelSeries WoW MMO Legendary edition gaming mouse

SteelSeries makes some cool WoW-inspired gaming peripherals, and the World of Warcraft MMO gaming mouse is no exception. The newest iteration in the lineup is the Legendary Edition, a brand new design that takes what worked from the previous versions of the MMO gaming mouse and iterates on core concepts, resulting in an overall sturdier build and better product. The new mouse fits more comfortably in my hand than the old MMO gaming mouse did as well as provides two new thumb buttons that I didn't anticipate liking as much as I did.

As usual, I tested out each peripheral for review for no less than a week of actual WoW gameplay and learning, trying out the gear on my main as well as new alts created for the express purpose of learning with a new peripheral from scratch. Here's my week with the SteelSeries WoW MMO Legendary edition gaming mouse.

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Win a trip to BlizzCon from Steelseries

Steelseries, makers of World of Warcraft-licensed peripherals and gaming hardware, has just announced a contest to send two lucky winners to BlizzCon in October. The grand prize includes two tickets to BlizzCon, airfare to get there, accommodations, $200 in spending money, $200 at Morton's Steak House, and front-of-the-line access to sponsors' events at the convention. What have you got to lose?

Even if you don't win the grand prize trip, there is still over $2,500 in prizes up for grabs, including gift certificates to Jinx, WoW Legendary gaming mice from Steelseries, game guides, a WoW atlas, and WoW TCG class starter decks from Cryptozoic. Free prizes! Who doesn't love potential free stuff?

Check out the contest over at Steelseries. The contest ends on Sept. 30, 2011, so get your entries in soon.

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