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The Great WoW Insider Stormwind Stampede

This was the scene last night on the Horde side of Zangarmarsh, as WoW Insider's It Came from the Blog made bovine history and ran roughly 500 cows from Mulgore to Stormwind. Amidst shouts of "For the Herd!" and "Moooo," hundreds of level one Taurens appeared in Camp Narache -- blue shirts were premade by our own Krystalle and given out to the guildies that showed up, but first we ran out of shirts, and then we ran out of guild invites as we hit the system limit. Last I heard we had eight raid groups going, we had taken over one Ventrilo server, tons of guilds from both Zangarmarsh and other realms (including those down for maintenance) got involved, and at least a few thousand yells went out across the land. Finally, at 8pm server, Krystalle counted us down and the race began.

We stuck to the road for a good thirty seconds, but eventually got split up in the Barrens-- we'd planned to all go on the Zep, but another group (including me), split off to take the boat from Ratchet. In Stranglethorn, many burgers were made-- I stuck to the center of the group and watched cows get downed by tigers left and right. I didn't die until Westfall, when stupid human guards on the road decided to one-shot me.

Finally, at Stormwind, the scene was chaos-- cows dead everywhere, as stepping inside an Alliance city, even on a PvE server, flags you. People were AoEing on the Stormwind bridge, and even just inside the city, guards were felling cows left and right. A few people made it to the tram (unfortunately, the closest graveyard useable by Horde is all the way at the Eastvale Logging Camp, so it was a long run back), but we heard that the first person to find our Alliance plant, Insiderspy, and blow her a kiss, was Fiverr, our winner. Fiverr gets exactly what everyone else got, though-- a great time. Here's a gallery of what happened (updated as we add more and more photos to it), and we'll put more videos after the break as we find and hear about them. Thanks to everyone who came out! For the Herd!

*edited to add* Another video is available after the jump!

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Enough with the yelling

I had a great time at the Stormwind Stampede yesterday (and pictures and videos from the event should be up soon). But here's a little tip we all picked up from running almost 500 Tauren around the world: to shut down all the yelling, you can just right click on the title of your open chat window, and then go into the "Channels" menu to shut down /yells just like any other chat channel. You can also turn off Guild chat this way as well, just in case your guildies start threatening to spoil Harry Potter, but you don't actually want to /gquit to get away from them. Unfortunately, turning off yell won't get rid of the big red text bubbles when people are near, but all you have to do then is just turn around.

Of course, /ignore still works, and my little level one Tauren now has a bigger /ignore list than any of my other toons, thanks to some rowdy spammers yesterday. And /leave General will get you out of Barrens chat (just as /join General will get you back in when you finally arrive in Ashenvale). And I don't have that much of a problem with this stuff (only when I group up with 500 cows), but if you're really tired of chat spam, Devnull might be an addon worth looking at.

It's not real complicated-- those of you who are experts at chatting (or have just been given a headache before by all the yelling) probably already knew it. But it was definitely a helpful little tip yesterday to sort through all the spam in the channels.

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It Came from the Blog: Stampede to Stormwind!

Are you facing the full 48-hour downtime this week and not looking forward to spending quite that much quality time with your laundry? Don't worry, WoW Insider is here for you! This Tuesday evening, at 10:00 pm EST (8:00pm server time for Zangarmarsh) we will be running our own Stampede to Stormwind event!

For those who would like to join us, all you need to do is to roll a level 1 Tauren of any flavor and log into Zangarmarsh US (sorry EU folks!) between now and 9:30pm EST tomorrow night. Once you're on, just /whisper any of the It Came from the Blog Officers for a /ginvite and let them know you're one of the racers. When time comes, you will collect your [Blue Linen Shirt] marking you as one of the Stampede participants and at 9:30pm EST, we will begin invites to the Stampede raid. At 10:00pm Eastern (8:00pm Server time), the race begins! Since this is purely a silly race, the primary "prize" will be a featured spot as winner in the next ICftB column, an in-game item of dubious usefulness, and the ability to say that you were there when the thunder of our hooves roared across Azeroth.

So if this sounds like your type of fun, be sure to get over to Zangarmarsh and reserve your L1 Tauren (and name) now! We'll see you tomorrow night. And may the best cow win!

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