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Breakfast Topic: What long-deleted item do you most yearn to get back?

Breakfast Topic What longdeleted item do you most yearn to get back
Transmogrification and void storage was too little, way too late for those of us who ran out of space back in classic WoW. While it's easier than ever to retrace your steps via mogging, solo dungeon diving, and account-wide pets and mounts, quite a few items remain that simply cannot be regained. My original priest's Benediction is the centerpiece of a battle raging among my characters vying for main character status, for no other reason that I could mog that staff and enjoy it every single day. I do still have it, thank goodness, but if I didn't, it's no longer obtainable in game. I thank my stars (my stars, see?) every day that my Bene is still mine.

But what about all the lovelies that I sold to make room in my bank? Remember, pets and mounts used to take up a bag or bank slot. My Black Nightsaber? Gone. All my original ZG items -- gone. And sometimes it's not even that the items are completely unobtainable anymore; it's that the effort would be herculean. Also, I admit to pining for an actual, original item I once owned rather than its replacement. Crafted goods especially fall into this category, because I miss the "made by" tag of the friend who slaved over making it for me or the pride that came from crafting it myself. The group effort behind all those early enchanting rods ... The memories entangled in some of those crazy trinkets and odd items ... They're irreplaceable -- but bank space is bank space, right?

Are there any currently unobtainable items you deleted or lost along the way that you wish you could have back again? Is there something you've tried to replace, but luck's been against you?

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Gold Capped: Unlimited long-term storage

tradeskillmaster mailing addon
Every week, WoW Insider brings you Gold Capped, in which Basil "Euripides" Berntsen and Fox Van Allen aim to show you how to make money on the Auction House. Check out Fox and Basil's reboot of Call To Auction, and email Basil with your questions, comments, or hate mail!

Ever see anyone trying to buy or sell a guild with bank tabs? There are people who will stop at nothing to store more stuff, especially those of us who play the gold-making game. One of the biggest challenges of making gold is, in fact, storing stuff. Bags are expensive, guild tabs are even more expensive, and there is a hard limit of 10 (for now) characters per realm. Each character has four bag slots and eight bank slots, as well as some built-in backpack and bank slots. This may seem like a lot, but what if you wanted to, for example, stockpile 10,000g worth of Hypnotic Dust, expecting it to sell for 70,000g in Mists of Pandaria? That could be over 700 stacks.

Luckily, there's a simple and virtually free way to store unlimited amounts of stuff and save all your expensive inventory slots.

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An end to mailing heirlooms?

If you're an altoholic, you've no doubt experienced the joy of schlepping your heirloom items around via the mail system (along with claiming all your pets and mounts for every new character). With Cataclysm and the focus on all the earlier content, many people are still running alts through the old world, soaking up all the different changes.

A recent blue post by Zarhym hints at a potential design change to the heirloom system.

So, after making a trip to the doctor and having some blood stolen, I stopped by Ghostcrawler's office to discuss this and other topics with him. We talked about some of the feedback in this thread, as well as the developers' latest thoughts on BoA and heirloom items.

Rather than potentially having my statements in this thread come back to bite me at some point in the future, I'm going to risk being confusing or sounding dumb. :p

In short, they agree that the process of mailing heirlooms around constantly is a little annoying. We'd prefer to try and work ourselves away from the method of mailing out BoA items in the future, like pets, mounts, etc. To that end, we have some design goals in mind that would improve this sort of item distribution system. And with those design goals have come some ideas for changing heirloom mechanics. This is sort of contrary to the idea I stated in this thread about just designing the system to allow players to mail their heirlooms all around their accounts without realm restrictions.

That's all of the information I can share at the moment, but I feel like it's worth pointing out that the design philosophy I stated earlier isn't so set in stone -- we're reevaluating these types of systems as we look toward the future. I apologize if I've caused any confusion.

This sounds great. Perhaps a BOA/heirloom vendor in each city who will sell you anything you've unlocked for a nominal fee? Time will tell!

