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Blizzard Responds: Security lawsuit without merit

Blizzard responds Security Lawsuit without merit

Law firm Carney Williams Bates Pulliam & Bowman, PLLC have filed a class action lawsuit against Blizzard Entertainment, and its parent company, Activision Blizzard, on behalf of "millions of American customers who have been harmed by Blizzard's negligent and deceptive practices related to its customers' account security".

Representing Carney Williams, Hank Bates, in the law firm's press release, summarising the complaint, states that:

"Blizzard requires all of its customers to establish accounts with its online gaming service,, but it fails to disclose to consumers, prior to purchase, that they'll need additional products called authenticators to keep information stored in these accounts safe. Even though the company frequently receives complaints about accounts being hacked, it simply tells the customer to attach an authenticator to their account. Blizzard doesn't inform people about this requirement when they purchase the game, and that amounts to a deceptive trade
practice. Worse still, Blizzard has failed to maintain adequate levels of security for its
customers, time and again, which led to a significant loss of private data in Blizzard's

Blizzard has responded to the allegations raised by Carney Williams &co., stating that "This suit is without merit and filled with patently false information, and we will vigorously defend ourselves through the appropriate legal channels."

See Blizzard's full response after the break.

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