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I'm so bored with the Horde

This isn't a rant about how the Horde is bad, or how you should feel bad for playing them, or anything. If you like playing Horde, I'm not arguing that you're wrong to do so. I know that's a subjective thing, and some folks just plain like specific Horde races better. This is more about how, after Mists of Pandaria, I'm completely exhausted as a player with Horde stories and the Horde/Alliance conflict. I'm not inherently opposed to Horde/Alliance conflict. In fact, I think it made Mists of Pandaria a very strong expansion, with a strong and interesting story. I especially liked patch 5.1, and played both the Horde and Alliance storylines.

And frankly, that was the last time any of my Horde characters got any serious play.

Since 5.1 I've felt myself shifting away from the Horde. Part of that was going back to raiding on my draenei warrior, of course. But a bigger part of it was simple ennui, and a general culture shift in the Horde that left me feeling totally unable to connect to it. When I rolled my first Horde characters (an orc shaman and tauren warrior back in vanilla days) there was a real, concrete tone shift when I played them vs, when I played my Alliance characters. A sense of desperate odds, of outcasts banding together to stand against a hostile world, facing off against a monolithic power.

That's gone. It's probably gone forever. Even after the events of Mists of Pandaria, it's impossible to view the faction that banded together from the events of Warcraft III as the same entity anymore - over the course of two expansions, the Horde went from underdogs to aggressors. And while I've heard many players say things like "the orcs are not the whole Horde" to attempt to distance ourselves, fact is, my tauren did the quests in Twilight Highlands. My blood elf led the charge onto Pandaria's shores, and he stole the Divine Bell so that Garrosh could make use of it. Up until patch 5.3, if you played Horde, there was no real way to not aid Garrosh's cause - you were complicit in everything that helped make the Warchief's plan work. The orcs may not be the whole Horde, but what excuse does that give your pandaren or forsaken, when they're the ones who delivered the keys to the kingdom into Garrosh's hands?

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Breakfast Topic: What is WoW's most moving storyline?

Breakfast Topic What is WoW's most moving storyline
It's my firm opinion that the most moving moments in World of Warcraft are the ones that sneak up on you. You're nonchalantly questing through a zone when you realize you've become anxious about the fate of a particular character. As the whole picture begins to come into focus, you find yourself racing to find out what happens -– or if you're like me, you find yourself holding back, stricken with horror at the possibilities you suspect may unfold at your next destination.

Most players seem to have fond memories of a story they encountered somewhere in Azeroth that unexpectedly tugged at their hearts. We've created a poll with a few staff favorites, although we know there are many, many other storylines that have become beloved to players. Which storyline was the one that did it for you? (We've linked to the quest lines in the paragraph just below the poll, if you'd like to refresh your memory.)

What storyline punched you right in the feels?
The fate of Crusader Bridenbrad834 (20.1%)
Pamela Redpath and Darrowshire1254 (30.2%)
Tirion Fordring and his son Taelan418 (10.1%)
Oronok Torn-Heart and his sons95 (2.3%)
Sunwalker Dezco in Krasarang553 (13.3%)
Gidwin and Tarenar in East Plaguelands189 (4.6%)
Ezra Chatterton154 (3.7%)
Leyara's story196 (4.7%)
Draenei starter zone culmination177 (4.3%)
Other (tell us about it below!)276 (6.7%)

For more information, see: The fate of Crusader Bridenbrad; Pamela Redpath and Darrowshire; Tirion Fordring's quest to free Taelan; Oronok Torn-heart and his sons; Sunwalker Dezco in Krasarang; Gidwin and Tarenar in E. Plaguelands; Ezra Chatterton; Leyara's story; or (oh, happy day!) the Draenei starting zone culmination.

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The Guild goes to battle in episode 11 of season 3

Apparently MSN video has now been rebranded as Bing, and that hasn't stopped The Guild from posting their latest video, but it does mean that you'll have to install Microsoft's Silverlight to watch it there. If not, you can hit up Xbox Live to watch it in HD if you happen to have one of those, or jump after the break below to watch it embedded here on the site. This week, the Guild goes to battle, with nothing less than their very existence on the line. And all of this season's other storylines move towards their finale as well, from Clara's relationship to Tink's rebellion.

Good stuff. And speaking of good stuff, Jeff "Vork" Lewis finally got his own account on Twitter the other day, and we all benefit: he used the account to give permission to share these classic pictures of Vork as a kid. No offense to Jeff, but man, the dude was born to play the part of a guildleader. Stay tuned for next week's final episode of the season!

Like The Guild? We do, too! We chatted with all of the folks at BlizzCon, including Felicia Day, Sandeep Parikh, and Jeff Lewis and Michele Boyd. We also saw their panel, and the guys were nice enough to stop by our meetup as well. Stay tuned here every Tuesday for a brand new episode of season 3!

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New official Jaina and Sylvanas character bios

Blizzard continues to leak out the official information about Icecrown (the raid, as you know, coming in patch 3.3), this time updating their Under Development site with official bios for Jaina Proudmoore and Sylvanas Windrunner, two ladies (one living, one not-so-much) that will likely have a large role in the fight against Arthas Menethil, better known as The Lich King.

Sylvanas, you'll remember, featured in the Lament of the Highborne video early on in BC, where the story of her death and resurrection at Arthas' hands made it clear she's got unfinished business with the onetime-paladin turned Lord of the Scourge. And Jaina... well, Jaina's had a front row seat to Arthas' undoing -- they were childhood friends who looked like they were headed towards being more than friends, until Arthas found a big bad sword that turned him into a big baddie. It's going to be awesome seeing all of these storylines start meeting up together in The Frozen Halls and the raid beyond -- we can't wait.

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Killing off our heroes left and right

This conversation seems to come up whenever a new raid instance is announced, and it looks like the Sunwell will be no exception. Vulpe from Venture Co. sends a shout out to Blizzard.. for killing all of our heroes. In Burning Crusade alone, Illidan, Kael'thas, and now Zul'jin have fallen to our raids, and in the coming future, we're going to see Kil'jaeden and maybe even Arthas bite the dust. And later in the thread, Melynda comes up with an even longer list of people deep in the lore whom we've seen fit to off.

Sure, as Bornakk says, everyone who's gotten some has pretty much deserved it (and even though we don't know what's happening with Arthas yet, let's not forget that he murdered, y'know, all those people, including his father). And Blizzard has told us before that they feel that they have more than enough lore to go around-- even if they kill off the Warcraft stars, they've got other folks on deck to rise up into the storylines.

But the most interesting thing to come from this iteration is that we have to kill these people-- if we didn't, we wouldn't be the heroes of Azeroth that we're supposed to be. Back when WoW first came out, the devs told us that it would take a raid of level 80s (this was back when level 60 was the max) to take down Arthas, and guess what-- when we see Arthas in a combat situation, we will actually be level 80. We may be killing off all of the heroes of Warcraft III, but it's only to make room for the new heroes of World of Warcraft-- namely us.

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