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Possible changes to tabards, backpacks, and banks

In the recent Blizzard developer chat there were several questions pertaining to player storage. They spoke about the issue with storing tabards from all of your various factions, the default backpack falling behind other bags, and being able to access the bank slots of your alts without the need to use the mail.

All three of these are long standing issues that have usually been avoided when direct questions came up, usually invoking the safe and often used "we'll see" remark. I would love to be able to replace my backpack with a Glacial Bag and gain six storage slots or clear out the bank space I'm using to store specialty tabards. Let's take a look at their responses after the break.

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Requiring authenticators for guild bank access

m0rtis has an interesting question over on WoW LJ: should guilds require authenticators on the accounts of everyone in the guild with bank access? Authenticators are relatively cheap, if not free (and still in stock most of the time nowadays), so if you're running a guild and in a position where your bank is important enough to protect, should you be able to require authenticators to keep guildies from getting hacked?

There are a few caveats here that m0rtis doesn't mention, but we will: first of all, there's no way to guarantee whether someone is using an authenticator or not, so while you can make guildies promise, there's no real way to check up on them. Second, not all guild banks get emptied out due to hackers -- many guild banks get ninja'd by someone within the guild, and there's no authenticator that can protect against that. So having authenticators on bank members (or at least having them promise they've got them) isn't 100% protection. But it is something.

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A bag for Cooking

Profession bags are a godsend for almost anyone leveling up a profession -- while the loss of bag space in favor of specialty slots can be a problem sometimes at the lower levels, almost all high level characters can definitely make use of at least one profession bag, to hold all of the extra ore, or gems, or leather, or whatever else you're hauling around all the time. But Natalia over on WoW LJ makes an excellent point: just where is our cooking bag? And how about a fishing bag? You might argue that only the gathering professions are meant to have bags (the Blacksmithing bag is actually a Mining bag, so even Engineers can make use of it), but that's not quite true: Engineering does have its own bags, as does Inscription. Cooking and/or Fishing, you'd think, should both have their own profession bags.

Of course, they are both secondary professions, so maybe Blizzard believes that because they're more or less optional, you should be able to carry around all of your food and spices and lures in your regular bags. But cooking especially has gotten pretty complicated lately (there are a few foods that you've got to have in your bags regularly to do the daily quests, especially Chilled Meat), and so a lot of players would definitely find a use for a dedicated bag. First Aid, probably not, but Cooking and Fishing? Definitely.

And if you want to really dream, maybe food could actually get a bonus from being kept in a special "refridgerated" bag -- nothing big, just maybe a few extra points of the bonus stat or a little longer duration when you actually take care of your food rather than just tossing it in with all of the Kobold eyeballs and oily swords and cloth that you're also carrying around. But that would be extra -- for now, just a bigger bag meant for cooking and fishing utensils would be fine, thanks.

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WoW Rookie: Bank on it

New around here? WoW Rookie points WoW's newest players to the resources they need to get acclimated. Send us a note to suggest a WoW Rookie topic.

Got stuff? You need a banker. Creating a dedicated character to do nothing but hang out in town, store goods and handle your finances may sound redundant at first. But time is money, friend -- and a banker can save you both.

The benefits:

Eliminate travel time. No more hearthing back to the city at the end of every session, and no more trudging back to your current base of operations when you're ready for some action. Trust us – when you hit the Outlands and have to travel from Shattrath City all the way back to the Old World to use an Auction House, you'll be glad to skip that whole process.

Put the entire Auction House at your fingertips. Anything item you need is instantly at your disposal when your banker is at the ready. Log in the banker, buy what you need, mail it to whichever character needs it. (Remember, mail between characters on the same account is now instant.) It's that quick and easy.

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Tabard storage solution incoming

So Blizzard's slowly but surely been expanding our storage system via extra bank slots, a keychain, and most recently, a new UI for mounts and vanity pets. It's become a lot easier to be a collector because of this, but as I have pointed out before, one major space problem remains: Tabards. Between Burning Crusade tabards, Wrath Reputation tabards, holiday tabards, world event tabards, TCG tabards, and achievement tabards, there's not enough room, either in your inventory or in your bank. Sure, you can sell off the tabards and rebuy them later, but that's sort of a pain.

Luckily, there's finally signs that Blizzard means to bring us relief. Eyonix mentioned this morning that they've begun to look at possible ways to relieve the tabard space conundrum. It looks like the concept is still in the early stages, and Eyonix specifically said they have no ETA, but it may be coming, which is good news enough. I'm still advocating for a simple drop-down menu of tabards similar to the title dropdown on the character screen, or maybe a way to select a faction from the reputation screen to be your tabard of choice.

But however they do it, I'm looking forward to it. I enjoy flying various colors at various times for RP or fun reasons, so being able to switch swiftly should both make this easier and championing on the fly easier. Here's hoping we get an ETA soon, and that it's sooner rather than later.

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2.4 may herald new bag types

World of Raids has been releasing information by the bucket loads, and one intriguing little morsel has caught our eye: The addition of four new bag types, marked "Leatherworking Supplies," "Soulbound Equipment," "Vanity Pets," and a fourth one simply marked "Unused."

Almost any vanity pet fanatic will tell you that one of the hardest things to do is deciding what to delete to make room for your newest little friend, or which pet to take out of the bank and parade about when heading out to quest, grind, or raid. The idea of making vanity pets easier to store and carry has been one that's been a perennial topic of the suggestion boards and an issue dear to the hearts of every pet fanatic who's set up elaborate trade agreements with the other faction or spent countless hours in Zangarmarsh just to make sure they got ALL the vanity pets possible, and it looks as if Blizzard has finally answered their prayers.

The leatherworking supplies bag is a bit harder to pin down. We already have a leatherworking bag category, so this may be simply a shuffling of data.

As far as a soulbound items bag goes, if it simply allows any type of soulbound item or gear, and comes in sizes greater than the current 18 slot standard, this could be great salvation for any class who carries around an extra set of gear for various situations, be they a Druid with tank, DPS, and healing sets, or a raider with various resist sets.

Of course, we can't say for sure yet if these new categories will be used right away for Sunwell loot or recipes, or whether they're simply in reserve for possible future use, but the prospect of more bag space has this druid drooling.

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Breakfast Topic: Have you made a mailbox blunder?

Your friendly neighborhood mailbox has many uses. More than just sending messages to offline friends, it also doubles as a second bank. Mail a bunch of items to an alt. After 30 days it will bounce back to you if you didn't retrieve it before then. The trick is remembering what you have sent off to remote storage.

Blogger McGoo used an alt to store all sorts of things he knows he'll need. But last week, he needed to farm Netherweave to finish off his Tailoring goals. So he and a buddy went on an ogre killing spree in Nagrand to get what he needed. He happily skilled up and made the robe he had been after.

Then, a few days later, he found his mailbox stuffed to the gills with Netherweave he had sent to an alt a month earlier and forgot about. Doh!

Have you made any mailbox blunders? How do you keep track of what you send to alts?

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Bigger backpacks (and more) coming soon

Gaslaw asks on the forums whether backpacks will be bigger in Wrath of the Lich King, and (kind of surprisingly) Drysc says it's not beyond the realm of possibility.

I guess it's not that surprising-- it does seem like we are carrying more stuff around lately, in terms of quest and rep items, if not just plain old extra gear sets. We've already had lots of ideas on how to fix things, from creating more keychain setups, to just plain coming up with more bag space. But fortunately, Drysc doesn't seem to have just bigger bags in mind-- he seems to have "better stuff in the works."

What that could be, we have no idea. Pack mules? Dimensional suitcases (made, naturally, of sapient pearwood)? Finally, player housing? Drysc says we'll find out soon.

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